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Cloning labs exposed, half of world leaders may be fake. The past examples of Stalin, Montgomery and Saddam Hussein

Cloning labs exposed, half of world leaders may be fake. The past examples of Stalin, Montgomery and Saddam Hussein 1

Conspiracies on this hot topic give and take, especially in recent years with the result that people are quite confused as to what is really true and what is not.

The replacements of institutional figures of the planet with puppets, actors who wear masks, holograms and mainly clones, are at a peak in conspiracy information. But don’t forget that where there is smoke, there is fire and after all, it has always been accepted by everyone that the great leaders of the world had several “doubles” first of all for security reasons.

In this day and age and with many already killed or imprisoned, replacing them with others who look alike is a no-brainer. And whether we want to accept it or not, that’s exactly what could be happening. Clones, saucy, actors, puppets are who hiding in plain sight, holographic or CGI – the illusions are so real that nowadays they’ve become normal.

It has been reported that many public figures have been replaced by clones or replicas nowadays. According to ZetaTalk, these Military Courts have been operating in the US since early 2019, authorized by President Trump’s Executive Order. Matters such as treason and crimes against humanity fall under the military’s jurisdiction and allow for a speedy trial in extreme secrecy, usually resulting in execution or a long stay at GITMO.

Types of clones used by the Illuminati

True clones: This is a person grown from test tubes, known as “in vitro” or implanted into a womb, having identical genetic material to another person.

Synthetic Humans: These individuals look just as real as a real person, although they are made of specific tissues extracted from cattle for example.

Organic Robotoids: This is artificial life created completely differently from clones or synthetics. Organic robotic technology is used to make as accurate replicas of important people as possible.

Look-alikes: An ongoing program to find look-alikes of famous people, as well as a program to create secret identical twins (who are separated at birth and never see each other).

The gazetteller reports: The US military, under the watchful eye of President Trump, has revealed a covert operation so bold, so chilling, that it forces us to question the reality we live in. This is not just another news story. This is a glimpse into a hidden war, a battle against an invisible enemy that has infiltrated the highest echelons of world leadership.

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The Marines, those stalwart guardians of American freedom, brought to light the existence of the DS Clone Lab in the Ozark caverns. This disclosure is not just a mere footnote in military intelligence reports. it is a testament to the relentless pursuit of the truth by the White Hoods. The scattered laboratories, once shrouded in secrecy, are now systematically destroyed. But the question remains: How deep does this rabbit hole go?

General Eric M. Smith’s pledge, “We will do our best,” is not just a statement. It is a war cry against a threat that is undermining the very fabric of our society. Trump’s claim that eradicating these clones is just as critical as eradicating the real DS speaks volumes for the seriousness of this situation.

The discovery of the underground cloning lab in Antarctica is nothing short of a science fiction nightmare come true. Imagine, if you will, a facility hidden under a holographic illusion, housing 290 research centers dedicated to the most unholy of sciences: cloning. The image of a young Hillary Clinton clone, suspended in a cylinder, is not just a grotesque mockery of nature. It is a symbol of the perversion of science by those who seek to control us.

The involvement of figures like Biden and Fauci in this macabre tableau adds a layer of treachery to this already sinister plot. The mission of the Special Forces to destroy the Deep State Clone Lab is not just a military operation but a crusade for the soul of our nation.

The cloning crisis, as conveyed to Trump, reveals a disturbing reality. Having a device in Antarctica capable of producing clone babies and replicas of celebrities isn’t just a threat to our national security. it is an attack on our collective identity. The replacement of General Berger by General Smith marks a change in strategy, a new chapter in this illegal war.

The conversation between Trump and General Berger could shed light on the complexity of this crisis. Trump’s acknowledgment of the cloning issue, while understated, reveals a troubling aspect of modern geopolitics. The cloning of figures like Gretchen Whitmer raises questions about the extent of this infiltration. Trump’s remarks about Whitmer, while blunt, underscore the urgency of this situation.

Transporting the Fauci and Biden clones to the Womack Army Medical Facility for testing is not just a scientific endeavor, it is a search for truth in an age of deception. The distinction between the real and the fake has never been more critical.

The revelation that 50% of the world’s leaders may be clones isn’t just a shocking statistic, it’s a wake-up call. These soulless bio-robots, devoid of compassion and spirituality, represent a new form of tyranny. The notion that the likes of Barack Obama and Lisa Rice could have been cloned is a chilling reminder of the lengths to which these shadowy powers will go to maintain their power.

The characteristics of these clones – lack of spirituality, disturbed libido and maniacal homicidal intent – ​​paint a picture of beings devoid of humanity. This is not just a scientific anomaly, it is an existential threat.

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In conclusion, this is not just a story about cloning. it is a narrative about the struggle for our own humanity. The revelations that have come out of the US military and various high ranking politicians are not just pieces of intelligence but fragments of a larger, more ominous puzzle. As we stand at the crossroads of history, we must ask ourselves: Who are we really following, leading and trusting? The answer to this question may just determine the fate of our civilization.

