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Chinese authorities ban ghost and zombie films

The Chinese authorities prohibit ghost films, and are also actively fighting superstitions and feng shui. 

The Chinese are superstitious people. Hundreds of ancient superstitions are still relevant in Chinese society. And if some of them are completely harmless from the point of view of the law (you can’t leave chopsticks in an upright position or bite noodles), then others threaten criminal prosecution (finding a bride for a dead man). With ideologically dangerous superstitions, the Communist Party of China is engaged in an active and implacable struggle.

A major problem in China is superstition, according to which the deceased, if he was a bachelor, must be buried with his “wife.” The Chinese believed that in the afterlife, a man would be lonely if he was buried alone. These customs are still observed in Chinese villages, although post-mortem marriages were forbidden under Mao Zedong. Relatives of the deceased ordered the corpse of a young woman from the “black grave diggers”, the deceased are symbolically engaged and buried nearby. Dozens of people are judged annually for kidnapping corpses in the country.

Strong in China is also a belief in demons. Many Chinese wear amulets that scare away evil spirits. The country still uses the services of exorcists, which help to clear themselves of the negative.

The Chinese Communist Party has been fighting religion and superstition for nearly 70 years. Members of the Communist Party were always obliged to avoid religion, but with the advent of Xi Jinping, the struggle against faith intensified. In 2017, the rector of the Central Party School of China, Chen Xi, stated that belief in the supernatural flourishes at the lower and higher levels of the party, which is a betrayal of the teachings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. And this is a direct road to belief in Western values ​​and a threat to the existence of the party.

Superstition and Corruption. Chinese newspapers never tire of repeating that communism begins with atheism, and that superstition only pollutes the brain. Professor Cheng Ping said most superstitious officials are bribes and thieves. Anti-corruption activist Duan Xiaowen adds that feng shui officials are not interested in helping people, they only think about promotion and personal gain.

It is significant that many high-profile trials against officials in China are associated with superstition. For example, the ex-Minister of Railways of China, Liu Zhijun, in addition to corruption, was accused of superstition. Former Minister of Public Security of the PRC, Zhou Yongkang – in revealing state secrets to the forecaster of the future and the doctor. An official from Gansu Province spent 5 million yuan to transfer a 370-ton block of stone to a place advised by a feng shui expert. For the desire to “protect the city from negative energy,” the official was fired and expelled from the party.

The ruling party intends to help people establish the right worldview and with the help of science to deal with birth, aging, disease and death. They decided to start with party workers. In 2016, new rules for communists entered into force. Belief in the supernatural is now considered a violation of party discipline, for which expelled from the party. In order to “save” the minds of ordinary citizens, films with ghosts, spirits and zombies were banned in China .

According to a 2015 WIN / Gallup poll, 61% of China’s population is atheist. This is the highest rate in the world. At the same time, the country has not yet been able to completely get rid of religion, despite strict restrictions. Chinese churches are separated from their world organizations, religious meetings are held in places registered with the authorities, theology must take into account the socialist path of development, special services monitor parishioners, and priests regularly transmit their sermons to censors for examination. Since 2018, fines have been raised for unauthorized church events. By the way, only ethnic Chinese can preach.

Despite the bans, the craving for superstition and religion is growing in China. According to Yang Johnson , winner of the Pulitzer Prize, author of The Souls of China: The Return of Religion after Mao, the country is currently experiencing a religious boom, and the actual number of believers is much higher than the statistics show. Sociology professor at Purdue University in the United States, Yang Fangang, predicts that more Christians will live in China in one generation than in the most “Christian” countries in the world. Perhaps the Communist Party will have to establish cooperation with world religions.

Bizzare & Odd

Did Angels visit a farm in Slovenia after Jerusalem?

A few days ago, a UFO hovered over the city of Podkoren in Slovenia, the appearance of which was recorded on Google Earth maps. The famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring suggested that it could be an angel, given its bright glow and peculiar shape.

