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Coronavirus – A Secret Plan to Prepare the World for the Apocalypse

Coronavirus - A Secret Plan to Prepare the World for the Apocalypse 1

Some of you must have heard at least something about the Camelot / Avalon project, an organization that aims to bring to humanity all the information about the real structure of this world and its place in this world of people.

The project has been in the works for a long time, things that are voiced are incredible and unproven, so even many conspiracy therapists treat it with certain skepticism. However, somehow it happened in the most incredible way that everything that happened today was predicted by Bill Ryan (one of the founders of the project) back in … 2010:

Bill speaks for about 50 minutes, often repeats but the general message is the following.

Throughout the 20th century, perhaps even in previous centuries, world elites were aware of some cyclical and nightmarish geophysical event that would erase the current civilization to a basalt foundation. Information about this event has long been incomplete and relied mainly on documents provided by the Vatican.

At first it was supposed that it would be something like a pole shift that occurs on Earth from time to time and makes people start from scratch. At the end of the last century, Planet X was also added to the variants of the geophysical event that existed at that time, it is also Nibiru, which at some unknown time will fly past the Earth at a close distance and take everything down. Closer to the XXI century, information about the upcoming geophysical event started to surface and even attempts were made to predict the exact date of the cataclysm. In parallel, plans of action began to be developed, which boiled down not so much to trying to save something, but to the subsequent reconstruction of the world. And there were problems with that.

The modern world is very strictly controlled by secret societies and all sorts of “supreme leaders” dance to the tune, puppeteered by some very important backstage ‘people’. The drama is supposedly played in London. However, if, for example, Nibiru arrives, the entire backstage control system will fall apart at the seams – each surviving center of civilization will have its own field commander, and many commanders will also have an atomic bomb as a guarantor of his power. Such a situation, according to the planetary leadership, was unacceptable, therefore, in anticipation of the approach of the hour, a special plan was invented, called the Anglo-Saxon mission. The overall goal of this plan is to provide British elites with maximum preferences for rebuilding the world after a global cataclysm.

Since the plan was most likely multi faceted, and each of the options was very secret, none of the uninitiated knows the details of the Anglo-Saxon mission. However, in the summer of 2005, Bill Ryan together with an insider, a former senior military, was present at a meeting of a secret committee where one of the options was briefly discussed. No one, of course, read anything from the rostrum, but as an intelligent person, Mr. Ryan’s insider, from the phrases that were heard during the communication, was able to recreate the general picture of the Plan. This option was as follows. In a certain period of time, which can come either in a turn of 20 months, or even in 20 years, an Event would be initiated. The signal is supposed to be triggered by astronomers, mediums, aliens, or from some other source of information. This is all about the time of “hour H”, which initiates the implementation of the Plan.

a) The first phase of the Plan in the Middle East will provoke a crisis, the purpose of which is to force Iran to strike at Israel and to expose the atomic bomb secretly received from China. In response to this, a limited nuclear war will take place in the Middle East, under the pretext of which NATO will be tightly consolidated with the associated strengthening of social control, military deployments and so on.

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b) Biological weapons will be used against China. At a secret meeting, it sounded like “China will catch a cold,” from which the insider concluded that it was a variant of the flu. This will bring China to its knees and bring complete chaos to its infrastructure.

c) Further, this “flu from China” will begin to spread throughout the world, bringing down economies and bringing chaos and death with it. At the sight of these scenes, people will demand from their governments to immediately close their borders and restrict all movements — which will be done.

d) As chaos begins in cities, various kinds of “national guards” will be deployed, to which “private security companies” will come to the rescue. People will be locked in cities, as if in cages, industries will begin to work in military mode, the army will be deployed, and so on. Thus, all countries will be ready for a “spontaneous exchange of global nuclear strikes,” which will not take long: the full-scale Third World War will begin, which will exclude all Anglo-Saxon competitors from the race to restore peace after the “geophysical cataclysm”.


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