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Crystal Skulls, Past and Future of Humanity

In 1927, the American archaeologist F.A. Mitchell-Hedges was excavating the Lubaantoon, the ancient Mayan Indian citadel, discovered in the jungle of British Honduras, the City of the Fallen Stones, and discovered a polished quartz skull. In places, smoky spots and small balls resembling air bubbles were visible in it, but there were no cracks or scratches.

Weighing almost 5 kg, and being the perfect replica of a woman’s skull, it has a finality that would not be possible without the use of more or less modern ways, ways that the Mayan culture possessed and which we do not know about. The skull is perfectly ground. It’s jaw is a hinged part separate from the rest of the skull. It has attracted (and will probably continue to do so to a lesser extent) specialists from various disciplines over time. It is also worth mentioning that esoteric attributes of supernatural abilities, such as telekinesis, emitting an unusual aroma, discoloration is attributed to it. The existence of all these properties is difficult to prove.

The skull was subjected to various research. One of the inexplicable things is that it is made of quartz glass, and therefore having a Mohs hardness of 7 (scale of minerals from 0 to 10), the skull was able to be cut without such hard cutting materials as rubies and diamonds. Skull studies conducted in the 1970s by the American company Hewlett-Packard, have determined that in order to achieve such perfection, it would have to be sanded for 300 years.

Crystal skull in the British Museum

An examination of Hewlett-Packard showed that the skull was made long before the appearance of the first civilizations in this part of America. Rhinestone of such high quality is not found at all in these places. But the most striking thing was that the skull, whose weight is 5.13 kilograms and the dimensions are 125.4 x 203.4 millimeters, is made of a solid crystal.


Here is what engineer L. Barre, one of the best experts at Hewlett-Packard, said in this regard: 

“We studied the skull on three optical axes and found that it consisted of three to four spines … Analyzing the splices, we found that the skull was cut from one piece of crystal together with the lower jaw. According to the Mohs scale, rhinestone has a high hardness equal to seven (second only to topaz, corundum and diamond), and it is impossible to cut it with anything except diamond. But the ancients somehow managed to process it. And not only the skull itself – they cut from the same piece the lower jaw and the hinges on which it is suspended. With such a hardness of the material it is more than mysterious, and this is why: in crystals, if they consist of more than one splicing, there are internal stresses. When you press the crystal with the head of a cutter, because of the voltage, the crystal can split into pieces, so it cannot be cut – it will simply split. But someone made this skull from one piece of crystal so carefully that it did not touch it at all during the cutting process. We also found a kind of prism carved in the back of the skull at its base so that any ray of light entering the eye sockets is reflected in them. Look in his eye sockets and you can see the whole room in them.”

In 1886, the Smithsonian acquired the Crystal Skull

Engineers and technicians also found something interesting. The skull has striking optical properties. In the cavity of the skull and at the bottom of the eye depressions are placed masterfully made lenses and prisms that allow you to transmit images of objects. Facial arcuate faces act as light tubes, like modern optical fibers. They transmit light from the base of the skull to the eye depressions, where they end with two miniature lenses. The two projections at the base of the skull are shaped like small pyramids.

Amethyst skull

When the light beam is directed into the cavity of the skull, the eye depressions begin to shine brightly. If you direct a beam of light to the center of the nasal cavity, the skull begins to glow completely and a bright halo appears around it.

Studies have shown that the skull was machined without taking into account the molecular symmetry of the crystal and the extreme fragility of the material. This cannot be done without crushing the crystal, even with a laser. In order to prevent such a crystal from crumbling during processing, precise analytical methods were required: the cuts should be strictly oriented with respect to the crystal growth axes. Scientists came to the conclusion that not one of the known modern technologies is capable of creating an exact copy of a human skull from a single piece of quartz. They even refused half a million dollars, which were offered to the one who made a copy of the crystal skull.

“Deadly obsession” caricature from the times of fascination with”devilry” in France

Some people believe that the crystal skull possesses mystical properties. It has different effects on those who approach it: someone experiences discomfort and incomprehensible fears, others even faint and lose their memory for some time, while someone, on the contrary, calms down and falls into a blissful state.

Wall of skulls in Chichen Itza

Historians and ethnographers interested in the Lubaantun find have begun to look for information that could shed any light on this phenomenon. Something was discovered in ancient Native American traditions. They said that there were thirteen crystal skulls of the “Goddess of Death” and that they were stored separately from each other under the watchful supervision of the priests and the strict guard of special warriors. 

