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COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky

COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky 17

One of the very characteristic phenomena of the COVID-19 pandemic was the observation of whole clouds of birds that began to appear over quarantined cities. Most often, people see a raven, the most famous scavenger, so the first thing everyone assumed was that ravens smell food, that is, smell and corpses.

200 ducks in Denmark, hundreds of herons in Turkey, thousands of swallows and Swifts in Greece, 1000 Starlings in Rome … Birds literally fall dead from the sky, and no one knows why.

Thousands of dead swallows and swifts over the past three days have been found on the streets of Athens, on the balconies of apartments in the capital, on the islands of the Aegean Sea and around the lake near the seaport of Nafplion in the Peloponnese:

These are swallows and swifts, which, like many birds, sometimes peck meat, but the raven somehow doesn’t. At the same time, the swallows not only sit in rows on wires, but also fall, sometimes forming whole carpets of dead birds on balconies:

Similar things in the world have been observed quite often lately and just as often the idea has been expressed that 5G is to blame.

The idea, in principle, is correct, since 5G technology uses a wavelength comparable to the size of swallows. But, the problem with this theory is that such shots come from Turkey:

Hundreds of dead herons in Turkey were found near the village of Kepryshyk in Turkey.

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This is a native species of heron that dies in hundreds, if not thousands. And in Denmark, ducks began to fall from the sky:

About 200 dead ducks were found on the beaches in Læsø, Denmark. This is completely unheard of on the island. Four of the dead ducks were tested for bird flu, but they all tested negative. So what is behind this new mass extinction in Denmark?

COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky 18

And this is Rome:

1000 dead birds on the streets of Rome. On February 5, 2020, hundreds of dead birds covered part of the Viale del Policlinico

Residents and officials are scared, since no one really knows what is behind the mass extinction.

Thus, there is a clear increase in the number of birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky. But no one really can say the cause of these mass deaths.

And now the question arises: what is it? Is it a bird flu? Is it 5G? Or is it something else?

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This is not very similar to 5G, since large birds die as well, and in Turkey it happens in villages where you need to climb onto the roof to make a call to catch a signal, from a tower raised somewhere in the 1990s.

Also, this is not an infection, because in case of infection, birds must fall from the sky everywhere, and here the bulk dies over the cities.

Moreover, as ornithologists say, the birds sit in a row on the fences, not because they smell food, but because they are tired. That is, they do not have the strength to fly, which is why they sit in formation. From here the question again arises: what prevents the birds from living?

If we exclude the option that we live in the Matrix and that the birds are such a program that is buggy in the hovering Matrix, then most likely some radiation is to blame. Only this radiation comes not from cell towers, but from some satellites. For example, Elon Musk satellites which are in hundreds and which will soon be 20,000!

SpaceX: 12.000 satellites
OneWeb: 4.560 satellites
Boeing: 2.956 satellites
Spire Global: 972 satellites

That is, it’s all 5G or something like that, but only from a different source. The density is huge and people are joking about the subject – why 20,000?

Nevertheless, even several hundred incomprehensible vehicles in orbit – this density is quite sufficient to fly over the city to form an electron beam spot inside which birds will die, and people will have COVID-19.

On the other hand, ufo’s can be a source of radiation of a slightly different order, for example such:

COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky 20

COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky 22

The author of the photo took a video over the sky in Arizona around April the 13th, but this thing only appeared on one frame. This suggests that the speed of the object is gigantic.

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When the speed of this rod is lower, it looks something like this:

COVID-19: Fear swept people across Europe when thousands of birds began to fall dead from the sky 24

The street lamp is circled in yellow, and the same incomprehensible thing in blue. And since there are somehow quite a lot of such things in the sky – it may well be that it is from there that the world is irradiated – either forcing all living things to die, or forcing cells to replicate some kind of virus.

We don’t know how this will end, but we continue to monitor the development of events until the time the whole Earth is as in Ecuador.


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