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COVID-21 is here. Is an official new strain announcement on the way?

COVID-21 is here. Is an official new strain announcement on the way? 1

A few days ago, a very interesting document appeared on social networks, which some kind people allegedly ‘stole’ from the folder of one of France’s high ranked officials.

The document says that French officials expect the emergence of a new disease in April 2021, which will be called COVID-21:

COVID-21 is here. Is an official new strain announcement on the way? 2

The general meaning of the document is clear: in April, the famous epidemiologists of France or some other big country will discover a new Covid strain, which they will call COVID-21, after which hard lockdowns will be immediately introduced. Further, the document assumes that people will begin to riot and fight, which will be resulting (as from July 1, 2021), to troops being deployed across France. 

Although everyone is now terribly surprised at the future events described in the document, in fact, there is nothing surprising there. In October this year a similar document was seen by some Canadian officials and posted the information online. The publicly known road map was as follows:

– Phased introduction of secondary containment restrictions on an ongoing basis, starting with large metropolitan areas and ending with expansion outside the country. Expected by November 2020.

– Urgent acquisition (or construction) of insulators in all provinces and territories. Expected by December 2020.

– New COVID-19 cases on a daily basis will push beyond testing capacity, including an increase in COVID-19-related deaths along the same growth curves. Expected by the end of November 2020.

– Complete secondary lockdown (much stricter than the restrictions of the first phase of the pandemic). Expected by late December 2020 – early January 2021

– Reform and expansion of the unemployment assistance program, which should be transformed into a universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021.

– Predicted COVID-19 mutation and / or co-infection with a secondary virus (called COVID-21), leading to a third wave of the pandemic with much higher mortality rates and higher infection rates. Expected by February 2021.

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– Daily new hospitalizations due to COVID-21 and deaths related to COVID-19 and COVID-21 will exceed the capacity of healthcare facilities. Expected time Q1 – Q2 (first and second quarters) 2021.

– Extended lock restrictions (called third lock) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be introduced (including between provinces and between cities). Expected for Q2 2021.

– Transition of citizens to a universal basic income program. Expected mid-Q2 2021.

– Projected supply chain disruptions, inventory shortages, significant economic instability. Expected at the end of the second quarter of 2021. 

– Accommodation of military personnel in large metropolitan areas, as well as on all major roads to create checkpoints. Travel and movement restrictions. Providing logistic support to areas. Expected by Q3 2021.

COVID-21 has begun its journey around the planet. Londoners banned from leaving the city under threat of arrest

Londoners have been banned from leaving the city under threat of arrest if they try to travel to other parts of the country for Christmas. Strict new travel rules take effect after midnight, when the capital and South East England are quarantined at Level 4.

Boris Johnson said people should not enter or leave Level 4 areas, and residents should not stay overnight away from home. Tier 4 rules also reflect nationwide isolation in November, according to the prime minister, with people being told to stay in their homes unless they have an important trip.

COVID-21 is here. Is an official new strain announcement on the way? 3

But, if the law prohibits people from entering and leaving a particular red area, rule breakers can be treated the same way as others who have broken the Covid rules. The police have been given the authority to fine people found to be in violation of the rules, and if someone continues to ignore the instructions, the police can arrest the violator if the police deem it proportionate and necessary.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of people have already been arrested for violating quarantine rules. This mainly concerned participants in protests and parties who violated the ban on mass gatherings. However, now the ban on movement is added to the rules. Anyone thinking of leaving the Level 4 area tonight has been advised to “unpack their bags” out of fears that humans might spread the mutant strain of the virus across the country.

Those planning to get out before the deadline are not breaking the law, but they are strongly advised to refrain from traveling. At a Downing Street press conference, Chief Physician Chris Whitty was asked what he would say to people who may have packed their bags and are ready to leave London and the South East tonight. He said:

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“My answer is short: please unpack your suitcases and interrupt your journey at this stage. The reason for this is that if you look at the South East, if you look at the East of England and look at London, you will see a really dramatic increase in the number of new infections. Our new tests are not entirely accurate, but in general terms they reflect the correct information. And according to this information, in the South East of England, 43% of the virus cases are now this new variant. In the East of England it is 59% and in London 62%. The numbers may vary slightly, but they are generally correct. And they have grown very rapidly over the past few weeks. So it really happened incredibly fast. In other regions of the country they are much lower. “

The prime minister was asked during a press conference how strictly the police would comply with the new rules. He said:

“I think the police have done an amazing job of enforcing the rules – they sent out a lot of notices about flat fines for breaking the rules. The police also helped people in the vast majority of cases to adhere to the rules. The majority of the population takes this all incredibly seriously and understands that it is right, and people intend to follow the rules further. “

People living in second and third tier areas were also given new advice on whether they should travel to spend Christmas with relatives. Mr. Johnson said: “People have to think carefully about whether they need to travel abroad, they have to follow the rules of their level. People living in Level 4 districts will not be allowed to travel abroad, with some exceptions, such as for work.

As you can see, the pandemic is unfolding strictly in accordance with the documents leaked to the network from various insiders. And everything is happening very rapidly. So, despite the blocking of hundreds of millions of people in China at the beginning of 2020, no one in Europe or the United States even thought to arrange bans on flights from China, on receiving parcels from China, and so on. And then suddenly people report this:

JUST IN – France considers suspending flights and trains from the UK over new virus strain. Decision to be announced later today.

Thus, France and Italy simultaneously banned air and other communications with England, as if we were talking about the threat of some kind of zombie plague. Obviously, other European countries will soon follow the example of France and Italy, after which the same countries will begin to close communications with each other. 

Then they will begin to blockade the cities, after which people in the cities will be divided into quarters between which it will be impossible to move. 

As shown by the three months that have passed since the document was leaked, the information contained there is true. So, the second wave of brokering has already begun, the press is replete with reports of an increase in the number of covid cases, from time to time there are reports of new covid mutations that are more dangerous than the original COVID-19. The new mutations have no names yet, but by February, obviously, they will come up with a name. 


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