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Carlos Diaz – a professional photographer who contacted aliens and filmed their ship

Carlos Diaz - a professional photographer  who contacted aliens and filmed their ship 86
©Carlos Diaz

One morning in January 1981, Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz drove into an abandoned car park in Ayusco Park near Mexico City. He was on assignment from the magazine where he worked and made an appointment with a journalist who had not yet arrived.

Diaz got into his car, preparing the camera for the work ahead. Although it was early morning, the air was thick with humidity, which made even sitting uncomfortable. Diaz looked at his watch impatiently.

Carlos Diaz - a professional photographer  who contacted aliens and filmed their ship 87

Suddenly his attention was attracted by a strange yellow glow emanating from the valley below him. At first he thought it was a wildfire, but a moment later the light source turned out to be a large orange oval UFO hovering slowly about 30 meters from his car.

In disbelief, Diaz quickly grabbed the camera. Keeping it on the steering wheel, he began to take pictures. Then, without warning, his entire car began to shake violently.

Carlos Diaz - a professional photographer  who contacted aliens and filmed their ship 88

Diaz got out of the car and took two more photographs before the ship took off vertically into the sky, leaving Diaz in a state of shock. This meeting marked the beginning of what was to develop into one of the most fascinating and enduring contactee endeavors in ufology history.

Today, this case remains among a small number of alleged extraterrestrial contacts, which have been confirmed by video experts and not one specialist, but a number of experts.


Indeed, the apparent credibility of Diaz’s claims has caught the attention of some of the world’s leading UFO researchers, including the German writer Michael Hesemann and abduction researcher Dr. John Mack. Both concluded that Diaz’s story was entirely believable.

Hesemann shares the views of most researchers when he states: “The Carlos Diaz case is the most important documented human-alien contact that has occurred in our time.” 

The transition from routine UFO sightings in an area now recognized as a UFO hotspot to one of the key incidents of recent years occurred only a few weeks later. In the days following this January observation, Diaz remained elated and pondered what had happened.

Carlos Diaz - a professional photographer  who contacted aliens and filmed their ship 89

Unable to forget what he saw, he repeatedly returned to Adjusco Park, hoping to get more UFO photos. After a series of fruitless visits, Diaz began to think he was wasting his time. But then, on March 23rd, his patience was rewarded.

Wandering through the thicket, Diaz was again alerted to the presence of a UFO by an orange glow that he could only dimly see through the fog and rain that covered the forest in Ajusco Park. He managed to get within 45 meters of the object. Diaz watched the “ship” hover above him, emitting a bright orange light.

According to him, it was domed with a smooth ring in the center. The UFO, according to Diaz, was covered with several hemispheres about a meter in diameter each. Crouching behind the rocks, Diaz thought that his actions had gone unnoticed, but as he continued to watch the ship, he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind.

Diaz immediately lost consciousness, and when he woke up, it was dark and the UFO disappeared. He was shocked to find that despite the heavy rain, his clothes were completely dry. At that moment, he knew that something strange had happened to him. When he returned to his car, Diaz noticed another car parked in front of him.

At that moment, a humanoid creature similar to a woman with blond hair approached him and she told him that if he wanted to know more about what he had just experienced, he should return to the same place at noon the next day. When Diaz returned the next day, he found the same entity sitting on the grass.

The creature then turned to him and explained that it was she who had grabbed his shoulder the day before. Before leaving, the creature also informed Diaz that he was then on their ship and that Diaz would gradually regain his memory of what happened while he was unconscious. Indeed, over the next few months, Diaz’s memory returned piece by piece.

According to him, he remembered a ship hovering directly over his head. When he tried to touch the ship, his hand seemed to pass through the yellow light, and he seemed to merge with it. The next thing he remembered was a ship standing on a platform inside a giant cave.

Diaz was overwhelmed with trepidation when he remembered what he saw inside: “It was full of stalagmites, some of which were carved into sculptures and they seemed very similar to ancient Mayan sculptures.”

“I saw a lot of people in the cave, some of them waved at me, and in a state of shock I waved back.” 


