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Canadian crop circle resembles UFO seen hours before

By Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team Inc.

The first reported 2006 Canadian crop circle (in barley) was discovered on July 31st in the rural farming community of Armstrong, British Columbia about 140 miles north of the Washington State/Canadian border, by a local pilot. Not only was the shape of this formation rather peculiar, it appears to exactly replicate the bizarre shape of a UFO observed in the hours just before dawn of the day the crop circle was found. Further, many blackened seed-heads–which look very like seed-heads found in a 2010 Dutch circle (proven in lab tests to have been carbonized:–were also discovered in this Armstrong crop formation.

Due to the highly unusual behavior of his dogs, which refused to go outside as usual around July 25-26th, the Armstrong farmer thinks his circle may have occurred then, although the winter-wheat in the adjacent field was being cut at this time and the circle was not seen. And, because of the very solid eyewitness report from a Kelowna resident of a brilliant, essentially circular aerial object with what appeared to be very bizarre, attached “antennae-like” strings of equally-bright lights—an object which looked “exactly like” the crop circle found later that same day in Armstrong–we have to wonder is there a connection?

Bizarre-looking approx. 100' long crop circle found near Armstrong, B.C. on same day eyewitness observes UFO of this exact design. Photo: Clarence Glaicar, Aug. 2nd.

Bizarre-looking approx. 100′ long crop circle found near Armstrong, B.C. on same day eyewitness observes UFO of this exact design. Photo: Clarence Glaicar, Aug. 2nd.

Sandra Langin, the wife of a local lawyer and mother of two grown children, had moved to Kelowna (about 45 miles south of Armstrong, B.C.) from Alberta, about two years earlier. In our telephone conversations she sounded both educated and quite precise in her recounting of the event. She reports that she did not wake up other members of her family during her sighting as she was afraid that, if she turned away from the window, the object would disappear.

At about 4:15 am on the morning of July 31st she was awakened by her dog barking outside. Going to the window to see what was disturbing the dog she noticed a “very large, bright white light toward the North East” in front of Black Mountain. Using a spruce tree across the road from her house to determine the object’s position and movements, she noted that when she first saw the light it was about half-way up the tree and in front of the mountain. It then “moved slowly behind the tree and upwards toward its top, almost like it was floating.” From then on it moved only slightly, to the right side of the tree, still floating upwards until 5:30 am, by which time it was very high in the early morning sky.

It was not only the large size and brilliance of the light (larger and brighter than the full moon when first seen down low in front of the mountain) that suggested this object was something out of the ordinary. Although the light was so bright she could not be certain of its shape, even through binoculars, it appeared to be basically round—but with smaller lights coming out of the top of the main sphere. In an attempt to describe these smaller lights she said they looked like “strings of lights” which were “attached” to the larger object, shaped like “wires or antennae which were lit up.”

View from Mrs. Langin's window, looking East toward Black Mountain, approx. 8 miles away. Red arrows indicate locations where object was first & finally observed. Orange arrows show UFO's movement behind the tree. Photo: Sandra Langin.

View from Mrs. Langin’s window, looking East toward Black Mountain, approx. 8 miles away. Red arrows indicate locations where object was first & finally observed. Orange arrows show UFO’s movement behind the tree. Photo: Sandra Langin.

She observed no light coming from beneath the object, no column of light shining down toward the ground—just these two very strange, distinct, “antennae-like” strings of light apparently attached to the brilliant circular area of the UFO. As dawn approached the bizarre-looking object, now fairly high in the sky, became invisible.

Subsequently, on Friday, August 4th, she was genuinely shocked to see, upon opening her morning paper, a photo of the Armstrong, B.C. crop circle on the front page—the design of which exactly replicated the unexplained lights which had disturbed her dog and which she had watched for more than an hour just before dawn only a few days earlier.

As she stated emphatically to me on the phone, the photo showed the crop circle “was identical in shape to the object I had watched in the sky over Black Mountain. I was so amazed that I started shaking, knowing that what I had seen was now in the form of a crop circle.”