Thirteen clergymen in different places at the same time had to peer at each other’s “own” skull. And they could see what was happening at that time anywhere on the Earth, and also see the past and future, right up to the end of the world. Legends said that initiates could see in the turtles the day of the return of the gods, including Kukulkan himself – the white-skinned bearded “god of the planet Venus”.

Skull MAH

When historians became interested in this mysterious item from the Mitchell-Hedges excavation, it turned out that it was not the first such find – the archives found a reference to all the forgotten and unprecedented draw attention to the fact that in the late 80’s, a crystal skull was found in Mexico from soldiers of the Mexican emperor Maximilian, still exhibited at the British Museum. It differs significantly from the one from Lubaantoon – despite the similarity in size, it is less transparent, less detailed, and the lower jaw is fused with the skull. Nevertheless, the very existence of such mysterious skulls caused a sensation.

There are 13 such skulls, according to a legend spread in Mexico and Central America. According to local tradition, death (symbolized by numerous skulls, also represented on reliefs of the Mayan pyramids) marks the beginning of a new life of knowledge. We live in the fifth cycle. In each cycle, the human race lived, which disappeared after its end. We live under the fifth sun. Under the first, giants lived, they were destroyed by water. The kite destroyed people living under the second sun. It turned humans into apes, and only two were saved – a man and a woman. Inhabitants of the third world ate some fruits. It was destroyed by the fire of heaven. Under the fourth sun, people were starving.

According to the Mayan predictions, our world will perish from the earth’s oscillation and shake (the Earth’s magnetic poles may shift). However, in any doomsday story, there is hope for salvation. For the Mayan Indians, 13 crystal skulls became such a hope. When gathered together, the 2012 end day scenario would be prevented. The Mayan legend even states that the skulls were created when the 12 planets were inhabited. Their inhabitants conveyed the skulls of the Atlantean civilization, and they in turn gave them to the Mayan Indians.

In the course of the searches, another intriguing detail suddenly emerged. It turned out that ancient crystal skulls are of interest not only to historians, but also to some secret societies. So, in Honduras, the so-called “Pink Quartz” – a masterpiece that is not inferior to Mitchell-Hedges in its perfection – disappeared without a trace. The investigation found that, before its disappearance, priests of some secret cult had been repeatedly tried to steal it.

In addition, the crystal skulls were also of interest to serious government. So, in 1943 in Brazil, after an attempt to rob a local museum, agents of the German society “Anenerbe” were detained. At the interrogations, they showed that they had been brought to South America by the secret defence ship “Passim” – with the special task of finding and “seizing” the crystal skulls of the “Goddess of Death”. Several groups were abandoned for the same purpose. Although many were also arrested, it is possible that someone has succeeded.

Why were the crystal skulls needed by the most secret institutions of Hitler’s Germany?

Those who were interested in the secret history of the Third Reich, know today some things about its mystical roots and about a particularly secret purpose – to seize power in the invisible, metaphysical world. They also know about the main research structure of the SS – the elitist Order of Anenerbe (Heritage of Ancestors), which had over fifty research institutes under its control. The “mysterious cardinal” of this mystical order is a descendant of an ancient lineage, the bearer of the “knowledge of the devil,” Gruppenführer SS Karl Maria Willigut. It was at the initiative of Weister (alias Willigut) that the Emissaries of Anenerbe scoured around the world in search of ancient knowledge, archives and magical details of secret societies. The quest for the crystal skull was included.

Prussian officer 

They were especially interested in the magical methods of the priests of Atlantis. The Nazis hoped that this knowledge of the “progenitor of the Aryan race” would allow them not only to create a “superhuman”, but also to subjugate the rest, “subhumans.”, through magic. In search of the most ancient magical knowledge, Anenerbe organized expeditions to the farthest corners of the globe: Tibet, Central and South America, Antarctica. The two last continents were given special attention, since it was there that it was expected to find traces of the ancient Atlantes and their knowledge.

The Skull and Bones Order, whose members are representatives of the American elite

The first crystal skull was purchased in 1886 by the Smithsonian Institution. One of the skulls found is stored in Japan and is made of solid amethyst.  The skull “Mah” found in Guatemala is made of pure quartz.
The Crystal Skull stored in the Museum of Man and Paris, is rather rough and depicts the Aztec god of death. Finding him in Mexico City in 1885, Boban, who found it in Mexico City in 1885, exhibited it along with a collection of real human skulls in his store, which he called ‘Museo Cientifico’. The fashion for stereoscopic photographs of skulls, skeletons, which were called Devils, was so high that the artists even made fun of it in caricatures.

The Skull and Bones secret society in the past.