The creature Diaz encountered in the park led him to a smaller cave containing seven egg-shaped glowing spheres, one of which Diaz was asked to enter. Upon entering, Diaz initially only saw a yellow light.

But then he found himself surrounded by the image of the forest. “I could see all the details of the forest, as if I was walking on it,” Diaz said. “I couldn’t touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and humidity.”

“I could see and experience everything, but physically I was not there.” 


Then his guide told him that the balls are also a system for storing information and that certain data has been transferred to him. Diaz was then returned to the ship, and eventually to the park.

Continuing contact

According to Diaz, this was only the first of a series of contacts with the same beings that continue to this day. Since 1981, Diaz has stated that his experience within the realms has allowed him to “travel” to various regions of the Earth’s ecosystem – forest, desert, jungle, coastline, even arctic regions – with the help of alien technology.

Thanks to this contact, Diaz was imbued with an awareness of the interconnectedness of all living things and the need to preserve the environment.

To many ufologists, these statements may seem far-fetched. Nonetheless, Diaz is viewed by many researchers as a very reliable source, not least because of the large amount of photographic evidence he has gathered to support his claims.


Mexican television journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who has been at the center of UFO investigations in Mexico since the tide began in 1991, believes Diaz’s UFO photos are some of the most impressive he has seen.

Maussan turned over the photos of Diaz to Jim Dilettoso, an imaging expert at Village Labs in Tucson, Arizona, who concluded they were genuine. After making sure he was not dealing with the hoaxer, Maussan visited Diaz at his home in Tepoztlana, Mexico. There he spoke to a number of other witnesses who claimed to have seen the exact same type of UFO.

The apparent credibility of the Diaz case also attracted UFO researchers from more distant places, who tried to glean insight into alien interests from the claims of contactee Diaz. The German writer Michael Hesemann, who first interviewed Diaz in June 1994, is convinced of the authenticity of Diaz’s account.

“He not only contacts these creatures through meetings on ships,” Hesemann says, “but he claims to meet these creatures in real daily life, since some of them live among us.” 

However, according to Diaz, the creatures do not want to fully disclose their origin and the fact of their presence among humans.

“They explained that they had been visiting Earth for thousands of years and were particularly interested in our evolution, which, compared to their own, was much faster. They are trying to understand why. “

Another UFO researcher intrigued by Diaz’s case is Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor John Mack. Mac has a long history with abductees and contactees and considers Diaz’s case to be one of the most compelling he has ever encountered.

In his book Passport to Space, he states: “Of all the people I have worked with, it was Carlos Diaz who seems to have developed the most profound understanding of the interconnected web of nature. Diaz’s experience with sentient beings is so powerful that it seems that he literally became what he describes. “

Mack argues that Diaz’s experience represents an “awakening,” a process he says is common among abductees. Diaz told Mac that his contact with aliens inspired him to preserve the environment and the ability to “enjoy a beautiful planet.”

Whether extraterrestrial influences were involved or not, Diaz’s newfound concern for the environment certainly became a driving force in his life. he made this environmental warning publicly and passionately publicly, especially at the 1995 UFO conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Diaz said that through his contacts he was informed that the alien civilization, previously threatened with complete self-destruction, they behaved the same way as people behave “playing with fire”, but somehow they managed to survive.

He remains convinced that the disturbing predictions of his contacts about our future are all too real – predictions that state with almost certainty that humanity is on its current course towards total extinction.

Alien messenger

This frankness, combined with the public nature of his experience, has allowed Le Diaz to gain the status of a visionary both in his hometown of Tepoztlan and in UFO research circles. however, Diaz was quick to dispute this, claiming that he was not a unique visionary, but simply a “messenger.”

Aside from the true nature of Diaz’s current incarnation, for many ufologists, the Diaz case remains one of the most compelling in history. Indeed, there are few UFO reports that boast such impressive and abundant photographic evidence. 

Carlos Diaz - a professional photographer  who contacted aliens and filmed their ship 90

The expert analysis of the UFO images of Carlos Diaz was extremely thorough. Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan handed over the originals of the transparencies to Professor Victor Quesada of the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Mexico for study.

