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Covid Apocalypse. Has the world zombification just begun?

Covid Apocalypse. Has the world zombification just begun? 1
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“Land of the Dead” – this is the name of one of the last films of the horror classic George Romero. The film was released in 2005. According to the plot, a zombie apocalypse took place on Earth, people survived in separate fortified areas – one of them in Pittsburgh, where the rich eat in a skyscraper, and the disgusting type performed by Dennis Hopper runs everything. 

As always with Romero, the zombie apocalypse is a metaphor for social inequality. Zombies are residents of the “third world”, although there are various reports from internet users of people displaying unusual behaviours reminiscing of George Romero’s cult classic.

Since the start of the global vaccination campaign and the first information about complications after receiving certain injections, there has been some kind of boom on the Internet about them. A half of internet users urges everyone to urgently visit the nearest vaccination booth and take a dose, the other read some articles or watches creepy videos on the dangers of vaccines. Moreover, if the logic of the former is obvious, then the logic of the latter is a complete mystery.

People read about vaccines intensively because they probably secretly want to inject themselves – this is a fundamental law of the psychology of the buyer. Nevertheless, and despite our ignorance of the topic of vaccines, a post appeared on GLP (more precisely, a selection of posts from another forum), which should interest everyone, because if the information in these messages turns out to be true, interesting times are ahead of us.

“I have a startup company and as such I work every day of the week. Every day I’m on the road heading back and forth from home to my office in the Raleigh-Durham area via I-40.

Recently, I have noticed a massive uptick in seemly bizarre accidents. Vehicles of all kinds, usually singular, running off the road and crashing. Not in bad weather. Not in the middle of the night. Just all of the a sudden.

I have also noticed folks driving kind of “dazed” looking, weaving about, stopping erratically and in particular not driving at speed — usually like 10 mph below the speed limit on secondary roads, but very fast on primaries.
I’ve driven in the local market for a very long time and I have not seen this kind of behavior before. Wondering if its the beginning of Vaxxed brain damage of some kind???”

“Now that you mention it…its been happenning here in aus too.
Just a spate of pointless accidents.
No cause…just running off the road into ditches and rivers…into poles…into other cars..
For no reason.
Not even speeding.
Its like everyone is having sudden heart attacks or blackouts behind the wheel”.

“I’ve been noticing this over the past 2 to 3 weeks but it has become really much more pronounced in the last week.
I also seen something similar with parking. I see people driving around parking lots looking for a spot to park in, driving past open spots repeatedly and then finally choosing some random spot to park in. Like they couldn’t “choose” one. Really strange”.

“Maine here. Delivery driver.
Definitely good observation that i have made myself. The part about people driving ridiculously slow now, barely even keeping with the speed limit. I don’t even wait for them anymore, I usually blow past them in the opposite lane, get a quick look at them, and there is definitely a light being dimmed in the upstairs department.
Really getting bad in the last few weeks, luckily I am in vacation so I have avoided the roads, so can’t say if things have gotten worse, but its to the point that i had many thoughts recently to quitting my delivery job.
I honestly don’t fear dying from a covid, my big fear is being taken out while driving by someone having a bad reaction to the vaccine”.

“My father in law is aggressively pro-vax. In the the last couple of days he is having dizzy spells and is very light headed. He is vaxxed by the way. He has stopped driving due to these symptoms. Can see this causing many accidents among the vaxxed”.

“I have observed a note worthy amount of head on collisions, and high impact with trees across the USA, Also a noteworthy amount of unrestrained operators”.

“I’ve ridden in my sisters SUV in recent days with her to visit a hospitalized relative. She is a nurse and was vaxxed about 3 months ago. She was driving very erratically and sort of drifting though lanes. I’ve never known her to be in an accident in decades of driving… but she had some close calls the last couple of days. She doesn’t push the vaxx as hard as she did back in January either.. possibly because she has had some symptoms might suspect the “kill shot”? But she doesn’t mention anything”.

“Went out Friday- southern tier NY, very rural – shopping in Hornell.
When I returned home I immediately told my spouse how crazy 19 was (towards the Interstate), many trucks driving right near the double lines, cars weaving as though the driver was in another world.
Have you guys noticed anything like that in your areas?”

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Judging by the feedback from the public, is there something developing in front of our eyes?


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