On the British Museum website, the crystal skull is located in the fakes section, although in the Mexican Museum it is located in the department of Aztec and Mistex artisans.



What is hidden under the glaciers of Antarctica?

Under the ice of the fifth largest continent of the Earth, for example, more than 400 lakes have been discovered, but scientists have reached only four of them. It is noteworthy that Russian scientists were the first to get to the lakes near Antarctica – in 2012, samples of water from Lake Vostok were obtained.

They found three bacteria that are specific to this reservoir. Now microbiologists and genetics do not lose hope of discovering other life forms in the under-ice Antarctic lake that were previously unknown to science. Like, for example, WPS-2 and AD3 bacteria – they live in soil with other organisms and do not need either solar or geothermal energy. With a very scarce supply of nutrients, they literally switched to an “air diet”, which was a baffling discovery for scientists.

But the ice finds in Antarctica are not limited only to lakes. Not so long ago, scientists discovered under the Thwaites glacier a giant cavity with an area of ​​about 40 square kilometers and a height of about 300 meters, which was formed when about 14 billion tons of ice melted.

For professionals, this is an alarming signal for several reasons. Firstly, most of this ice has melted over the past three years. Secondly, such cavities significantly reduce the strength of icebergs. And this is fraught with the acceleration of their destruction and rising sea levels.

However, not all cavities under the ice are formed due to melting ice. Researchers have also found craters, which, on the contrary, are filled with water, creating new ice lakes. Their distinguishing feature is only that they are not isolated from the oceans, and therefore can hardly be the habitat of previously unknown forms of life and, from the point of view of discoveries, are not so interesting for researchers.

In addition to lakes and cavities, there are active volcanoes in Antarctica (a total of 91 volcanoes were found on the continent) – for example, Mount Erebus on Ross Island, which, due to its volcanic activity, has created a fairly developed network of underwater caves. In these “recesses” melted in ice by volcanic steam, scientists discovered several DNA sequences that did not correspond to any known organisms.

This means that in these caves species of plants or animals still unknown to science, may exist. Moreover, researchers are very optimistic and do not exclude the possibility of finding even unique ecosystems, and not just individual organisms.

Another mystery that the continent threw to scientists is the bizzare ice tremors that shake Antarctica every night. However, the secret was not kept for long. Having studied the unusual phenomenon, the researchers came to the conclusion that the ice surface is capable of creating small earthquakes, or rather, even ice quakes. The shocks recorded by seismographs allowed scientists to determine how the melting of the ice and the surface movements caused by it manifest themselves in this way.

It must be said that the above discoveries are only a small part of what scientists have learned about Antarctica in recent years. And one can only guess how many more secrets this mysterious continent keeps under its ice.

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The mysterious phenomenon that accompanies fertilization has been recorded

The origin of life is accompanied by vortices that begin to “rage” in the egg. The phenomenon, which was observed by American scientists from Northwestern University, fascinates, awakens religious thoughts, and even looks mystical. They observed flashes of light that accompanied the fusion of the egg and sperm. Just the same “spark of life.”

“In a whirlwind of events” – this seemingly exclusively allegorical expression found a direct biological meaning. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by Nikta Fakhri, have recorded the mysterious wave processes that accompany the fertilization of an egg – that is, conception. Specifically, vortices were discovered and even photographed, which cascades propagation along its surface. The phenomenon was reported by the ScienceAlert portal, citing a scientific publication in the Nature journal.

Fakhri and his colleagues investigated a mysterious phenomenon, when observing under a microscope the fertilization of eggs of starfish, whose proteins were tinted with luminous substances. They made it possible to visualize the vortices that passed through the cell membranes within a few minutes after fertilization.

Waves that travel through the egg

Scientists understood the essence of the process, but did not fully understand its meaning. It was only assumed that vortices are turbulence waves, scientifically expressed, somehow direct cell division in a certain way. They send billions of proteins to specific addresses – places in which certain organs are formed.

“Without these wave-creating proteins, there would be no cell division,” the scientist says.

Researchers believe that they discovered a certain fundamental natural phenomenon that is characteristic of living and non-living matter, micro and macrocosm. For some reason everything swirls in vortices – from galaxies to cyclones and hurricanes in the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets. From the electric fields in the heart and brain to, as it turned out, the proteins in the egg.

Another natural wonder: a fertilized egg begins to glow

The phenomenon, which was observed by American scientists from Northwestern University, fascinates, arouses religious thoughts, and even looks mystical. They observed flashes of light that accompanied the fusion of the egg and sperm. Just the same “spark of life.”