Quesada stated:

“We were shocked to find that the light spectrum from the object was different from anything we have ever seen, it violated all previous parameters and did not match anything in our data banks.

The light was unusually bright. There was no evidence of overlap or deception. According to our estimates, the diameter of the object ranges from 30 to 50 meters. Interestingly, the photographs were also analyzed by Dr. Robert Nathan at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Nathan, a notorious UFO skeptic, said he could find no evidence of a fake.

Undoubtedly, for many who have studied the three images, the first image is most impressive. In it, an orange glowing ship can be seen through the windshield of a car, and light from the object is reflected both from the hood of the car and from a metal fence on the side of the road. These are, in particular, details that experts say are extremely difficult to fake.

Video evidence

Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan was so intrigued by Carlos Diaz’s account of his experiences that he provided him with a video camera and asked him to see if he could record the UFO on tape the next time it appeared. A few weeks later, Diaz woke up at 5am and grabbed a camera. He went out and waited.

A few minutes later, the ship appeared and hovered over the house, where Diaz filmed it. When Mossan saw the wonderful footage, he asked Diaz if he could get even closer to the ship during filming. Two months later, Diaz was able to film the ship again, this time hovering directly above him without moving.
However, Diaz’s third attempt at capturing the ship on video is the most impressive. In these shots, Diaz, with the camera on a tripod, walks to the edge of the field, waving his flashlight.

In response, the ship suddenly materializes directly above Diaz’s head and sends beams of light at him. The unidentified object then remains stationary for 30 seconds and then blinks. It is widely accepted that this video contains some of the best UFO footage ever captured.

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Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens

Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens 93

The question of whether we are alone in the universe remains open. Recently, ufologists are more and more inclined towards a positive answer. In 2020, several UFO reports came from the International Space Station. The “attack” of one such spacecraft was captured by NASA cameras. Experts are confident that the agency is hiding more information proving the existence of aliens.

Although modern equipment has made it possible to detect many planets resembling Earth, scientists have no reliable evidence of the habitability of even one of them. But ufologists are sure that humanity is not alone in the universe. Space agencies and the government have repeatedly accused such specialists of hiding information.

UFO materials from NASA

The American Space Agency has been asked several times about the encounters of astronauts with unidentified objects and the reason for the rejection of lunar expeditions. In 2007, the answer was published on the official NASA website.

“As far as we know, no astronaut has seen a UFO in space. Not all observed objects could be identified immediately. But on the other hand, there is no evidence that any of them was an alien craft. Flights to the moon were terminated by politicians. They are now considering resuming the program again, ”wrote David Morrison, NLSI’s interim director.

Over the past 13 years, the databases of ufologists have been replenished with new records. In 2017, WikiLeaks hackers reported gaining access to secret archives. They, in particular, contained information about the attempts of astronaut Edgar Mitchell to talk with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama about the alien issue. 

He claimed that the American authorities were cooperating with the aliens. Another astronaut, Gordon Cooper, had earlier reached similar conclusions.

Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens 94

NASA doesn’t seem to give up on the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life. In 2020, the agency announced its readiness to finance a project to search for alien intelligence. Its signs could be unusual gases in the composition of extraterrestrial atmospheres. 

The agency’s still unexplained material supporting the existence of aliens also includes a recent video from the ISS. NASA cameras recorded a diamond-shaped object flying near the station at a speed of 78 km / s.

Moon City and other possible signs of aliens

Scott Waring, an alien hunter, is confident in the existence of life on a natural satellite of the Earth. The truth about the city was accidentally revealed by NASA employees themselves, having published a book with photographs of the moon. They tried to edit the pictures, but failed.

“This white, ceramic-like structure with crisp contours is highly visible,” wrote the expert on his blog.

Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens 95

Analyzing images of NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), ufologists suggested that it recorded a UFO 25 times larger than Earth. Waring believes that the object flew out of the core of the star, where it was fueled by energy.

Ufologists accuse NASA of hiding materials with evidence of the existence of aliens 96

Previously, the press published a video from the ISS showing a flotilla of unknown objects flying from Earth. According to one version, these were satellites. Skeptics explain “man-made” structures on the Moon and other planets by pareidolia.