July 31, 2010 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle in barley (harvested rows were winter wheat, cut on July 27). Note areas of randomly-downed crop in barley field (arrows), regularly observed in conjunction with genuine circles. Photo: Clarence Glaicar, Aug. 2nd.

July 31, 2010 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle in barley (harvested rows were winter wheat, cut on July 27). Note areas of randomly-downed crop in barley field (arrows), regularly observed in conjunction with genuine circles. Photo: Clarence Glaicar, Aug. 2nd.

Armstrong is approximately 45 minutes (by car) North of Mrs. Langin’s location in Kelowna and the bizarre aerial object seen by her the morning of July 31st was toward the East. Was the anomalous lighted object she watched in the pre-dawn hours of July 31—which had exactly the same bizarre shape as this crop circle–related to the circle’s creation? Or was the farmer’s observation of the peculiar behavior of his dogs on or around the morning of July 25-26th an indication that the circle formed then? And, if the farmer’s idea is correct, why wasn’t the circle seen during the harvesting of the winter-wheat crop on July 27th?

One wonders why such a unique UFO was was seen in the same general area as the equally unique crop circle. Could this same UFO have been in the area on July 25th or 26th also? So far, no one else has reported seeing the same strangely-shaped lights in the sky in this area but, for Mrs. Langin, the precise similarity of design present in the two events is unmistakable, clearly indicating a connection to her: “having that crop circle appear is proof enough for me.”

Mrs. Langin told her family that she had seen what she thought might be a UFO and she then reported the light to a local TV station. A reporter she spoke with told her that what she had seen was “Venus,” and that she would see it the next morning if she got up early again. She did get up at 4:30 am the morning of August 4th and looked again through the same window—but this time no light (Venus or otherwise) was present.

Mrs. Langin's drawing showing both the primary shape of the bizarre light & how its size diminished somewhat as it "floated" upward behind the spruce tree & into the early morning sky.

Mrs. Langin’s drawing showing both the primary shape of the bizarre light & how its size diminished somewhat as it “floated” upward behind the spruce tree & into the early morning sky.

Section of circle in Armstrong, B.C. formation, facing pathway up to strange appendages. As is often the case, this circle formed in a sloping field. Photo: Stacy Patterson/Phil Hughes.

Section of circle in Armstrong, B.C. formation, facing pathway up to strange appendages. As is often the case, this circle formed in a sloping field. Photo: Stacy Patterson/Phil Hughes.

Armstrong circle photographed shortly after formation's discovery. Soft "undulating" lay of plants is typical of genuine (non-mechanically-flattened) crop circles.

Armstrong circle photographed shortly after formation’s discovery. Soft “undulating” lay of plants is typical of genuine (non-mechanically-flattened) crop circles.

Circle center before being walked on shows a soft spiraled swirl & no breakage of the dry flattened plants—something impossible to duplicate in dry crop, which always splits and/or breaks if mechanical pressure is applied.

Circle center before being walked on shows a soft spiraled swirl & no breakage of the dry flattened plants—something impossible to duplicate in dry crop, which always splits and/or breaks if mechanical pressure is applied.

2006 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle, photographed a week or more after discovery. Note the chaotic "lay" and that plants are flattened across straight path. (Straight paths in crop circles are usually flattened up

2006 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle, photographed a week or more after discovery. Note the chaotic “lay” and that plants are flattened across straight path. (Straight paths in crop circles are usually flattened up

As mentioned earlier blackened seed-heads, although occasionally found in crop circles and always described as being “burned,” are in fact known to have been actually burned in only one other crop circle—one in Hoeven, Holland on August 2, 2010. In that case plant samples were taken and sent to BLT so we could conclusively prove by laboratory analyses (see link to Dutch report in first para) that the seed-heads were, in fact, burned–that carbonization was present.

The blackening of plants sometimes observed in crop circles is usually caused by an opportunistic fungus ( called Ustilago—and although we received no samples from the Armstrong circle the plant photos from that event are more similar to the Dutch case than to many photos we’ve been sent of blackened plants from other cases.

