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Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories Become Reality

What if you just found out that cancer in America began when food processing plants became prominent and people moved closer to the industrial plants, where the jobs were, just after World War II? And what if you found out from a very “reliable source” that the U.S. government knew this processed food would cause cancer? Would you believe it, or would you call the people whodo believe it conspiracy theorists? Does it seem so RADICAL of a concept, like some outrageous and malicious plan to make money at the expense of people’s lives and livelihood? Or is it just paranoia, now being spread by the nightly news? (

What if CNN, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes, or some other network prime time “mainstream news” program did a HUGE NATIONAL STORY about how fluoride in public water is causing Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis and Arthritis, and nearly every city and county in America would be removing it from the public water supply starting first thing Monday? Then you found out the very next morning that your town or city was not on that list, because your mayor just switched from a job at a chemical company, and he or she is “all for fluoridated water.” Are you worried? Do you run out a buy expensive filters at the hardware store for your sinks, for your showers, for everything? ( Does it seem so RADICAL of a concept, like some horribly unethical plan to make money off people’s sickness? Or is it just paranoia, now being spread by the ever so popular nightly news? (

Then you start thinking, wait a second, could people go to jail for coming up with this idea, of fluoridating the water, or did they already go to jail for MASS MURDER? Maybe it’s time to do a little homework for yourself, especially since it’s now all over the news. (

A company called IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi regime and the SS, functioning like a war driving machine, donating some 80 million Reichsmarks in return for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries which were seized by Hitler from the occupied countries. IG Farben then used huge investment capital from the one and only John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company to fund the creation and use of Zyklon B pesticide to gas millions of Jews to death. Scientists from IG Farben went on to work for the United States in major capacities, from designing rockets to DESIGNING FOOD CHEMICALS AND CHEMOTHERAPY (It began as “Project Paperclip”).(


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Conspiracy Theories

6 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

(CE) Mainstream media has done their due diligence to slap a label on any news story that doesn’t fit their agenda, which we’ve come to discover is dictated by the world’s elite. Many stories are derided as mere conspiracy theories, ensuring they don’t receive serious consideration and are instead viewed as some sort of backward joke.

Conspiracy theories are stigmatized because people don’t want false news filling up their heads, and how can anyone blame them? Yet, because mainstream media has garnered the reputation of being the go-to for factual information, they have the ability to take possible truths and immediately have them ridiculed and dismissed.

But alternative outlets and powerful people such as WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and many unbiased journalists are paving the way toward breaking such stigmas. They are opening people up to the notion that they should decide for themselves whether many of the “conspiracy theories” the mainstream so readily trashes are worth further consideration; to the notion that, in fact, the mainstream may be actively suppressing the truth rather than promoting it.

Here are six examples of conspiracy theories that proved to be true:

1. U.S. Military Fired 300 Shells at North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats That Weren’t Even There

Sometimes called the USS Maddox Incident, the Gulf of Tonkin incident surrounded U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War when the destroyer USS Maddox apparently fired at North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats as part of an intelligence patrol. Almost 300 shells were shot off. President Lyndon B. Johnson quickly drafted the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution as a tool for providing legal justification for U.S. military intrusion in Vietnam. But that isn’t what actually happened.

In 2005, a declassified internal National Security Agency study exposed the reality that no North Vietnamese naval vessels were even present during the incident. In 1965, President Johnson commented: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.”

Navy pilot James Stockdale disputed the event, as did others present, saying, “I had the best seat in the house to watch that event, and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets — there were no PT boats there … There was nothing there but black water and American fire power.”

2. The FBI Harassed Political Groups to Discredit and Smear Them

A secret program called  (counter-intelligence program) involved FBI agents illegally taking on projects to infiltrate domestic political organizations in order to disgrace them. The act incorporated psychological warfare, slander by way of forged documents and false reports in the media, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, and, allegedly, intimidation, violence, and assassination. Affected people included critics of the Vietnam War, civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, and many activists and journalists.