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The unusual hobby of the husband of Elizabeth II is unveiled. The uncle of Prince Philip had a UFO encounter

The unusual hobby of the husband of Elizabeth II is unveiled. The uncle of Prince Philip had a UFO encounter 97

The unusual hobby of the 99-year-old Prince Philip has been unveiled. According to the newspaper The Sun, the husband of the British Queen Elizabeth II, for many decades collected an assortment of books about UFOs and space aliens.

Philip became interested in this topic after his uncle Lord Mounbatten in 1955 wrote an official report on an alien encounter. The admiral and last Viceroy of India (who was killed by Irish terrorists in 1979) reported that a silver spaceship had landed on his estate in Hampshire. 

According to Mountbatten’s report, the “flying saucer” hovered above the ground before someone wearing overalls and a helmet descended from the ship. Then, Mountbatten’s bricklayer Fred Briggs, who witnessed the event, was reportedly knocked off his bicycle and pinned to the ground by an “invisible force.” Lord Mountbatten kept this a secret from the general public.

The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip is still adding to his collection. So, he made his last purchase last year. And last summer, he read The Halt Perspective, by retired US Air Force Colonel Charles Holt and Police Detective John Hanson, about the Randlesham incident. In late December 1980, a series of alleged UFO landings, accompanied by unexplained fires, took place in Randlesham Forest, British County Suffolk. 

It was not far from an American Air Force base. Dozens of base personnel witnessed these events for several days, observing unidentified triangular-shaped objects, and then strange tracks were allegedly found in the forest. One of the witnesses claimed that he even allegedly touched the triangular UFO. Charles Holt was deputy base commander at the time.

The personal secretary of the Duke of Edinburgh wrote to John Hanson that the prince would read this book with interest, as well as another work by Hanson – “Haunted Heaven: An Encyclopedia of British UFOs.”

“His Royal Highness will add this piece to his collection … This will be the most anticipated addition to his library,” Secretary Archie Miller Bakewell wrote.

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You – The Public Deceived: What are the “aliens” hiding?

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 98

Philip Kinsella’s book You – The Public Deceived  is among the few works that when read, is interesting and helpful.

Cover of Philip Kinsell's You Are the Deceived Public
Cover of Philip Kinsell’s You Are the Deceived Public

The author of the book, which will be published in the UK in 2021, tells in detail about cases of contacts with UFOs, which at one time had a great public response. Newspapers wrote about these events and were told on television. However, the details of the events remain known only to researchers. The value of the book lies in the fact that the author gives a detailed and not biased description of all the details of the events he talks about.

One might get the impression that he is describing a fairly long time ago, because several decades have passed since the UFO crash in Roswell, from the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, from other events described in the book. However, despite the past years, nothing has changed in the world. Now, too, none of the people are immune from UFO abduction. And I will not be mistaken if I say that thousands of people have already experienced on themselves what abduction or rotational UFO abduction is. 

Therefore, the better we understand what’s going on, the sooner we’ll figure out what these strange little gray-skinned creatures with almond-shaped eyes really need from us. Well, or their owners.

Not just a story about UFO encounters

Philip Kinsella raises a very uncomfortable question – who are they really? After all, it is very easy to believe that these are aliens from other heavenly bodies, especially since they themselves persistently impose such an opinion on us. If we study only the characteristics of the aircraft belonging to them (speeds, side lights, etc.), it becomes clear that our human technology has not yet learned how to create such aircraft. 

You can even explain why the complex and unpleasant procedures of medical supervision are needed to which the abducted people are subjected – they say that guests from another planet arrived and decided to study the aborigines.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 99

But if we pay attention to other details of contacts between people and “aliens” that are not included in the paradigm of human materialistic science, then the most unexpected begins.

First, these strange creatures did not appear now, but were known to our ancestors for a long time – at least several thousand years (information about this is available not only in historical memory, but also in objects of art and everyday life). Only in the old days they were called differently and were not considered to belong to the human world.