Blackened seed-heads in July 31, 2006 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle. Photo: Lynne

Blackened seed-heads in July 31, 2006 Armstrong, B.C. crop circle. Photo: Lynne

Blackened seed-heads in Aug.2, 2010 Dutch crop circle, which lab analyses proved were burned. Photo: Roy Boschman

Blackened seed-heads in Aug.2, 2010 Dutch crop circle, which lab analyses proved were burned. Photo: Roy Boschman

The Dutch crop circle was found by Robbert van den Broeke, the only known person anywhere in the world who somehow “knows” exactly when and where the circles in his area are occurring (, and he reported seeing a “flash of light” immediately over the field in which he and a friend then found the Aug. 2, 2010 circle. And although Robbert has seen, occasionally, UFOs actually “making” crop circles (a new report about this to be posted on the BLT website soon), in this case he saw only the flash of light.

The 2010 Hoeven, Holland crop circle in which the burned seed-heads (red arrow) were found. Photo: Roy Boschman

The 2010 Hoeven, Holland crop circle in which the burned seed-heads (red arrow) were found. Photo: Roy Boschman

There is another similarity between the 2010 Dutch circle and the one in 2006 in Armstrong. Both of these formations had quite a bit of randomly-downed crop in the same field as the “geometric” circle….something that scientific testing of the plants in many of these randomly-downed areas has shown to often be present in genuine (not mechanically flattened) circles: see Item #2, “Non-Geometric Crop Formations” here:

FT-IR graphs showing carbonization of 2010 burned Dutch crop circle plants. Source: Frontier Analysis, Ltd.

FT-IR graphs showing carbonization of 2010 burned Dutch crop circle plants. Source: Frontier Analysis, Ltd.

Photomicrograph showing burned seed hulls in Dutch sample. Source: Frontier Analysis, Ltd.

Photomicrograph showing burned seed hulls in Dutch sample. Source: Frontier Analysis, Ltd.

There is another curiosity regarding this 2006 Armstrong crop circle. Visitors to the formation on or about August 8th spent some time inside it that night and one of them, Monica Keough, took a number of photos of the full moon—and one of her shots show a strange green object in the sky near the moon.

Everyone initially thought the photo showed the full moon and probably Mars– but Mars would not have been so large (nearly as large as the full moon) nor would it be green. Also, the green object was not visible to the photographer or the other people with her in the crop circle, and it did not appear in the several other photos of the moon taken by Ms. Keough that night.

The first image below shows the original photo (cropped only and labeled) of the full moon and the unknown green sphere at about the same altitude.

The second image is the same photo, cropped and labeled and with Photoshop Elements’ “autofix” also applied–which amplifies the purplish ring around the green unidentified aerial object. I think it’s reasonable for us to call this green object also (as had Mrs. Langin labeled her Kelowna object) a “UFO,” or at least a “UAP” (unidentified aerial phenomenon)–an increasingly preferred term used by academically-oriented investigators of unidentified aerial phenomena.

August 2006 – Photo of full moon & ? taken from inside the Armstrong crop circle. Photo: Monica Keough

August 2006 – Photo of full moon & ? taken from inside the Armstrong crop circle. Photo: Monica Keough

August 2006 – Photo of full moon & ? taken from inside the Armstrong crop circle. Photo: Monica Keough

August 2006 – Photo of full moon & ? taken from inside the Armstrong crop circle. Photo: Monica Keough

Various strange phenomena have been reported in the provinces of Canada for many years. Saskatchewan was, during the 1990s, rather a “hot spot” and many crop circles discovered there were investigated, well-sampled and analyzed—the lab results consistently producing data for which current scientific knowledge has yet to provide an “acceptable” explanation.

