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A Celestial Impact and Atlantis

A Celestial Impact and Atlantis 1


A New Theory

by Jose D. C. Hernandez


Let me begin with a quote from the Bible: Wisdom of Solomon 9:16

“And hardly do we guess aright at things that are upon earth, and with labor do we find the things that are before us: but the things that are in heaven, who hath searched out?”

Throughout the years we have seen the current map of our planet with little change.

The question arises:

  1. How did earth look like ions ago?
  2. How those cracks (tectonic plates) at the floor of the ocean got there?
  3. What happened to Atlantis?
  4. Was the great flood real?
  5. How did the earth get its tilt?   And finally:
  6. Where it is the big impact that wipes out those large animals?

Well, I can answer all those questions with a simple event in history, a large celestial impact on earth. Yes, single event ions ago that cause a chain reaction that change the whole world to a planet that we see today. I will use 11,500 to 12,500 years ago as a time frame.

Let start by observing today’s world map. We see all the continents, all the oceans, poles, islands, seas and those great cracks at the bottom of the ocean that form the earth tectonic plates. Those plates have shape out world expanding ever so often causing areas to rise and others to fall.



Those plates have pushed and pulled our continents forcing them to our present day shapes.


Now, if that is the case, where the great “PANGAEA”, the one super continent hypothesis does come from?


Why is it that the scientific community wants us to believed that at one point all of the earth continents were all one big happy family?

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If we look at the current tectonic plates, this hypothesis has no basis. If we analyze the current plate movement there is no way, not even in million years, the earth went from one single land mass to today continents.




So, why are our scientists still believed in this hypothesis? Why not taking the time and study what really happened on earth.

We should take planet earth as a crime scene and take it apart piece by piece.

To start with, let review what we know about the center of the earth. It is constantly moving as well as the earth crust. It continually recycles itself (in millions of year’s term).


Earth is always renewing itself. Expanding in some areas and shrinking in others. Looking at our current map you can see that there are four major ridges around the world pushing and pulling, shaping our globe. They are the Atlantic Ocean Ridge, Indian Ocean Ridge, Pacific Ocean Ridge and one last ridge that goes around the world near Antarctic.


All those ridges and faults have created all those tectonic plates that constantly are on the move. The ever pressure of the plates pushing and compressing the earth crust push upward folded strata creating new land as well as new mountains.


This pushing, pulling and grinding has shape the planet to our current model.


So, why not reverse the plates and see what happens?

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Now, let take those ridges at the bottom of the ocean. As I call them “cracks at the bottom of the ocean”, they are expanding pushing our continents upward ever so often lifting the earth ever higher in some areas and submerging other.


Like the ring on a tree ever expanding year after year, the ridges at the bottom of the ocean keep expanding years after years. Here is my idea, let’s reverse the earth grows and push the continents back to its beginnings. Back to a point where all land masses where just below the surfaces of the water.



Well, here it is my “artist concept” of earth without the ridges, back before the ever expanding cracks at the bottom of the ocean. Here I have earth with the ice caps at the pole larger than today’s ice cap.

It’s interesting to point out the shape of Europe. During my research I found numerous ancient maps that almost match my interpretation of Europe before the expanding ocean ridges. Also, I show two islands that represent the ever illusive Lemuria and Plato’s famous Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis, believe it or not, everyone miss this island location. As I will show, it is right before our eyes for years and no one could figure it out.


Here are two examples of ancient maps matching my concept of ancient Europe. They have a very good resemblance of my interpretation of planet earth after reversing all underwater ridges.



Well, what happened to earth? Let beging with a celestial object with a tremendous impact on earth. Yes, that it is how we start. Where is that big impact? We all know that a large impact cause large destruction on earth, devastaded all life forms and brought the planet to almost extintion. But, why have we not found that ilusive celestial body impact? Where are scientist looking for it? I have no idea, but right before our eyes there is a finger print of a massive impact. One that it is so hard to miss.


Here is a question; what are the chances that a celestial impact will hit dead center on a continent?

There are only two chances for this to happen:

  1. someone aims a weapon right at the center of the continent, or
  2. the celestial body impact on earth creates the continent/island.

My opinion, I like to believe that the celestial impact created the island.


If that is the case, let’s pick Australia as our impact point. Look around at the sea floor around Australia and you can see the finger prints of a massive impact. We can tell that the celestial object was traveling south to north. The impact created a massive ripple north of the island as well as two shockwave on either of the island (east and west).

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Australia1So let run some line using a large crater in Australia. The impact creater is located dead center on the island of Australia. Same distance from south to north as to east to west. The shock wave are at equal distance from the island at either side (east and west). So, again, what are the chances of this happening, a celestial object impact dead center on an island or the impact created the island?


