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Creepy robotic wolves scare wild bears away in Japan

Who will win the battle between the robot wolf and the live bear? It seems that the first is a good “scarecrow” for the second, judging by the actions of the inhabitants of the Japanese town of Takikawa, who began to use creepy robots to scare away wild animals, according to Guardian.

Small 60-centimeter “wolf-monsters” are created by Ohta Seiki, their task is to help farmers in the fight against animals that eat crops. Authorities in Takikawa, located on the island of Hokkaido, purchased two such robots after stray bears appeared in the vicinity of the city in September.

The robotic wolves have four legs, a woolly torso, and glowing red eyes. They are equipped with motion sensors that are capable of activating recordings of 40 different sounds, including howling werewolves (clearly not wolves) and the sounds of running machines. They can also be set to start on a timer.

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Over the past year in Japan, 157 people suffered from bear attacks, in 2020 – about 170. Two cases were fatal, but according to the Takikawa authorities, after the installation of monster wolves, there were no new cases of attacks. 

According to experts, the bear attacks have provoked a poor harvest of acorns in the surrounding areas. Local black bears eat high-calorie acorns to gain fat before hibernation. Their shortage has forced the animals to raid the surrounding towns in search of food.


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