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Chupacabra as part of a satanic vampire cult: a curious interview with a former “member” in Puerto Rico

Chupacabra as part of a satanic vampire cult: a curious interview with a former “member” in Puerto Rico 1

The Chupacabra is known throughout Latin America as a vicious and elusive creature, but scandalous publications from Puerto Rico have associated this entity with a certain satanic vampire cult.

Numerous, revealing publications about secret satanic societies literally swept the local press. However, the most interesting nuance was an interview with a high-ranking official who was a member of one of these societies and shocked everyone with his story about the Chupacabra. According to him, he was invited to the group back in 1999. In fact, it was his connections with the group that led to his dismissal from the civil service.

A former official who identified himself revealed that due to certain supernatural pacts between the group and the paranormal inhabitants of other worlds, most of the members have great prestige, power and money.

However, there was a price to be paid for this, which is what happens when you make a deal with evil, supernatural beings from other dimensions. This price revolved around such things as the need for a regular offering of human blood. The Satanic group’s activities included kidnappings, contract killings, and human sacrifice in the name of power, political agendas, money, and sex.

“My life changed a lot for the better in 1999. It’s all thanks to joining the group and my willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve wealth and influence.” “After 5 years, I took part in monstrous rituals several times, which are unbelievable.”

The first time was in 2004, the ritual was performed on the island, in the spacious home of a Puerto Rican drug lord, who also attributed his “success” to this secret society. Soon three villagers arrived on the island and were paid a large sum to provide the satanic group with their own blood and not discuss it with anyone.

And so it happened: these people were bled by a local doctor, who was also well paid for his actions and silence. All three – two women and one man – were placed in turn on a richly decorated large altar, from which blood was taken.

Then, when the doctor and the three ‘donors’ were sent home (after being warned never to discuss the matter with anyone), the blood was used in an elaborate ritual to summon and manifest a paranormal entity, the Chupacabra.

“Naturally, at the beginning, I treated this ritual as a kind of “allegory” and certainly did not expect to see the horror that appeared to me.”

The ritual was quite long and tedious, they all made various rhythmic movements, and the “shaman” hysterically hummed some “prayers”. However, at the end of the Sabbat, another group of five people came out – all dressed in raincoats, holding vessels of blood in their hands. They demanded that all focus their thoughts on the Chupacabra appearing in front of them. All of a sudden, they yelled something like ‘come chupacabra’ and started splashing blood all over the place.

“And then horror overtook me. It was a hell of a situation: the lights in the house flickered, the room was filled with a sickening smell of sulfur. In a matter of seconds, the air began to shimmer—like heat haze on a road on a hot summer day—and a vile creature with burning red eyes slowly emerged into the light, glaring angrily at the group and hunched over.

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Even the long-time members of the group were shocked to the core by what they saw. The shaman pointed at the monster with his hand and shouted, “This is a Chupacabra.”

“It was exactly what the group hoped for, but seeing the monster up close, even for them, was a challenge every time. Then this group of five people approached each of us and asked us to remain calm, despite the fraughtness and surrealism of what was happening. There was one thing that none of the members of the group could not help but notice: the chupacabra was translucent. It was more ghostly than physical.”

It was like that until the monster dipped its clawed paws into a large bowl into which a significant amount of blood was poured. A few seconds after that, the transparency of the being disappeared, and it suddenly became a completely physical creature.

“I was unable to explain this process and no one seemed to understand the full scope of what we were dealing with. However, my mentor later stated that the magical nature of human blood—when it is swallowed in large quantities—not only nourishes the Chupacabra, but also gives it a physical substance in our world, which is markedly different from the incorporeal form it had in its own realm. When the creature was apparently full and fed, it disappeared in a bright electrical flash that struck the eyes of everyone present for a few seconds. Over the following years, there were several more such rituals to which I was invited, and each time it was a shock and horror.”

Later, nightmares began to torment him and he tried to distance himself from the “friends of Satanists vampires”, but this was not so easy to do. After threats, harassment and an assassination attempt, the former official decided to make a public confession.


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