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Creepy mystical dreams from a member of the Franciscan Order: “7 black mushrooms will rise above the planet.” Three have already come true, the rest are yet to come

Creepy mystical dreams from a member of the Franciscan Order: “7 black mushrooms will rise above the planet.” Three have already come true, the rest are yet to come 1

Some predictors make forecasts for the foreseeable future, others are able to look far into the coming times through centuries. A certain Senor Ragno Nero is just such a “far-sighted” person.

The Mystery of the Franciscan Monastery

In 1972, in the archives of a Franciscan monastery located in the city of Bologna, Italy, a manuscript dating back to the 5th century AD was discovered. The most interesting thing was in the binding of handwritten works – a text called “Ragno Nero. Eternal book. Oracle”.

The name of the mysterious author translates as Black Spider but curiously, his works describe prophecies for thousands of years to come. To be more precise, until the fourth millennium.

Who is this mysterious clairvoyant? Researchers don’t really know. Presumably, he lived between the 14th and 15th centuries in Florence, and was a member of the monastic order of the Franciscans.

Three floods

Nero described how 7 black mushrooms will rise above the planet. So far we have only seen 3: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl. Nero also predicted the emergence in 1981 of a disease whose symptoms closely resemble modern HIV. He called it “the punishment for fornication.”

Nero also predicted the appearance of two suns and two moons in the sky. According to his notes, the nights will disappear and the Earth will turn into a burning hell. People will move underground, and mountains will lose their peaks. When both suns merge into one, many will go blind.

These predictions are similar to one of the most monstrous scenarios that can happen on Earth. Judging by the description, some gargantuan force will appear that can shift the earth’s axis. All this will lead to a large number of natural disasters.

What did Nero mean by the appearance of the second sun? The monk was convinced that a new luminary would arise under the auspices of Satan, which testifies to destructive evil, for the goal of the Human Enemy is to wreak havoc on Earth. Perhaps this is the explosion of a powerful nuclear charge or a meteorite in the sky.

Curious where Senor Nero got this information from? Did he predict them himself or read about them in more ancient texts? Similar events are described in myths and it is said that in the new world the temples will look like large cones and ” horns will begin to grow from the ground.”

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New species of animals hostile to us will appear. Perhaps this means the appearance of genetically modified individuals? Or robots, which is quite predictable given the development of artificial intelligence. The Italian could not know such words, so he described the creatures unknown to him with the term “new animals.”

In addition, Nero mentions strange ropes and chains used for communication between people. Obviously, we are talking about cables and wires.

He call the 1990-2000 decades as the “the time of ashes.” Perhaps this means the collapse of moral values, which are destroyed and set on fire. Humanity will go through this “cursed” period “sorrowfully.” As a result, a person’s thoughts will again turn to God.

The first decade of the 2000s will be a “time of fear,” followed by decades of “madness,” “pacification,” and “rise.” It will be hardest for those who are spiritually poor, but wear clothes made of “gold and power.” Such people will die. The progress that, in fact, provoked the destruction will be disrupted.

The era of “carnal” pleasures will end and the age of spiritual growth will begin. The period of purification of souls will last 50 years, after which there will come an age of harmony with nature until the year 2500. Then humanity will again plunge into an era of delusion, violence and selfishness.

According to the monk, the planet will survive 3 floods: water, fire and stars. Moreover, the latter will occur in the period 2500-3000. It is then that the sky will disappear and the human race will cease to exist. The reason for such a tragic end, according to Ragno, will be the destructive activity of the person himself.

As we see, the terrible tragedy will end with the complete extinction of the Earth.


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