Conspiracy or merely a natural occurrence? What happened to the weather in Texas

Recently, a report emerged suggesting that the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding in Dubai were caused by weather manipulation, specifically “cloud seeding,” a technique that involves injecting chemicals into clouds to increase rainfall. This claim sparked intense debate online, and according to some news authorities, the report was deemed to be false.

Cloud seeding is indeed a reality, not just in Dubai but also in Germany

The UAE initiated cloud seeding operations in 2002 to tackle water scarcity, though insufficient sanitation in many areas can lead to flooding.

Cloud seeding involves stimulating existing clouds to produce more rain. This is achieved by aircraft dispersing fine particles, such as silver iodide, into the clouds, which encourages water vapor to condense into rain. This method has been in use for decades. Intense rainfall has disrupted transportation and led to the closure of schools in the UAE. The heavy downpours resulted in flight cancellations, school shutdowns, and gridlocked traffic.

As the floodwaters withdraw, they expose the extent of damage from the monumental storm, which resulted in 19 fatalities in neighboring Oman and at least one in Dubai.

Germany has ‘hail flyers’ who aim to transform hail into rain, or at least into less damaging hail, by dispersing chemicals into the clouds. Winegrowers in regions frequently affected by hailstorms express gratitude to these pilots, considering them heroes and willingly funding their efforts.

Thus, cloud seeding is not a novel concept.

A report has emerged from the US, where independent weather researcherIn2ThinAir recorded a video on Friday, alleging that weather manipulation was responsible for an extreme weather event in the Houston, Texas area.

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He exclaimed, “Wow. Tiktok just BANNED this video of the weather prediction I made!”

The video shows green colors in the sky and a significant weather gap, which the channel alleges is artificial, proclaiming, “This gap exists because it was created!” purportedly to engineer the precise weather conditions that later affected Texas. Following the video’s release, the storm struck Houston, Texas, on Thursday, aligning with In2ThinAir’s forecast.

Tragically, the severe weather resulted in at least four fatalities and left approximately one million people without electricity.

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Undoubtedly, prior warnings about the impending conditions would have been beneficial.

“It’s as if a bomb went off,” remarks In2ThinAir.

Take a look at the damage shown in the videos below. If the speculation holds, would there be any justification for targeting Texas, given its response to Washington’s open-border policy and the positioning of its National Guard against Biden’s federal forces?

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