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Bizarre cases of encounters with a 4-meter raven described in the 17-18 centuries in England 5


There are mysterious documented encounters with a large black bird in Great Britain in the 17th-18th centuries. The first reports of a giant raven...

Shai-Huluds from Dune: The extraterrestrial origin of the Mongolian earthworm in Gobi Desert, which spits acid and fire 6


In 2018, scientists discovered a new species of earthworm in Australian forests. It would seem nothing unusual, only their size can reach more than 3...

Goat Man Sightings 22 Goat Man Sightings 23


The Goat man is a hominid cryptid most commonly associated with Louisiana, Maryland and Texas. It is described as a hybrid creature; part man...

Legendary Monsters Of Africa 46 Legendary Monsters Of Africa 47


The legendary monsters series continues with some scary stories from Africa. There are so many nations and discrete communities in Africa that the problem...

Mothman Encounter? 61 Mothman Encounter? 62


It’s been many years since the Silver bridge collapsed, claiming 46 lives during a busy Friday evening rush hour. It is said that an...

Top ten deadliest cryptids 76 Top ten deadliest cryptids 77


In his latest blog post, Dr. Karl Shuker begins: “Not all mystery beasts on record are shy, reclusive creatures that take great pains to...