In August of 2006 we were informed of another strange mark in the Canadian landscape, this time in the rolling prairie grasslands of SW Saskatchewan on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range, near an entropic prairie lake called Buffalo Pound Lake. First seen on August 20th, from the air one would simply assume that a motorbike of some sort had created the undulating “U-shaped” depression in the prairie grasses (next to a well-used manmade track)….but closer examination suggests otherwise.


Aerial showing overall double "U" shape of mark (top) and ground photo of one section, showing highly unusual "lay" inside the marks.

Aerial showing overall double “U” shape of mark (top) and ground photo of one section, showing highly unusual “lay” inside the marks.

As the photos (photographer unknown) show, the grasses flattened in these “U” tracks are laid across the tracks….just as was the barley in the long straight pathway of the Armstrong, B.C. crop circle. Since flattened plants in pathways which are part of crop circles are usually laid either up or down the path, finding two land “imprints” with this same highly unusual lay pattern–within a month of each other and both in southern Canada is definitely odd.


Close-up shots show plants in "U" tracks at Buffalo Pound Lake are laid across the track and from both sides (arrows).

Close-up shots show plants in “U” tracks at Buffalo Pound Lake are laid across the track and from both sides (arrows).

Whether there is a relationship between these multiple unexplained events in southern Canada in late July-August, 2006 we don’t know. We have a reliable report and clear description of a uniquely-shaped UFO and an equally bizarre-looking crop circle discovered 2 days later, whose shape apparently duplicates the UFO’s visible characteristics. In the Armstrong, B.C. crop circle (in barley) there is evidence of burnt seed-heads, as well as a very unusual lay-pattern in the straight pathway section of the formation…and we have the additional (and regularly-reported in other crop circle events) information that the farmers’ dogs behaved very peculiarly shortly before the crop formation was discovered in the field next to the farmer’s house. And there is also the clear photo taken inside the crop circle not long after it was discovered, showing an invisible (to the naked eye) strange green sphere close to and at the same altitude as the full moon.

And then, within the same month and only 600 miles +/- to the East, a large “U”-shaped path in the prairie grasses of southern Saskatchewan is found–which is subsequently discovered to have been flattened in the same very rare manner as was the pathway in the Armstrong, B.C. crop formation.

It is my bet that other strange things were seen in these same areas—events which, if we were aware of them all, might help us reach an understanding of these, and other similar, peculiar occurrences. With the advent of the internet more and more such information is becoming available to a much larger public and I, for one, have great hope that this new tool of communication will help us all in our search for answers.


Sincere thanks to these Canadians who helped make this report possible:

Paul Anderson, of the CCCRN (the long-running but now defunct Canadian Crop Circle Reseach Network), Laurel Konrad, British Columbia fieldworker extraordinaire, Mrs. Sandra Langin of Kelowna, B.C., the Armstrong, B.C. farmer on whose property the 2006 crop circle appeared (name with-held by request), CCCRN fieldworkers Brenda Nobel, Lynne, & Cleo Murray, B.C pilot & photographer Clarence Glaicar, circle photographers Stacy Patterson, Phil Hughes & Monica Holy, green sphere photographer Monica Keough, & the unknown photographer(s) of the Buffalo Pound Lake event.

Thanks also to Robbert van den Broeke & Frontier Analysis, Ltd.

Posting of this report on the BLT website was made possible through the much appreciated generosity of The Lucius O. Farish Research & Education Trust.

Posted on with permission.

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Project Blue Book Pictured: Aidan Gillen


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Alien Abductions ?! Many Stories and a Theory (and yet, No Solid Proof)

It’s a controversial topic, but there are people who think the aliens have visited the planet and are convinced they have been kidnapped and taken by them on alien planets. While their testimonies may vary, the only things they have in common are the unshaken conviction of what they have seen, what they have experienced, and the impact that this has had on their lives.

Thousands of people, everywhere, claim to have been kidnapped by aliens and taken to spacecraft, where experiments, often sinister, have been carried out on them.

Nearly half of them remember details of a possible genetic engineering program, some people taken by aliens used as carrier moms.

There are even some who claim to be human / alien hybrids, as – they say – their mothers would have been, sown, including alien DNA.

