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Bizzare & Odd

Child frozen in time…

Child frozen in time... 1

This little girl, Brooke, hasn’t grown an inch for nearly 15 years, she is now 16 years old but still looks like she is only one.

Although she doesn’t have the ability to walk or talk she is perfectly capable of communicating and behaving like every other teenager – wanting her own space and time as we all remember beeing the main characteristic of that age.

She managed to overcome several health problems, even a 14 days sleep which would eventually kill her! Unfortunately there is no diagnosis for her condition but it’s this particular condition that triggered a doctor to try and study her (no experiments don’t worry!) as he believes she holds the secret to “immortality” as it is called in the documentary , specifically meaning that the anti-ageing gene that causes her to not age might hold the key to illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

We don’t really know if this qualifies as bizzare or odd, I just want to point out how fascinating the human kind is and it’s up to us to explore our abilities, possibilities and strengths!

Of course we should also consider the strength that is required from her family who adores and supports her ! If only there was a greater word than congratulations!

Note that this video was uploaded last November so not sure of how her health condition is right now but will surely look into it!

PS this is the 1st of 3 videos but it will lead you to the next two at the end 🙂


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