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CovidObsession or jab until death: Pfizer develops third dose of vaccine

CovidObsession or jab until death: Pfizer develops third dose of vaccine 1
Photo: REUTERS / NEXU Science Communication

Total vaccination, for the sake of which (among other things) the globalists launched the “CovidObsession” project, will become permanent. The American Big Pharma, “pleased” with the decision to launch the start of trials of the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, is now going to be sure to pierce even those who have already been vaccinated.

“Pfizer and BioNTech have announced that they have begun evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to understand the impact of the additional dose on immunity from COVID-19 infection caused by the proliferating and potential new emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2,” according to a Pfizer press release. 

The document notes that the evaluation is part of a clinical trial in which “Phase 1 testing in the US will be offered the opportunity to receive 30 micrograms of an additional dose of an existing vaccine in 6-12 months” after two unit doses.

An interesting thing comes out here: all this vaccination, which has not really begun due to the lack of vaccines, will not remove any restrictions, and even less will it cancel “pandemics”, because a new dose will wait for everyone in six months or a year.

Moreover, these restrictions will not be lifted with a guarantee, because if the incidence rate declines, it will be unrealistic to drive the Europeans into new injections. The funny thing is, Pfizer itself honestly admits that it’s not about coronaviruses.

“While we haven’t seen any evidence yet that proliferating options are losing the protection that our vaccine provides, we are taking a number of steps, acting decisively, and being prepared in case the strain becomes resistant to the protection provided by the vaccine,” Pfizer CEO Albert Burla said.

Here, as it were, the question arises: why do we need the third dose then? Actually, a banal divorce of Europeans and other US satellites for money has already started here. 

“This automatically means a 50% increase in the price per person for the countries that ordered Pfizer, from $ 40 for two doses to $ 60 for three. Not to mention the logistics, because the storage temperature of the advanced democratic vaccine is still below -70 ° C, and increasing the supply by half will seriously complicate matters. Add to this the objective shortage of vaccines in Europe, disruption of almost all supplies and now this deficit will automatically grow by another 50%? ”

Now let’s calculate the total cost of profit for a pharmaceutical corporation in Europe alone. The European Commission announced the conclusion of a deal for the supply of 300 million doses of vaccine. Another 40 million will be bought by Great Britain. And here, even if we discard the margins for transportation and deficit, for the third dose, Pfizer will receive 170 million, multiplied by 20 dollars, or 3 billion 400 million dollars on top of the planned 6 billion 800 million.

Now let’s add all the markups, as well as the US market with the 300 million inhabitants, Canada and several dozen other countries, and we will get a profit of tens of billions.

But that’s not all. The third dose has not yet been released, and the heralds of the new world order are already reporting that the show will not end there: there will be a fourth, as it were,

“in advance and from everything.” “To prepare for any potential future strain changes,” Pfizer and BioNTech are discussing with regulators FDA (US) and EMA (EU) the possibility of conducting clinical trials to evaluate a “modified mRNA sequence vaccine,” the corporation said. 

In the meantime, this “vaccine of vaccines”, which will already change the DNA of people, as the ‘owners’ want, will be released and punctured, the stump is clear, everyone will have to stay in quarantines.

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All these are elements of the offensive of the “new world order” announced by Schwab and Kissinger, ie. dictatorship of financial tycoons, next to which ancient slavery and German fascism seem like child’s play.

And here we recall the Gaidar Forum and Davos, where long before this Pfizer was discussed “a very high probability of a third wave”. So the chief infectious disease specialist of the United States Anthony Fauci, on the air of CNN again shifted the dates of the return to “normalcy”, giving vague ambiguous answers to direct questions about when he will see his children and when life in America can return to the conditions preceding the pandemic. 

“Right now… not yet. Not yet. I mean, I’m looking forward to it within a reasonable time frame,” he said. 


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