Sometimes kidnapping leaves traces on the body or on clothing, for example, scars that did not exist the day before, or strange signs that appear on various parts of the body and persist for a while.

Other people found out on the morning of the kidnapping that some of the clothing they remembered was lying on a chair or beside the bed.

A woman in Orlando reported that the clothing of her relatives who had been kidnapped was impregnated with a pink substance that could have originated in other worlds …

Every time a person launches such a story, public reactions are shared: some refuse to believe it is true, because everything sounds ridiculous, while others take things seriously, arguing that no one could invent such a thing, so it must be real.

How did the stories begin?

In 1957, Antonio Vilas Boas, a 23-year-old farmer in Brazil, has just started to tell a stunning story: how he was taken on board an alien ship by some small humanoid beings; was examined, got blood, had even intimate relationships with a female of that humanoid species, then he was lowered from the ship and left to leave. The whole experience lasted almost 4 hours.

The extraterrestrial kidnapping of this Brazilian farmer in 1957 is considered to be one of the first ever reported worldwide.

The most widely publicized was the 1960s when Americans Betty and Barney Hill announced they were kidnapped by extraterrestrials and subjected to bizarre medical procedures.

On September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire returned home from a trip to Canada. Suddenly, they noticed “a spaceship with the shape of a very bright glowing cigarette,” flying in the sky and seeming to be heading toward them.

Two hours later, the Wives of the Hill woke up from a deep sleep and found themselves a few dozen kilometers from where they had gone.

Alien abductions
Betty and Barney Hill alongside their dog, Delsey

Since then, a cliché has been formed of these cases: an individual has a scary nightmare, asks for specialized medical help, and after hypnosis, he remembers that he was taken on board a spacecraft where he was surrounded by small beings tall, black-eyed, almost invisible nose and thin mouth openings.

Hill’s story has some common elements with Boas’s – medical exam, some features of the “aliens” – but it’s much richer in detail.

Interestingly, after the incident, they did not remember much; Betty then began to have some recurring dreams, which showed some details, so that eventually she and her husband used hypnosis, during which she had, with many details, told what happened during the so-called stay on board an alien ship.

The conclusion of Dr. Benjamin Simon, the specialist who has hypnotized and recorded and interpreted them several times, was that Barney’s story was a fantasy generated by his wife’s recurring dreams, which she had repeatedly told.

At the base of the whole complex of psychic phenomena there would have been a random anodyne – the two would actually have seen the warning lights of an aircraft that passed through the area even at the time Hill’s husbands claimed to have been captured; the rest is stressful, and memories of hypnosis – including “false memories,”

Alien Abductions
Dr Benjamin Simon

However, Hill’s double kidnapping has made a lot of sensation, and since then, the number of those claiming to have suffered similar things has grown steeply, so far there have been some 1,700 people who claimed they had contacts of these types with alien beings.

Over the years, a distinct subculture of this phenomenon has developed, prompting specialists in different areas to take seriously the study of these events. Psychologists also counted among those interested.

Alien Abductions | Truth or imagination?

If such things happened or not, if aliens visit and take from time to time on board their ships, human beings of both sexes, to study them morphologically and physiologically, we do not know yet. In the absence of incontestable evidence, the scientific community has contradictory opinions.

Meanwhile, there are people who are convinced that such things happen and there are people who strongly believe that it has happened to them. While those convinced that UFOs and aliens exist and visit us rehearsed, they never question the truthfulness of these stories, skeptics try to find alternative explanations.

Physicians, psychologists, have studied how many cases they could by testing the subjects themselves – the alleged abductees – to provide a scientific explanation of the phenomenon, starting from a bold premise: such meetings did not exist in reality but were imagined by those persons.

But what can make people think of it and relate things with such luxury of detail? Sleep paralysis, various psychiatric disorders (a paranoid trend has been identified in many of those studied) and other medical explanations have been proposed, partially accepted by some, violently rejected by others.

