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Coronavirus findings for which the government is not prepared

Coronavirus findings for which the government is not prepared 1
Person wearing hoody and gas mask with red toxic fumes

The Coronavirus, even it arose accidentally or in purpose, led to very interesting discoveries.

1. The population of large cities during the epidemic in a critical mass is not capable of submission and discipline.

2. Attempts by the authorities to restore order come across resistance, in which rival power groups participate, ready to go as far as they like in rocking the situation.

in the United States and announce the inappropriateness of federal policy and the readiness to leave the federation if Trump wins the November election. There is a deep split in Congress. In Moscow, the mayor is poisoned, in Russia they attack the government and the president, governors in the regions, three states unite.

The opposition’s blackmailing of power from bluffing, sabotage and subversive sabotage becomes a reality up to the readiness to unleash a civil war. That is, the epidemic is seen as the best opportunity for a coup d’etat.

At the same time, there was a lull in international politics until it became clear who was weakening most after the epidemic. Conflicts are frozen, and the parties can concentrate on regrouping forces and means.

3. There are a large number of disoriented and inadequate citizens who are ready to immediately join in any protest against the government for any reason: garbage reform, the construction of a church in the park, freedom of smoking marijuana, LGBT rights, arms sales, voting form and other topics.

In Germany, a lawyer demanded the lifting of quarantine, and when she was protested, she began to urge citizens to go to a protest rally. There was no legitimate reason for the arrest; They had to put her in a mental hospital, indignantly commenting on private channels on YouTube and on electronic media targeting oppositional elite groups. In the US, police refused to suppress the looting of stores by groups of people who ran out of money. That is, there is a ready resource for any coup in any state and weak legislation to counter subversive forces in a similar situation.

4. Entire aircraft carriers can withdraw key units of the army and navy from combat duty. The spread of the epidemic to the army makes the state unstable.

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5. The medical system is not adapted to the instant mass influx of patients in acute clinical form, causing a collapse of health care, which immediately becomes a trigger for the overthrow of the power by the opposition.

6. The economy is not able to shut itself off from cooperation and the division of labor, interrupt the flow of goods and people and switch to a closed regime, and therefore the epidemic undermines competitors better than any sanctions.

7. The epidemic does not cause retaliation, since the attacker is unknown, although the one to whom it is advantageous is obvious.

8. The modern economy does not have immunity against emergency situations; it does not have built-in mechanisms for quickly switching to a military regime of functioning and maintaining life support. All attempts to achieve such a transition cause a sharp internal struggle and quickly bring down the existing political regime.

9. The epidemic reduces the population and undermines the reproductive abilities of the cured.

10. A system of isolation of elites from society is being created with the encouragement of minimizing democracy and the development of systems of total tracking and control.

These are too many great temptations not to notice their existence. The benefits far exceed the losses, consisting in the following:

1. There is a redistribution of spheres in the shadow economy, and therefore in the shadow government. The transportation of drugs (closing borders), tourism, including sex tourism, the proceeds of prostitution and the porn industry, serving their services in the form of a restaurant and hotel business, as well as car rental, are at risk of reduction. The redistribution of power in its shadow sector is likely, the conflict of interests of elites adhering to the nonaggression pact increases the risk of collapse of the structure.

2. Separation of the elite from the common people and the establishment increases the weight of “gaskets” and intermediaries in the form of service personnel – security guards, secretaries and referents, analysts, cooks and doctors. Their manipulative capabilities are increasing, which means they will be used by competitors. Isolating the elite, increases its vulnerability.

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3. The growing chaos will create a demand for dictators who will be accepted as deliverers, which creates the risk of an excess of the executor – the relative autonomy of the establishment from the financial elite. It is easier to bring a speaker to power than to remove him from it later.

The Coronavirus turned out to be very useful in a world frozen in economic deadlock. You can’t expect it to come down in six months and the world will breathe a sigh of relief when it returns to its former way. If this happens, the most important issues will remain unresolved.

And therefore, after the coronavirus COVID 19, new epidemics of even more infectious and destructive viruses are waiting for us, which have already been created and are waiting in the wings. An interesting tool for rebuilding the world was in the hands of the elite of humanity, a global experiment which is becoming to give many interesting results. 


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