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Conspiracy theorists scare with graphene in vaccines, and Pfizer with a third dose

Conspiracy theorists scare with graphene in vaccines, and Pfizer with a third dose 1

On July 8, 2021, the Japanese media reported amazing news: it turns out that two jabs were not enough to beat the coronavirus, and Pfizer is preparing countries and peoples for a third injection. reports the following:

Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Dorsten announced on July 8 that a new coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer in partnership with Germany’s Biontech has been submitted to the FDA and is likely to be approved in within a month. 

The reason for the creation of the third vaccine component is that there is evidence of the risk of reinfection, which increases six months after the second injection. The cause of the disease is most often the highly infectious mutant strain Delta, which first appeared in India and began to spread widely from there.

Dorsten explained that there have recently been reports in Israel that the vaccine has become less effective as people who were vaccinated mainly in January or February were re-infected. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced that the infectious and preventive effect of the Pfizer vaccine dropped to 64% in June.

“The Pfizer vaccine is also very effective against Delta strains,” Dorsten says, but six months after vaccination, “the antibodies weaken, which could create the risk of reinfection.”

Pfizer did not disclose all of the vaccination data in Israel, but said they would be released shortly.

Pfizer will soon begin trials of the booster vaccine on a group of 10,000 people, Dorsten said . The trial is expected to run into the fall and not be completed by the time the FDA applies for approval.

The FDA declined to comment on Pfizer’s plans.

But is it only about antibodies? There are different opinions on this score, in particular, there is an interesting view at the problem from conspiracy theorists:

In recent years, a terrible interest of everyone and everything has suddenly arisen in graphene. So, in 2012 alone, 10,000 scientific articles were written about graphene and 14,000 scientific patents were declared, although the most important patents, of course, are not disclosed anywhere and by anyone. 

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One of the promising applications of graphene is vaccines and other drugs, which graphene allows to deliver targeted to certain tissues. There is a lot of writing about this and no one is really hiding anything here . 

There is graphene in vaccines against covid, which no one hides either, but courageous Spanish conspiracy theorists repeatedly expose globalists and open people’s eyes to some terrible secrets:

Conspiracy theorists scare with graphene in vaccines, and Pfizer with a third dose 2
Conspiracy theorists scare with graphene in vaccines, and Pfizer with a third dose 3
Conspiracy theorists scare with graphene in vaccines, and Pfizer with a third dose 4

However, the problem is that the main application of graphene is not medicine, but microelectronics. For example, graphene is a very promising material for the creation of so-called ballistic transistors, which do not use a blocking junction in their work, but the principle of a mirror that deflects an electron flow.

Such transistors operate orders of magnitude faster than conventional ones, they are much smaller, and their structure can be generally unrecognizable and use, for example, the technology of “crumpled graphene”, when a graphene micromembrane under the influence of certain forces is deformed and acquires the parameters of a particular logic device. 

However, the most important feature of graphene today is its special reaction to microwave radiation, used, for example, in communication with 5G and 6G. When graphene gets under such radiation, an electric current begins to flow in it.

Hence the fears of conspiracy theorists: how would these graphene particles in vaccines not be part of some kind of microcircuit activated when approaching 5G towers. Moreover, it somehow surprisingly coincided that when people who received treatment for the crown come to the towers, neighboring phones begin to register some obscure MAC addresses in these people. And when those cured of covid leave the towers, the addresses disappear.

In his recent video, Mr. Lopatin told the people who had recovered from covid with the sad news that there is no way back and the way now is only to the morgue. However, according to Mr. Pinball Preparedness, if a person does not die from graphene immediately, then gradually it is excreted, having a half-decay period of about six months. 

Hence, as predicted by Mr. Pinball Preparedness, vaccine manufacturers will not be limited to two jabs. First there will be the third, then the fourth, then and so on, as a result of which the required concentration of magic semiconductor devices will be maintained in the body. 

Somehow, it has so strangely coincided that Pfizer talk about a six-month half-life, only they say not “graphene”, but “immunity”. In this light, we do not even know what to think. Probably, everything just coincided as usual?

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