To further explore and analyze this impact, I have set side by side a map of Australia and a sketch of the Tunguska impact in Russia. Take a look at the shape and the location of the impact. They are very similar.



With this massive celestial object impact on earth at south to north direction, it was so massive that caused the earth to tilt to its current 23 degrees of tilt and possible slowdown earth rotation changing our calendar time from 360 to 365 days. The original impact occurred at an angle between 35 and 45 degrees with Australia final rest place at approximately 63 degrees from today’s axis.



This massive impact caused the earth crust to crack like an eggs shell. The crack went around the earth. This impact creates a super Tsunami that devastated all small island as well as all coastal areas around the world.


The crack continue north bound toward the North Pole. This massive impact caused a tremendous amount of water to fly off to the upper atmosphere, then returning as torrential rain as never seen before. With the rain, rocks and debris also came down all around the earth. This torrential rain, Tsunamis and earthquake can be the description of our Biblical deluge.


This impact with it massive pressure from within the earth started to push those cracks expanding and re-shaping planet earth. Adding to massive Tsunamis, torrential rain, large earthquake started to shake the planet to its foundation. This impact was about to destroy our planet forever.


The massive expanding ridges at the ocean floor began to push the newly created plates upward pushing land and island into each other. Massive rain, Tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic activities were at work shaping our planet giving it a new face.


Three islands in today’s America’s area are push against each other creating North, South, Central America and the Caribbean.


The continuing expansion start to push a number of island in to what is today Africa. Atlantis, South Africa and Madagascar are all push into each other forming the continent of Africa.


Also, as a result of this massive impact, “LEMURIA” begins to disappear in to the Pacific Ocean. India is smash against Europe continent and Australia begins to emerge from the ocean.

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The ridges continue to expand with the Americas and Africa beginning to shape up and “LEMURIA” continue to despair into the Pacific Ocean. At this point North Africa pivots north causing a break at the Gibraltar strait and at what is known today as Istanbul causing a massive amount of water to rush into the Mediterranean Sea adding fuel to that massive deluge.


Slowly the Americas start coming in to today’s shape, “LEMURIA” has totally disappear, India has become part of the continent and Africa has almost swallow Atlantis.


Now Australia, America, Europe and Africa are at their final stage with new continents being uplifted and oceans and seas settling down to earth current design.

Sequence_10The world has been force to a new shape by a celestial object that may have wipe out most of the entire living thing over the land. It was catastrophic, of Biblical proportions that almost wiped-out everything and everyone from planet earth.


So, by now, most of the ice caps at the poles have melted and our planet is rested and quiet again. For those few spices left on the planet fall the arduous job of repopulate the planet. The few humans that remains will start to settle new communities, rebuild tribes that eventually become earth new countries.



At the end, Plato was right about Atlantis. It is known today as Richat Structure in North Africa.




Center is Richat Structure and two sketches from Plato’s descriptions:


Another photo of Richat Structure with an artist sketch of Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis illustrates the similarities. The shape, measurements and soil composition of this structure in North Africa fit perfectly with Plato’s description of Atlantis.


If we move the ridge grows back, Richat Structure will be sitting on the Atlantic.

Looking at the map including Spain, Richat Structure will be sitting outside the Gibraltar.

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Here is part of North Africa with two examples of ancient Atlantis maps. The shape, measurements (345 x230 mi) and the location of the primary city match perfectly.



As we describe previously, this massive celestial impact had the power to create our Biblical deluge. This impact created a massive tsunami that created a large wall of water that started to move inland. An enormous amount of water blasted up to the upper atmosphere returning to earth as a torrential rain, as quoted “Opening Heaven flood gates”.



  • A celestial object impacts earth creating what is known today as Australia.
  • This massive impact cracked the bottom of the ocean and forces earth to tilt 23 degrees.
  • This impact created a massive Tsunami that devastated planet earth.
  • A massive amount of water went up in to the atmosphere and came down as torrential rain.
  • Also, debris from the impact was scattered around the planet.
  • The torrential rain and massive Tsunamis were the cause for the Biblical deluge.
  • Constant movement of the plates creates worldwide earthquakes and increase volcanic activities.
  • The constant expansion of the underwater ridges continues to push island and continents in to each other and other land masses disappeared under the seas.
  • And finally, Plato’s Atlantis disappeared and was submerged, and reappears as part of North Africa.

We can see that the facts for our planet crime scene are evident and overwhelming. How much proof do we need and why science is not investigating?
Let open a discussion to prove or disapprove this overwhelming evidence.


“Here is the true story”

Copyright 10/19/2013 by Jose D.C. Hernandez
[email protected]


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