So now that we’ve established that human cloning is very real, we can take a look at some of the more obvious public figure clones and doubles. These people are just bystanders until the public wakes up enough to the full disclosure and declassification of their heinous crimes against humanity. We have to consider that any of the following could be a clone, impersonator, actor and puppet hiding in plain sight, holographic or CGI.

Famous leaders who played an important role in history, had identical doubles

The British call them “Political decoys” and this amazing similarity of some people was exploited by many popular, but also hated leaders to avoid unpleasant situations and to protect themselves from would-be assassins.

Often many dictators and prime ministers had not just one, but a group of decoys catered to their needs.

Stalin’s “clone” is still alive

He was an actor, a ballet dancer, a juggler, a psychic, and a striking resemblance to Joseph Stalin; he was called Felix Dadaev, and the austere dictator of the Soviet Union took advantage of his qualities.

Dadaev fought on the battlefields of World War II and was wounded. There, in the hospital where he was recovering, Stalin’s secret agents found him.

He resembled their leader as if he were his twin brother. Dadaev was registered as dead in the hospital records, his grieving family was informed, and he himself became Stalin’s shadow.

The cruel leader personally supervised the training of his “alter ego” and although they were 40 years apart in age, Dadaev bore a striking resemblance to Stalin.

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It is said that Dadaev traveled to Yalta for the famous Conference and it was he who contacted the journalists, not Stalin. In fact, Dadaev was welcomed at the airport by the people in charge of the Conference, while Stalin was traveling on a secret flight; the same had happened in Tehran!

Felix Dadaev revealed his role in 2008 after receiving written permission from the Russian government. In his statements, Stalin’s doppelgänger claimed that the only difference between him and Stalin was their ears: he had smaller ears than the dictator.

Dadaev, as he said, was so good in his role that even people in Stalin’s entourage often could not tell them apart. The really stark difference between Dadaev and Stalin had to do with the timbre of their voices, but in the absence of widespread media coverage at the time, this went unnoticed.

Dadaev kept his secret until he was 88 years old, fearing for his life. “Stalin’s ghost still haunts me,” he said in 2008, when the dictator was in hell for 55 years.

After the Dadaev revelation it became known that, in many of Stalin’s appearances on the Kremlin balcony, press conferences, events or even conferences, Dadaev was present and not the cruel leader of the USSR.

Felix Dadaev is 100 years old today (he was born in 1923) and he is still trying to understand: is it Stalin who lives inside him or Felix embalmed with the dead Georgian tyrant.

And Stalin wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the protection of a savior double.

But does Monty have a twin brother?

If you saw Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery side by side with Clifton James you would think the winner of El Alamein was standing in front of a mirror.

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In 1944, when the Allies were planning the Normandy Landings, they thought that in order to pull off this risky move, they had to deceive the Germans.

It was then that someone spotted James, an actor serving in the British Army, and his striking resemblance to Montgomery did not let him go unnoticed.

Clifton James trained in the Marshal’s mannerisms and movements (the hardest part was quitting smoking, as Montgomery was a staunch anti-smoker), donned the iconic beret and traveled to Gibraltar and Algeria, where he was watched by Nazi agents , while ‘Modi’ was planning D-DAY.

The Germans were now convinced that the Landing would take place in Southern France. After the war, Clifton starred in the 1958’s film I Was Monty’s Double. Clifton James died in 1963.

Did they kill Saddam or his double?

Saddam Hussein’s use of not just one, but dozens of hostages was so well-known that after his tragic death, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is said to have requested a DNA test to confirm that it was the Iraqi dictator who died on the gallows.

Saddam’s minions were everywhere. The CIA even used the psychological profiling unit to determine whether or not they were tracking the right person. After all, Saddam Hussein probably died in 2006, and not some clone who looked like him. Others such as Cuban leader Fidel Castro fooled the CIA many times with his “lookalikes”.

In fact, it has been revealed that at the time when Castro was recovering from cancer (in 1980) one of his bodyguards performed his duties towards the Mass Media, but also kept Castro’s image healthy abroad. And Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega avoided bad encounters with his US persecutors by using doubles.

They didn’t find a way out, they made a mask

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And a different case: Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia had no life insurance, but the Pentagon made sure to build one for him; not to protect him, but to trap him.

When it became known that Sukarno was having an affair with a Russian beauty, the CIA decided to make a personal adult video starring a “Sukkarno” and a Russian partner, to tarnish his public image.

When Langley’s experts couldn’t find a look-alike for the president, they made a mask, like the ones used in the Secret Mission movie. An actress would wear the mask and flirt with a blonde with Slavic features.

The mask was never used and the video was never completed, because plans to assassinate Sukarno were put on the table, but these too did not materialize. Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto in 1966 and the organizers were left with just the raunchy tape in hand.

Henry Kissinger had a life, who certainly did not hit 100 like the original. In fact, as it is said, he was the one who secretly visited China in 1971 and not the infamous US Secretary of State.


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