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Administration asks for help: Mysterious creature that looks like a werewolf appeared in Texas 5


A mysterious creature has been spotted at a US zoo in Amarillo, Texas, as a photo released on the internet shows a coyote-like animal...

Mummies of small women, the size of a human palm, are kept in Asia. An unfairly forgotten evidence on the existence of fairies 6


Fairies are quite popular characters from Western folklore (mostly English, Scottish and Irish). Usually they are described as tiny, pretty humanoid creatures with transparent wings,...

Top ten deadliest cryptids 7 Top ten deadliest cryptids 8


In his latest blog post, Dr. Karl Shuker begins: “Not all mystery beasts on record are shy, reclusive creatures that take great pains to...

Mystery creature washes up in New York 11 Mystery creature washes up in New York 12


Photographs of a mysterious carcass likened to the ‘Montauk Monster’ have been circulating the internet. The pictures were taken by Denise Ginley who spotted...