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Conspiracy Theory No More, Video, Of BBC Announces Building 7 Collapse 20 Mins Before It Happens

Conspiracy Theory No More, Video, Of BBC Announces Building 7 Collapse 20 Mins Before It Happens 1

These buildings have sprinkler systems. Building 7 never suffered impact, how could it have collapsed from fire or heat damage to the structure?

An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of Salomon building (WTC Building 7) over twenty minutes before it actually fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11

The incredible footage shows a BBC reporter talking about the collapse of the WTC#7 while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head.

The BBC reported that it came down 23 minutes before it actually did! The transmission conveniently gets cut moments before the building does “collapse”.

This video demonstrates that there were people in the know about the controlled demolition that was to take place and the story was leaked early.

Thats Building 7 still standing over the reporters left shoulder! The main anchor from the BBC gives all the details of how Building 7 collapses while it is still standing in the Video. LOOK!

This is called Visual experience!

Watch as the windows of building 7 blow out as the controlled Demo takes place!

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Visible Explosions NEW VIDEO SEPT 2011. WTC Building 7 Controlled Demolition 911


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