The book The United States of Paranoia by Jesse Walker states:

Under COINTELPRO, FBI agents infiltrated political groups and spread rumors that loyal members were the real infiltrators. They tried to get targets fired from their jobs, and they tried to break up the targets’ marriages. They published deliberately inflammatory literature in the names of the organizations they wanted to discredit, and they drove wedges between groups that might otherwise be allied. In Baltimore, the FBI’s operatives in the Black Panther Party were instructed to denounce Students for a Democratic Society as “a cowardly, honky group” who wanted to exploit the Panthers by giving them all the violent, dangerous “dirty work.” The operation was apparently successful: In August 1969, just five months after the initial instructions went out, the Baltimore FBI reported that the local Panther branch had ordered its members not to associate with SDS members or attend any SDS events.

As for Dr. Martin Luther King, agents tried to instil paranoia by way of following him, bugging his hotel rooms, attempting to break up his marriage, and even sending him an anonymous letter in hopes of getting him to commit suicide.

The truth behind the conspiracy theory came to light when a group of eight anti-war activists broke into an FBI field office in 1971 and discovered documents that exposed the program.

3. U.S. Military Leaders Devise Plan to Kill Innocent People and Put the Blame on Cuba

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military created and approved a plan called Operation Northwoods that would allow for acts of terrorism on U.S. soil in order to brainwash Americans into supporting a war against Cuba. With the documents out there to prove the immoral and disgusting plan, it’s impossible to label it a conspiracy theory.

President Kennedy ultimately rejected the plan that involved killing innocent Americans by shooting them on the streets, sinking boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba, executing violent terrorism in Washington, D.C., Miami, and more, framing people for bombings they did not commit, and hijacking plans.

The documents noted:

We could develop a Communist Cuba terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington . . .  We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated) . . . Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.

4. The CIA Bought Influence and Control Among the Major Media Outlets

Beginning in the 1950s, with the Cold War well underway, the Central Intelligence Agency devised a plan called Operation Mockingbird that sought to connect with top American journalists in order to influence public opinion and ultimately gather intelligence. The program went on for almost three decades. The Church Committee eventually exposed the majority of the program.

A full report from Congress reveals:

The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets.

5. The CIA Ran Secret Mind Control Experiments on U.S. Citizens From the 1950s Until 1973

A CIA program called MKUltra was a plan devised to develop biological and chemical weapons capability during the Cold War, but it was revealed that the program became much bigger and more shockingly disturbing than just that.

The CIA ended up using the plan as a means to take advantage of drugs, electronics, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, and torture to conduct experimental behavioural engineering experiments on subjects. The program made its way into 80 different institutions including universities, hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies.

CIA Director Richard Helms had the majority of the MKUltra files destroyed in 1973, however, and so much of what occurred during these experiments remains unknown. Not one person was brought to justice, either. Nonetheless, according to the Church Committee, at least two American deaths can be attributed to this program.

In 1995, President Clinton issued a formal apology on behalf of the U.S. government for the MKUltra program.

6. Adolf Hitler Did Not Die in WWII

A rumour began circulating that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in Berlin in 1945, but actually ended his days in Argentina after escaping the war.

At first this was met with extreme doubt and controversy, until the evidence began coming forward. The first piece of evidence was the documents that illustrate the FBI knew about the truth the entire time, yet perpetuated the lie through history books and so forth. This document can be seen on the FBI’s own website.

It outlines knowledge of Hitler escaping via boat and landing in Argentina, where it is believed he spent his remaining days here on Earth.

For further proof, we can turn to British journalists Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan and their new book, Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler, in which they claim they discovered overwhelming evidence that “Hitler died an old man in South America.”

The new book claims that Hitler lived in Argentina for 17 years and may have even raised two daughters before he died in 1962.

They also claim that the skull fragments previously used to confirm his death — from a gunshot wound to the head — actually belong to a young woman, and that scientific records can now confirm this.

“We didn’t want to re-write history, but the evidence we’ve discovered about the escape of Adolf Hitler is just too overwhelming to ignore,” Williams told Sky News.

“Stalin, Eisenhower and Hoover of the FBI all knew there was no proof of him dying in the bunker,” Williams added.

