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Casinos Are Using Facial Recognition to Keep Banned Gamblers Away

Casinos Are Using Facial Recognition to Keep Banned Gamblers Away 1

Banned Aid

Some people who can’t control their gambling ask their favorite casinos to ban them, so that they can’t return to the venues in a moment of weakness.

In many locations, casinos are legally obligated to enforce these bans, and recently, some have turned to facial recognition systems to help them meet this obligation — a rare example of the technology’s use that isn’t mired in controversy.

Bet on AI

When a person self-identifies as a problem gambler, they typically fill out a form and submit to having their photo taken by the casino. The casino then instructs its staff and security team to be on the lookout for that person, and if caught in the casino, the problem gambler could be escorted out or even arrested for trespassing.

Now, casinos all across the globe — from New Zealand to Japan — are starting to use facial recognition systems to improve their ability to keep self-identified problem gamblers away. One system in place in an Australian casino even caught a problem gambler trying to enter the building wearing a disguise not once, but twice.

While any use of facial recognition is sure to raise issues about privacy, it’s encouraging to see a global use for the tech that isn’t downright dystopian.

READ MORE: Facial Recognition to Bar Problem Gamblers from Casinos [Prague Post]

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