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Colors That Heal a Broken Heart

Colors That Heal a Broken Heart 1

Life stinks right now and people could agree as coping with a broken heart is harsh. It does not make a difference if you’re the one breaking it off or the one which has been dumped – the pain is real. Healing a broken heart is a lengthy procedure because most often we wrongly think that the relationship was solid.

But the fact is that having a broken heart may cause more than psychological scars, it weakens the heart . Also, called broken heart syndrome, emotional distress can cause a heart attack. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), tests reveal remarkable changes in blood and rhythm substances which are typical of a heart attack when folks have a heartbreak in life. But unlike a heart attack, there is no signs of blocked heart arteries in broken heart syndrome.

This is much to think about, but there’s something which might assist you during that time. Certain colours can make you look at things differently and in a more positive matter. Let us introduce you to the world of colour and the way it can help cure a broken heart.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is mysterious and correlated with Heaven. It is the colour of the skies and it’s observed in nature with water and seen in wildlife. It is linked to trust, probity, support, enlightenment, confidence, faith and hope. Blue is considered advantageous to the body and mind. It may also help individuals speak with truth, independence, intuition, creativity and with subtlety. This colour lowers blood pressure, respiration and conveys a feeling of tranquility and calmness. When you are under distress, a blue bedroom may make a place of relaxation and might help you sleep. People that are attracted to skies blue are extremely trusting. This makes sense for people suffering from a breach of confidence. “Blue likes to build strong, trusting relationships and is deeply hurt if the trust is betrayed,” offered.


You need a fresh start now and green provides a feeling of hope. It’s also a sign of liberty and provides us with a feeling of rest. Green is closely related to your wellbeing and this is the main reason many health related businesses and pharmaceutical firms utilize the colour in their advertisements and logos. The colour green is connected with having a good temperament and having values. Green will provide you the insight required to create a good decision too. Physically, green may be used to decrease inflammation and can assist with chronic coughs. Olive green is another colour that’s connected with harmony.


The colour purple is a religious tone and might help you ease in meditation or prayer. Prayer is an opportunity to share with God and also to vent about your own feelings. Also, prayer can allow you to reach a more comfortable state. It means leadership, loyalty, gentry, power, intellect, elegance, dedication, peace, freedom and achievement. If that you require a boost of imagination, wear purple. Purple combines the peaceful equilibrium of blue and the ferocious energy of red. The colour purple is frequently related to royalty, nobility, luxury, power and vision. In the Bible, the colour signifies power and kingship as portrayed in Judges 8:26 and in Esther 8:15.


Red will assist you to overcome the deficiency of energy which you feel over your life. You have exactly what is necessary to overcome the despair which you feel and red can put that passion back into your belly. Red can also be related to excitement and expectancy since colours send text messages and can affect your mood. Red can also be a sign of good fortune. However, you need to be cautious with crimson since it’s also connected with rage, nervousness, violence and danger. The color may also spike your blood pressure, and therefore don’t go overboard as your feelings are still raw.


We want a charm in our own lives once we feel horrible. This is not simple since we would like to conceal from the world once we are combating our melancholy. Slipping on the colour gold may add the sparkle back. The colour gold includes empathy, courage and intellect. Find a dress or employ gold glitter, do anything is required to help foster a feeling of allurement.


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