Many scientists can’t believe that the process of the birth of a new life has a divine beginning and sparks are something sent from above. And the most surprising: the more intense the glow, the better the result of fertilization, that is, the transformation of an egg into a full and healthy embryo.

According to them, the intrauterine light has, and by no means a mystical explanation ..

At least the experimenters figured out its nature. And they claim that the spark is created by zinc atoms that the fertilized egg produce. They are waves following one after another with short breaks.

The egg into which the sperm is introduced begins to glow.
The egg into which the sperm is introduced begins to glow

Scientists saw the glow of an egg in a microscope.
The glow of an egg under a microscope

Light in the egg also flashes in waves.
Light in the egg also flashes in waves.

The human body emits rays in the visible range

Amazing experiments were conducted at the University of Kyoto (Kyoto University) and the Institute of Technology, Tohoku (Tohoku Institute of Technology). Researchers put topless people in a completely dark room – for about 20 minutes. At this time, the volunteers were filmed by a high-sensitivity camera, capable of capturing even individual photons. Filming was repeated every three hours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The processing of the obtained images showed: the human body glows in the visible range. That is, emits photons. This radiance is very ghostly and weak – a thousand times less intense than the human eye can catch. But it is real.

Moreover, the researchers found that the strength of the human glow varies with the time of the day.

Most clearly people emit light at 4 pm, – Hitoshi Okamura said, one of the experimenters from Kyoto University. – Then the intensity drops, but still remains higher than the morning.

The face, eyes and the region in the area of ​​the thyroid gland shine most strongly. Each square centimeter emits about three thousand photons.

Photos of the glow are very similar to the pictures that are obtained when a person is filmed in the invisible infrared – thermal – range. But the researchers emphasize:

There is nothing in common in each case. Different colors – from blue to red – different intensities of the glow of the visible range. Blue ones correspond to a smaller one, red ones correspond to a larger one. They show the number of photons emitted from a square centimeter of the body and not how these places are heated.

People glow in the dark like ghosts.
People glow in the dark like ghosts

There is no exact understanding of the processes that cause the body to glow. According to one hypothesis, it is provoked by chemical – oxidative – reactions in which the so-called free radicals are involved. But it is possible that the nature of “living” radiation is much more complex and not so primitive. It may somehow connected with the brain, since the rays mainly come from the head.

Some people, even though the intensity of the glow is very weak, are still able to perceive it. For example, psychics. It is also possible that some people become sources of very powerful photon radiation. 

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Stranger times. Is the time approaching when aliens will be unveiled to us?

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One of the new strange phenomena of recent years has become a variety of tornadoes that suddenly began to appear in atypical places. For example, on the Baltic and Black Seas.

However, now, it seems, something new has been added to these strange atmospheric vortices: paired tornadoes, which they began to somehow appear too often.

To say that paired tornadoes do not happen is not quite right – double tornadoes happen, but their appearance is very rare: pair vortices are observed in approximately one out of a thousand cases, while neither climatologists, nor geophysicists, nor even mathematicians can clearly explain them.

Meanwhile, an explanation of such phenomena may come from a completely different perspective.

As it is obvious, from these and millions of other videos, some strange activity intensified in the planet’s atmosphere, which is definitely not related to either the military or passenger aircraft. Such activity is also observed over the Mediterranean Sea, and, more recently, quite often.

Since ufologists had not seen anything like this before, the video generated a lot of controversy. Some explained it as some kind of energy weapon, others argued that it was a fake and that UFOs did not exist.

It is not very clear what it was – a huge cylinder soaring above the clouds, or some kind of atmospheric ripple caused by the force field around a UFO, but everything is pretty similar to the incident in Syria.

In this connection, it is also worth recalling the “trumpet sounds” that residents of the southern Mediterranean coast from Egypt to Morocco heard to almost all winter:

No one understood what they were, but it is quite possible that something flies over the area from time to time, something very big. But, as we know from experience – if something big flies right above your head, then the wind rises around. And this happens quite often with UFOs:

A video with a double tornado in Morocco is now being discussed at several ufological forums and some followers even see UFOs there and we consider it a likely scenario.

People every day see more and more anomalies – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, forest fires, some tricks in the atmosphere, and so on. And almost always in such cases, cameras record huge alien ships. Whether they deliberately set fire to forests, activate volcanoes, or whirlwind pump water from the sea, we don’t know, however, there is a highly probable connection between the anomalies and other ‘Beings’. Therefore, the more incomprehensible phenomena occur in the world, the closer the day these “Beings” will reveal themselves. And it remains for us to wait for this grandiose day. When this day comes, we do not know.

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