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“Crashed UFO” surrounded by tanks found on Google maps

"Crashed UFO" surrounded by tanks found on Google maps 1

With the advent of online maps, netizens began to find many interesting images on the our planet’s surface. One of these images was a captured piece on Death Valley in the United States.

The author of the post under the nickname @crypto_spawn reported that the strange object is surrounded by armored vehicles, and posted the corresponding screenshots on Twitter:

To prove that the photo is not fake, the user also published the coordinates of his find (35 ° 53’21 “N 117 ° 40’15” W). Near the black object, you can see a huge 103-meter teardrop-shaped depression. According to the Internet detective, it is the landing site of a huge starship.

"Crashed UFO" surrounded by tanks found on Google maps 2
"Crashed UFO" surrounded by tanks found on Google maps 3

In addition, at 14 kilometers from this place, @crypto_spawn saw an airplane lying on the ground. In his opinion, it was shot down while trying to get close to these mysterious objects.

At the same time, commentators are more skeptical about the find. For example, some of them believe that the military equipment are likely to have been decommissioned and used as targets for training attacks by US bombers. This is indirectly indicated by the location of the Groom Lake airbase, located 240 kilometers from this strange place.

Some users wrote that the find was more like a “portal to hell”, while others saw in it the Millennium Falcon starship from the movie “Star Wars”.


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