On his YouTube channel, Waring posted a photo of an unidentified object that glowed very brightly. The ufologist examined a number of photographs in the same area at different times and made sure that there was nothing reflecting there, which means that it is quite possible that these were events of biblical significance.

The researcher stressed that the trees are not lit. Consequently, the object is well above them. Given the brightness of the glow, it is likely that we are talking not only about UFOs, but also about angels that can visit people living in this area.

He recalled that similar objects were recorded in Jerusalem above a stone dome. The Bible tells a similar story. The author emphasized that he is not a religious person, and the conducted research only confirms his theory.

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Bizzare & Odd

Halloween 2020 is expected to have a full moon that hasn’t been seen since World War II

Photo: NASA / Kim Shiflett

Astronomers claim that the full moon on October 31 will be visible throughout the world with the exception of parts of Australia.

In 2020, the world’s population is waiting for a very unusual phenomenon that will be seen in almost all corners of the planet as reported by Cnet.

According to experts, this year on Halloween (October 31), the full moon will rise and will be visible to the whole world. Such an event will happen for the first time since the Second World War.

Astronomy expert Geoffrey Hunt says the last full moon seen on the entire planet occurred in 1944. He notes that there was also a full moon on Halloween in 1955, but was not visible to residents of western North America and the western Pacific.

In the same year, residents of North and South America, India, all of Europe and most of Asia will see the full moon for the holiday. Also, the full moon will be visible in Western Australia, but not in the central and eastern parts of the country.

Scientists remind that in its full phase the moon will be visible to the naked eye, but for high-quality images, you still have to use additional equipment.

“Photos of the moon with a smartphone are likely to be substandard. A telephoto lens will help you capture the moon in all its glory. Adjust the camera brightness so details are visible and not drowned out by the brightness of the moon,” Hunt says.

He also emphasizes that the next full moon, which will be visible from all corners of the planet, will not happen soon – in 2039.

“Of course, in the coming years, the full moon will be in October, but not on Halloween,” the expert notes.

A full moon on Halloween is a rare coincidence. We will be able to enjoy it very soon.

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Bizzare & Odd

A tourist found a thousand-legged creepy beast washed up on the coast of Wales

A traveler walked along the coast of the Irish Sea in Wales and found a creature similar to the mythical Cthulhu – with a thousand tentacles and a keen interest in people.

The man was preparing to call the ufologists, but the Internet suggested: you need not be afraid, but rejoice, because the monster costs a fortune. The sea world still remains largely unknown for the inhabitants of the land, and in fact there is a lot of interesting things in it: from an iguana that looks like a real Godzilla to real mutants. True, according to The Sun, the underwater kingdom still has something to surprise people with.

A tourist named Martin Green was vacationing with his family in North Wales on the coast of the Irish Sea and one evening decided to walk with his son along the water. The man was walking slowly along the shore when he saw an unusual creature on the sand. At first, Green decided that he saw a large snag from a fallen tree, then, approaching it, he thought that it was a piece of a large fin that washed ashore, but here Martin was not right. When the travelers approached the find, they felt uneasy – a large and living creature with thousands of tentacles looked at them.

Looking closely, the man saw that the find consists of many white many-legged shells. Perhaps at first Martin was ready to call Scully and Mulder, but the internet helped him figure out what was going on. Green’s son uploaded a photo of the unknown creature to Google and realized that he and his father were very lucky. It turned out that the creepy sea creatures are the so-called Gooseneck Barnacles, crustaceans. They live by attaching themselves to hard surfaces, usually rocks.

Martin and his son were lucky not only because they personally saw unusual creatures, but also because the find could enrich a family. In Portugal and Spain, shells are considered a delicacy and are sold for £ 25 apiece. Considering that, according to the family’s estimates, there were about two thousand shells on the snag found on the snag, the potential cost of the find is about 50 thousand pounds. Green did not elaborate on how he was going to deal with the shells – send them back to the ocean or sell them to Spain.

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