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Conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades – The soulless rational system is here

Conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades - The soulless rational system is here 7

Whether the Covid-19 coronavirus, which came from China and quarantined more than a billion people on earth was a laboratory chimera, a natural mutant that migrated from the animal kingdom, or a bloated fake that gives off ordinary flu and pneumonia as an apocalyptic disaster of a planetary scale, it copes well with one task – one that conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades.

Namely: building a society of total control.
The destruction of freedom and the creation of a police state.

Strange and funny people in foil caps warned that the era of electronic slavery was coming, that Big Brother would watch everyone, that they would take away our remaining civil liberties, prohibit free movement, and prohibit making independent decisions on own body and health. 

They said that we will all be connected to the central system through gadgets and microchips, which will be monitoring not only every step we take, every action, every purchase, every “click” on the Internet, but also every thought! That all spheres of life will come under the subordination and control of Artificial Intelligence. De- and post-humanization. People will become the subordinate mechanisms of a soulless rational system.

Everything described by Orwell, and reflected in numerous dystopian novels, films and series …

All what “normal citizens” laughed at and said that this would never happen, that this was impossible, this is nonsense, the inventions of patients by the whole head of conspiracy theorists … all this bitter cataclysm is now becoming a reality, embodied step by step, with lightning speed. This is just unbelievable!

A carefully planned was chosen by the top entities in hierarchy, very crafty and very noble – a VIRUS!

To protect the world from an incredibly dangerous infection, hither to unprecedented in its deadly power. And everyone is obliged as an honest and responsible citizen … blah blah blah … Aglobal financial crisis was inevitable. It is long overdue. Previously, big wars were started to write off debts. And here, even this was not required. All problems are resolved by a pandemic.

All that remains is to applaud the puppeteers.

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Sit at home, sleep responsibly on the couch, watch TV, eat the stocked buckwheat, use the prepared toilet paper for the purpose and watch how the economy of your country and your whole life is collapsing, how small and medium-sized businesses are ruined, like governments, unable to object to some kind of higher order shooting themselves in the leg … A reboot was needed. Write off everything, zero everything and everything ends in the water. And the virus is to blame!

We have nothing to do with it. Fair! You yourself see what’s going on? Where did this terrible infection came from? 

Conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades - The soulless rational system is here 8

It seems that some gigantic meanness, a setup, is happening with the world .

We were easily lowered down with one finger. Like kittens. Elegantly. Just. And now we are already in the muzzles. And already shy away from each other. And already in the cells, not daring to stick our noses out into the street. And all this is “for our own good.”

It is allowed to sing songs on balconies, dance folk dances in chemical protection suits, post jokes (but not in Thailand), walk the dogs a hundred meters from the house. You can’t starve yet, the shops are still open.

But there is a whole series of “impossibles.”
You can not visit your old mother, visit a sick relative, meet with your beloved, talk face to face with a friend, without gadgets and outside the electronic ear.

No one is allowed to go out': your stories from the coronavirus ...

Under the live touch ban, physical warmth, friendly handshakes, hugs, kisses. A program is being introduced into the subcortex – a person – a potential infection. Enemy! Deadly! Get away from it!

This is the worst thing – the introduction of the alienation program. What the world holds on to. Human connections, communication, the sense of hugging, the joint energy of the eye-to-eye contact.

Sit, poke buttons, send messages and so console yourself.

We were separated by single apartments cells or houses. Communication is only through technological devices – telephones, social networks, e-mail, Skype – all that can be tracked and recorded. There are no more conversations in the kitchen with friends “over a cup of coffee” on burning topics.

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Do not even try to violate quarantine – a well-known propagandist screams gloomily on television. The surveillance camera will track you even in a mask, even in a gait, even if you change it and start to fall on one leg or jump up and down. All cities, one after the other are getting smarter before our eyes.

Will everything return back to normal after the virus ends?
No, it will not. That’s why everything was started in the first place.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus - P.S. I Love You

The attention of the people is distracted by a red rag of the epidemic. And under this case, each country pedals the installation of 5G towers, face recognition cameras, builds new verticals of power, systematizes and organizes our human motley capital, puts hands in the personal data of citizens, introduces martial law and quarantines, gives additional power to military and police officers, accepts under the guise of new laws that cross out the remnants of more or less freedoms. People should be afraid and think only of toilet paper and buckwheat. And so, as to not get infected.

Conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades - The soulless rational system is here 9

Puffed up by fear, people do not notice that they have already been turned into prisoners and almost criminals. Have raped, humiliated, reduced to the position of slaves. Sit in the pen, do not argue, believe the radio and wear a muzzle. You are a contagious cattle, and we will decide what is possible for you, what is not.

On the horizon, the abolition of cash, compulsory vaccination (you yourself will ask for it!), Chipization … We will all become Chinese and will smile at the barrel of surveillance cameras to increase points in the personal rating.

Here is a feeling.

Do we believe in the virus? – It seems we do.
Such a terror of the population could not be organized completely from scratch. That’s what the rest of faith in the system says to us. But what kind of virus? Maybe there are several for different countries? In China, a combat agent may have been used. In Europe, it may be something completely different. In other countries, there may be zero virus and hype out of the blue, because everyone should maintain a degree of paranoia. That is the prescription.

There is a video online. A man entered the central hospital of Berlin, where the battle with the coronavirus is in full swing. And there is empty, nobody is there. Silence. Where is everyone? Where are the hundreds of patients?

A person makes the assumption that the fight against the disease is arranged according to a schedule in the afternoon from 8 to 4. And then everything disappears somewhere.

In the same video there is a report from New York, a hospital in Brooklyn, where they seem to be massively testing for coronavirus. Again, silence and emptiness. The girl in the registry advises on this issue to contact a personal therapist.

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Maybe that’s why we are quarantined, so that we don’t roam and take pictures, doesn’t that agree with the big picture?

A lot of articles, thoughts, analyzes from experts about the fact that something is wrong here. They do not understand what is happening. The picture does not match. Coronaviruses are common, long known and not dangerous. Mortality by country remains within the normal range. Even in Italy and Spain. The same number of people died last March, died in 2020. 1700 a day in Italy (average norm), one 1200 in Spain (norm). Hospitals are crowded – but by whom? All tuberculosis and pneumonia cases are taken to one place?

Here is a doctor working in Spain reporting the situation. He also has a split consciousness. On TV, the horror of what’s going on. At home – silence, everyone is healthy. Familiar acquaintances – too.

The same with an epidemiologist from Italy. She provides a similar point of view. People die from heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, but everyone is diagnosed with death from coronavirus.

Her thought is interesting, as a professional, that it is impossible to take a sample with a swab for a virus, only for the presence of bacteria, since viruses are an extracellular form of existence. Only laboratory analysis is needed.

Coronaviruses are present in all organisms. We are walking incubators of various viruses and bacteria. We all carry them in ourselves and do not get sick, because the immune system keeps them under control and does not allow them to develop.

A state of health is a state of balance, not a state of sterility.

If you stick a wand with cotton wool in your mouth, almost everyone will find coronaviruses and 99 million other tiny creatures. This is the norm.
But at some point, something happens that upsets the balance, as if the resonant frequency at which a particular virus operates is displayed at full power. At least the same blow to the body from exposure to the fifth generation system (encrypted from spy algorithms). And the virus suddenly comes to life.

And then there’s stress. Fear. Panic. Media injection. Violation of the usual rhythm of life, breaking ties with your support group – friends, colleagues, relatives. And that’s it – you have already turned into a rag, a breeding ground for the infection. And at that moment, “killers in white coats” grab you and drag you to the hospital “for experiments.”

These are all assumptions, of course.

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The phrase is especially annoying that in a certain percentage of infected people the disease is asymptomatic.

It sounds like: we can declare any of you sick if we don’t like your behavior.

The next 18 months will pass like a bad dream, and when you wake up and you will wake up, you will not recognize this World. “

We nevertheless hope that, like any script that has been voiced, it loses its strength after its publication, and this plan will not be implemented in its most difficult version. But what, that such an attempt is made is a fact.

It is time to ask questions.
Why are we coming to this world?
What is the purpose?
If the meaning is the development and perfection of the soul, then who and why is hindering this?
Can we resist them? Indeed, without freedom of choice, life turns into absurdity and loses all meaning.
Will we or are we doomed to help?

Conspiracy theorists have been trumpeting for decades - The soulless rational system is here 10

Welcome to the Apocalypse…


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