Bonus: The Black Budget

Prior to Edward Snowden’s leaks (the former NSA employee who leaked classified information), if you told somebody you thought there existed what seems to be a separate civilization – a part of humanity that broke off in secret, and is thousands, if not millions, of years more advanced than the mainstream academic/scientific/technical world — there is absolutely no doubt you would have been brushed off as a crazy conspiracy theorist.

But when Snowden leaked the very first documentation proving the existence of clandestine Black Budget operations, that all changed. Despite these recent leaks, many are still unaware of the Black Budget world, and the fact that it had been investigated and talked about before these leaks.

CE has published an article that covers this topic extensively. You can read that article here.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.  The potential for a disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defence, with our peaceful message and goals.”

–  Dwight Eisenhower, former Five Star General and President of the United States (source)

Why Is This Important?

So why do need to know this? When we begin to understand that we are being given false and distorted information from the people and institutions we are meant to trust, we begin to realize we don’t really understand the true nature of our reality. We begin to ask questions about our lives, lifestyles, and the systems and structures we live under. We start to wonder what’s holding us back from creating a better world, and through this questioning, we learn more about how things really work and what it will take to move forward.

We learn that a change in our perception, and seeing through the illusion in front of us, will empower us to make different choices that will inevitably lead to the removal of such manipulative leaders, systems, and infrastructures. But we cannot remove them and create a better world if we don’t even know they are there. Awareness is the first step to changing within.

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Conspiracy Theories

22 Famous People Eliminated When Trying To Leave The Illuminati

Over the years for decades now there have been notable individuals who passed under mysterious circumstances.

These individuals had a beloved following and are remembered for being great people. But their passings remain a huge mystery for the most part. Yes, in some case the culprit was caught, but why they did it is another story. Over time the theory that the Illuminati a long reaching organization of power eliminated these individuals. Some because they were a threat to what the Illuminati stood for and others as well sacrifices to their cause as horrible as that may seem. There are those passings that some may roll their eyes and say the person passed from natural causes, no foul play here, but again there are those passings that were never truly given a good explanation of motive or why it happened. Here are some unexplainable passings over the decades that were linked to the Illuminati.

1. Michael Jackson

Pop star Michael Jackson passed away on 25 June 2009 only a few days before his comeback concerts and while he had been preparing for them. It was said that Jackson had been a member of the Illuminati and then he began to speak up against them. Before his untimely passing, Jackson had started to speak out about what were said to be the powers that be and how they have control over everything within the music industry. Jackson thought that there was a conspiracy against him to have him labeled a child molester and freak. Sister to Michael, La Toya, had said that Michael had spoken up freely about how “they” were going to kill him.

2. John Lennon

John Lennon was said to have been a threat to many powerful people. The INS had tried to deport him and the FBI were said to have had the Beatle member under their surveillance. Lennon would often speak up about the many evils that there were in the industry and it is thought that Mark David Chapman, his assassin, had been under the mind control of the Illuminati when he eliminated Lennon in 1980.

3. President John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy was said to have been involved with the Illuminati and once he started to resist them the secret society had orchestrated the president’s assassination. Kennedy was shot while he was riding in his limousine alongside his wife Jackie Kennedy in a procession on November 22, 1963. The assassination of the Kennedy has been one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time.

4. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Illuminati were said to have seen Martin Luther King, Jr. As a huge threat due to the fact that he was an influential man. Once he began to speak up against the Vietnam War, which was to be of huge benefit financially for many corporations, it was said that the Illuminati came up with a scenario that would be very easy to have King eliminated. King was assassinated on 4 April, 1968.

5. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln thought that big corporations and businesses were a threat to him along with the Southern Confederacy. It was said that it was the Illuminati who had planned the assassination of Lincoln and this was to ensure that he did not speak out against the secret society. Lincoln had said that money powers were preying on the nation in times of peace and they conspired against it during adversity. He went on to say that the powers in banking were more despotic than a monarchy and more selfish than bureaucracy. Lincoln was assassinated on 15 April 1865.

6. Kurt Cobain

The musician Kurt Cobain passed on 5 April 1994 from a gunshot wound that was said to have been self-inflicted. However, many people have doubted the circumstances surrounding his passing. It has been said that the Illuminati had wanted to use Cobain as a tool for mind control but he had been reluctant and so seen to be a threat to the secret society.

7. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was said to have a fascination with the occult and many people said that he had been a member of the Illuminati secret society. Some people think that Morrison is still alive, while others think he was eliminated by the society, others have said that it was the Illuminati that had helped Morrison to fake his passing. Morrison passed on 3 July 1971 from a supposed heart attack; however, it wasn’t until three days later that the media were told of his passing. Many people have claimed to have seen Morrison since his passing.

8. John F. Kennedy, Jr.

There are rumors that John F. Kennedy Jr. Had been eliminated by the Illuminati just as his father was before him. It had been said that he had information that would prove that George H. W. Bush had been involved in the assassination of his father, along with the CIA and that he was going to reveal this information shortly before his passing. He passed away when the plane he was in crashed on 16 July 1999.

9. Anna Nicole Smith

There are many who believe that Anna Nicole Smith became a victim of the mind control of the Illuminati. Some people said that the video which seemed to show Smith drugged, really shows her having a struggle with the mind control techniques of the Illuminati. The Illuminati were said to have been behind the reason for her accidental overdose. Smith passed in 2007.

10. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe enjoyed secret relationships with some of the world’s most powerful men and it was said that Monroe committed suicide on 4 August 1962. However, many people think that she did not commit suicide but was actually poisoned by Illuminati member

11. Whitney Houston

Many people have said that singer Whitney Houston passed as a blood sacrifice for the Illuminati. Shortly before her passing, she had alleged that members of the Illuminati had been following her around and that they were going to kill her. It was said that Houston passed after taking drugs and then taking a bath and drowning in a hotel room on 11 February 2012.

12. Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy was considered by the Illuminati to have been a threat to the plans that the Illuminati had for the Vietnam War. He was eliminated by a lone gunman on 6 June 1968 and many have said that his passing was down to the secret society.

13. Tupac Shakur

Rapper Tupac Shakur was said to have sold his soul over to the Illuminati so that he could succeed as a music artist. Once he had reached where he wanted to be he spoke about everything he wanted and in some cases, this did not align with the vision of the Illuminati. Some people have said that the passing of Tupac had been a sacrifice along with a way to keep him quiet. Tupac was eliminated in a shooting on 13 September 1996.

14. Grace Kelly

Many have said that the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier III of Monaco had been arranged by the Illuminati. Once she was not needed anymore she was eliminated as a sacrifice to the secret society. Kelly passed on 14 September 1982 in a car accident.

15. Malcolm X

Another powerful and influential man was Malcolm X and he was said to be a threat to the society as he spoke out about the promotion of a revolt against a power structure that was said to be using measures that were extreme. Malcolm X was eliminated on 21 February 1965.

16. Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was known to speak out about the powers that be on a regular basis. He talked about how they used mind control in all aspects, including politics, news, and film. Zappa was attacked at a concert in 1971 and this was said to be the first attempt on his life. Some have said that he was injected with cancer and this eliminated him on 4 December 1993.

17. Amy Winehouse

The singer Amy Winehouse was said to have been sacrificed as during her last interview she had been asked if the music companies were trying to control her and she said that one had tried to make her the shape of a triangle. Of course, the pyramid happens to be one of the Illuminati symbols that are well-known. Winehouse passed 23 July 2011 of what was said to be a drug and drink overdose.

18. Bob Marley

Singer Bob Marley was a very influential figure and he had always promoted love and happiness through his music. These were things that went against the Illuminati and some people have said that the Illuminati eliminated him as they had him injected with cancer. Marley passed on 11 May 1981.

19. Diana The Princess Of Wales

Diana the Princess of Wales was said to have been targeted by the Illuminati when her marriage to Prince Charles broke it as it had been embarrassing for the Royal Family. Princess Diana was eliminated in a car accident in Paris on 31 August 1997.

20. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee had often spoken up about being watched over by a demon and it was said that his passing had been an Illuminati sacrifice. He passed on 20 July 1973 after suffering what was said to be a suspicious allergic reaction.

21. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was said to be subversive by the government in the US and during the days before his passing, he talked about dying before he was 30. Hendrix was said to have choked on his vomit and passed on 18 September 1970.

22. Notorious B.I.G.

Rapper Notorious B.I.G passed on 9 March 1997 and his passing has been said to have been a sacrifice to the Illuminati which benefited rapper Sean Diddy Combs, who is said to be one of the prominent members of the secret society, the Illuminati.

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Conspiracy Theories

9/11 Entire Pentagon With Missile Impact

Now, since I’ve been researching into September 11th, 2001, I’ve noticed peculiar things about the Pentagon that are very interesting like the Pentagon confiscating the video from the gas station across the street, and the video from a hotel had their video confiscated as well. That was the rumors online anyway.

The gas station ended up suing to retrieve their video. Now, the Pentagon has many videos outside focused in on the parking lot and other aspects surrounding the building. Supposedly, there are 86 outside cameras. Only one 5 frame video was released to the public, and it barely showed a plane.

The gas station ended up suing to retrieve their video. Now, the Pentagon has many videos outside focused in on the parking lot and other aspects surrounding the building. Supposedly, there are 86 outside cameras.

Only one 5 frame video was released to the public, and it barely showed a plane. Many people wanted the Pentagon to release the other security tapes that was shot outside of the Pentagon. Well, that never happened.

Now, why would they confiscate video from the Gas Station from across the street on 09/11/01? Of course, they also confiscated video from the Sheritan National Hotel as well from what people have reported online. Why confiscate their surveillance videos?

Don’t they have enough cameras at the Pentagon. Was the confiscation of these videos to cover up their tracks? I guess we may never know now. “Cover Ups” seem to become an every day occurrence these days.

Eric Griffiths via quro reports:

Eyewitness accounts are contradictory; it must be up to you to decide which to believe. The most credible seems to be that of Samuel Danner (TOTAL 911 INFO):

When he was in front of the Pentagon, traffic began to slow down. Danner noticed an airplane in the distance. He knew about the attack on the WTC, and he pulled over and got out of his car. He noticed a small aircraft in the distance coming towards him […] A couple seconds later the […] aircraft passes in front of him. He describes it as a white aircraft about the size of Gulfstream 300. The front was like a humpback whale. It was flying very low to the ground […] There was only one engine, and it was in the tail.

He is describing a military UAV, the Global Hawk:


He describes it as a white aircraft about the size of Gulfstream 300. The front was like a humpback whale. It was flying very low to the ground… There was only one engine, and it was in the tail… As other witnesses have said, the airplane seemed to be under perfect control. He did not notice any windows on the plane… He felt the air move as the aircraft flew by, but the aircraft was amazingly quiet… He saw some of the light poles that had been hit by the aircraft, but they seem to have fallen in the wrong direction, as if explosives knocked them down… Danner walked onto the Pentagon property to help the survivors, but he didn’t find any bodies or luggage… He joined the people who picked up scraps (see the photo at the top of this page)… One of the other people assumed they were picking up scraps only to make it appear as if they were doing something useful; ie, in order to impress somebody important… All they found were bits of shredded aluminum and some type of polymer material with fibers… He saw tiny bits of aluminum, a few large pieces, and only one engine… (9/11 Pentagon Eyewitness Describes Having Seen Global Hawk *PIC*)

Insofar as video etc. is concerned, this is the most interesting I have found:

The damage to the Pentagon was also inconsistent with a 757 hitting it:

You might also want to ask yourself why there is no wreckage at the site of UA Flight 93 in Pennsylvania:

Or why Flight 175 can visually be identified as a military version of the 767 (New York Magazine) Or the dismissed, multiple, credible reports of multiple explosions being heard at the WTC before the planes struck. Or how jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel, yet the Twin Towers collapsed at a rate approaching free fall.

Or whatever happened to WTC 7, which, like the Twin Towers, appeared to collapse as though by controlled demolition, hours after the Twin Towers went down, without being struck by anything (BTW, the official 9/11 Commission report doesn’t even mention WTC 7.)

— And so on and so forth.


The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Anonymous or its members.

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