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Bizarre cases of encounters with a 4-meter raven described in the 17-18 centuries in England 5


There are mysterious documented encounters with a large black bird in Great Britain in the 17th-18th centuries. The first reports of a giant raven...

Shai-Huluds from Dune: The extraterrestrial origin of the Mongolian earthworm in Gobi Desert, which spits acid and fire 6


In 2018, scientists discovered a new species of earthworm in Australian forests. It would seem nothing unusual, only their size can reach more than 3...

New Brunswick 7 New Brunswick 8


New Brunswick, one of the smallest Canadian provinces at 72,908 square kilometers, is nestled on Canada’s eastern shores between Nova Scotia and Quebec, sitting...

A form of primitive human? 22 A form of primitive human? 23


This past weekend I spoke at the first Southeast Texas Bigfoot Conference. Such is the interest in Bigfoot in the Lone Star State, more...

The Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2017 58 The Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2017 59


© Loren Coleman, Director, International Cryptozoology Museum; In the 1940s, the Scottish-born zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson began using a word he coined, “cryptozoology,” to describe...