Chinese “UFO” over the US? The largest hangar in the world has been created and black chemtrails appear

Over the past days, multiple unidentified flying objects have appeared over the United States. Many people believe that these are spyware allegedly belonging to China. There is a also a bizarre event synchronicity of these ‘balloons’ with the appearance of black chemtrails over the US skies.

The interia portal claims that the Chinese army has been experimenting with airships for several years. In their opinion, after the Second World War, they were to become the main means of civil air transport. For obvious reasons, but not clear to the Poles, this did not happen.

They further argue that airships are now in demand again as vehicles for monitoring and communicating spacecraft with command centers. Allegedly, the Chinese army has some big hopes for airships.

In addition to new missiles, hypersonic vehicles and aircraft carriers, the Chinese will also use such giant machines. Allegedly, the potential of airships was underestimated by the West.

UFOs over the USA are Chinese airships?

Although ufologists believe that they could have been sent by aliens to monitor humanity, in fact we can deal with terrestrial technology, but looking futuristic.

Last year, US satellite companies released pictures taken from orbit online. They depicted a military base in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China. The largest hangar in the world appeared there. This object interested the US intelligence agency and UFO hunters.

Giant airship hangar in China

The hangar is up to 350 meters (1148 ft). The famous Hindenburg was 245 meters (803 ft). Pentagon experts believe that the Chinese army can store airships up to 320 meters long at such facilities. Judging by the information that has been appearing for some time, we may be dealing with a stratospheric airship powered by solar energy.

Why do the Chinese need airships? These vehicles are ideal for Earth observation, maritime monitoring, hypersonic missile warning, or communications between spacecraft and command centers. Airships are much more practical than drones, as they can not only fly higher, but can also float in the stratosphere for months at a time.

Airships are ideal vehicles for aerial surveillance

The US military said they shot down vehicles that flew at an altitude of more than 40000 thousand feet. Such a description is ideal for the new generation of Chinese airships as new technologies make it possible to build them from extremely durable materials, thanks to which they can fly at great heights and stay in the air for many months.

Interestingly, in the deserts of Xinjiang province, not far from the eastern border of the Kashgar Basin, there is also a Chinese analogue of the famous Area 51. The first facilities and three runways appeared on the territory of the secret base, allowing you to take off and land from three directions. The length of one of the bands reaches 7600 meters (24934 ft). It is one of the longest such objects in the world.

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There is an opinion that the Chinese managed to surprise the Americans. What else do they have in there?

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Black chemtrails

After the story with the Chinese balloon flying over the city of Billings, Montana, the uneasy locals began to look at the sky more often, trying to see in advance either a UFO, or how it would be shot down, or the landing of Chinese paratroopers, who would also be targeted before before they take the first step towards the landing ramp. 

And as it turned out, the fruits of observations brought their result: 

The color of the chemtrails is dark brown, which is not an optical illusion, but is confirmed by a dozen photos from different angles and lighting angles. Also, the trail from the object is sinuous. Planes do not zigzag, and the wind cannot blow in different directions at a distance of less than three hundred feet. 

Another thing that surprised everyone was that they had seen the same thing in exactly the same place, only the color of the trail was white:

And now everyone is wondering: Is it something to do with Chinese airship, since many strange occurrences take place lately with the clouds over the USA in general and over Montana in particular:

If chemtrails have become almost black, then something new has been added there. But what and why?

Naturally, graphene and the famous black goo could be added to the chemtrail, although no one can say how true this is, graphene seems to be real, and as for black goo, no one knows its exact properties.

There is another theory, in which some conspiracy theorists suggest forgetting about chemistry and looking at the table, as if from Mendeleev, as a variant of a divinatory board:

Since it is very hard to believe in such strange coincidences, the new nutritional supplement must also somehow contain the name of another demon, which, probably, is either called up with such sprays, or appeased, or something similar. And, since the chemtrails have become black, the atmospheric magic is now clearly some kind of black definitely.

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