Secondly, they perfectly know how to manipulate our ideas and do not hesitate to use such possibilities of the human psyche, which seem unusual even to us.

Thirdly, for some reason they erase the memory of the people they have kidnapped, that is, they behave not like guests from the stellar worlds, but like secret intelligence officers who do not want to be discovered. At the same time, they are not guided by the interests of humanity, but only by their own interests (this would be understandable, if only they did not harm …)

Fourth, they skillfully use the capabilities of the human body, which we still consider mystical and not fully proven. For example, OBE is an out-of-body experience, or hypnotic phenomena, with the help of which they produce various – necessary for them – effects on the tissues of the body of abducted people.

They constantly monitor what is happening in the human world

One of the first to draw attention to such oddities was the ufologist Jacques Vallee, the closest associate of the American researcher, Dr. Allen Heineck. Further research confirms that the psychophysical aspect of the UFO Phenomenon is the most important in its solution. And Philip Kinsella’s book once again draws attention to this.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 100

In the book “You – The Public Deceived ” The author shows cases that are especially strange even against the background of a phenomenon that is strange in itself. On the other hand, it raises the question of how great is the role of military and government organizations in suppressing the topic of UFOs. 

It seems that such a role is overestimated in the European and American communities. The same people work in these structures, they are also afraid of those events that become known to them by virtue of their profession. They need to keep calm in the community to which they belong. They have only the education and level of knowledge that they received in their educational institutions. Because of this, they try to hide from ordinary people the facts that become known to them. Conceal by any means, even through intimidation of witnesses and researchers. This is an “ostrich” policy, but it is somehow understandable, because if society understands

One gets the impression that the ongoing events in their entirety should be viewed as a hoax campaign on the part of “aliens”. Now, if we study the UFO Phenomenon “from the opposite”, then we will gradually be able to understand from what real knowledge about its nature it takes us away. If we analyze the UFO cover-up campaign from the point of view of the presence of disinformation in it, only then will we be able to understand who and why is taking the human gaze to heaven, taking advantage of our long-term dream of finding aliens.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 101

Philip Kinsella in his book You – The Public Deceived draws attention to another oddity – the manifestation of the UFO Phenomenon does not always have a material nature. This is especially true in cases of physical contact. It seems that there was interaction. An eyewitness remembered this interaction as absolutely material. However, not a single material trace of this event remained. The author shows the details of the events he describes, which just indicate a semi-material nature. This fact is confirmed by the information of other researchers. 

Yes, many UFOs are material. But in other cases, what we see is just … a hologram. We see the object, but the object is not, but there is simply its image. A picture, so to speak. A person remembers how he was taken aboard a UFO, and then (as he recalls) they took blood, urine, sperm – and he does not just remember this, he has scars and other marks on his body to prove it. 

In fact, his physical body remained at home (this is not difficult to establish, such techniques are in the arsenal of researchers), and on board the “flying saucer” they lifted some non-material substance, which we, being a little embarrassed, call the soul, or the astral body … But Are the scars real, you ask? Yes, they are real. 

Just think at least of the well-known mechanism of the appearance of stigmata – artificial wounds that are a bodily consequence of mental processes, for example, hypnotic suggestion. The experience of studying such events suggests the following. 

“Aliens” can influence the human body according to the principle of psychosomatics. The impact is made on the immaterial part of the personality, and the physical body then “adjusts” and begins to rebuild itself. And this is not fantasy. 

Therefore, Philip comes to a well-grounded conclusion that the nature of “dreams” may not be completely material or completely immaterial.

Perhaps the so-called “UFO pilots” do not pay attention to the suffering of the people over whom they manipulate, because the body that is being manipulated by them is not physical. They just don’t understand our pain, although for humanity this serves as a weak excuse. 

For us, people, it is very important to objectively understand what the UFO Phenomenon is, who and why is subjecting our fellow citizens to such forced and unpleasant manipulations. Hopefully, then we will be able to protect ourselves from their constant forced monitoring.

An attempt to reveal such a mystery and explain what is really happening is the main advantage of the new book by Philip Kinsella.

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