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Catastrophic floods hit the Middle East

Catastrophic floods hit the Middle East 1

Storms and floods of biblical proportions swept Egypt, Israel, and the Middle East. A rare and unusually powerful surface cyclone and frontal system hit the Middle East, causing heavy rains, destructive winds and sandstorms. 

Thunderstorms, accompanied by torrential rains, lightning and sandstorms, caused massive floods in Egypt on Thursday and Friday, which killed at least 21 people.

Apocalyptic storms interrupted daily life in most of the country, including the capital Cairo.

Most of the victims were in rural areas and slums. At least six children were killed either by electric shock or when their homes collapsed and buried them.

Satellite images from March 13, 3030 of this rare cyclone show an impressive frontal system and huge sandstorms that swept northern Saudi Arabia:

Catastrophic floods hit the Middle East 2

The Egyptian government encouraged the Egyptians to stay home and declared a state of emergency until Saturday, closing schools, government offices, Luxor International Airport, Nile River cruises and three seaports (Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada).

Floods also forced the authorities to suspend train traffic across the country.

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Late Thursday night, the Cairo Water Authority announced that it had suspended water supply to the entire metropolis because heavy rain had crushed the vast sewer system. By Friday morning, water returned to parts of the city.

Power outages have also been reported in several areas of the country, including in some areas of Cairo.

Authorities in neighboring Israel announced flood warnings and strong winds (over 100 km / h or 62 mph). 


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