If in a state of wakefulness, the narratives are not too rich in details, hypnosis is sometimes used – a therapeutic and controversial investigation itself – a condition in which alleged kidnappers usually provide more details.

But there are researchers who point out that the interest shown by the scientists (there have been cases in which the same subject has been hypnotized several times by different specialists) can make those who are predisposed to such experiences reflect much at random and, become very preoccupied with it, to “fabricate” – not necessarily conscious! – a series of details to be considered with caution.

Stunning similarities

But regardless of the psychology specific to those who reported experiences of this kind, what always intrigued the skeptical researchers of these phenomena was the fact that a large number of these stories have some common elements.

Is it possible that one and the same extraterrestrial race has been the author of reprisals, spent half a century after almost the same pattern?

Or is it a positivist explanation: do people imagine the same things because some common characteristics of the human psyche predispose them to the same type of imaginary travel?

It’s a fascinating hypothesis, an interesting field of investigation for psychologists.

But what could be that “first cause”, common to all people, something that does not hold on to the family in which they were raised, to the school to which they have gone, to the experiences of life?

Well, there is something common to everyone: Intrauterine life, ending with birth – moving into a different life.

All the people in this world spent their first months in the uterus (even if recently, some of them begin their embryonic life in a test tube).

And after a few months of life in the uterus, all the people left him to meet the outside world, and this meeting is not a gentle one: psychologists talk about a “birth trauma” about the fact that the exit of the uterus and the entry into the outer world of the mother’s body represents, for the newborn, a brutal experience which, in the case of those with a more fragile psychic, leaves deeper traces.

Alien Abductions
Alien Abductions | Artist Impression

Generally, we do not consciously remember the birth and trauma associated with it, but that does not mean that it leaves no trace in our psyche.

This idea made scientist Alvin Lawson elaborate his amazing theory on so-called kidnappings: stories would rely on our own memories of intrauterine life and its painful ending – birth trauma.

It’s a controversial but fascinating theory: a true descent into the abyss, a deep incursion into the deepest mysteries of the mind, where we keep, without knowing them, the memories of life before the world.

An unexpected explanation

Interestingly, Lawson does not claim that there are no UFOs, aliens, maybe third-degree meetings, but he considers that, as regards the particular aspect of capture by aliens of some people, bringing them on the spacecraft, the experiments made on them, etc., things are, first of all, imagination and not real facts. Regardless of other aspects of the UFO phenomenon, in his opinion, the kidnapping part is psychological and requires a proper approach – a careful psychological assessment of the subjects.

Alien Abductions
Alvin Lawson, seen with a telescope in the early 1970s,

The author asserts that anyone can resist their birth trauma in the presence of an appropriate stimulus – hypnosis, drug substance or even the appearance of an unusual phenomenon – including the appearance (real or imagined) of a UFO. The retreat of this trauma may, for some, take the form of a hallucination; for others – of a religious experience; finally, for a small number of people – a “kidnapping by aliens”.

Here are summarized the main points of Lawson’s theory:

  • In most of the stories about the kidnappings, the subjects described the present “alien” human entities with a large head, large eyes … strikingly similar, in the author’s opinion, to the appearance of a human embryo of about two months.
  • He assumes that the embryo – then the human fetus – could have a perception of his or her own body, a “self-image”, even during the life of the neuter, and this memory is reflected in the way the adult describes his experience later ” kidnapping “.
  • The often-present theme of the “tunnel” through which the abducted reach the ship above them – sometimes described as a light tunnel – sends thought to the tunnel that the fetus has to cross to get out of the mother’s body;
  • In another interpretation – depending on how the subjects tell their lives – the radius that, drawing on the ship’s grip, catches and pulls in the captured man, could be an analogy with the umbilical cord, through which the fetus is linked to the placenta, exactly how, through that tunnel or beam of light, a connection is established between the subject and the spacecraft.
  • The ship itself is interpreted by Lawson as a distorted picture of the placenta; this, with its dome shape, often placed in the upper part of the uterus above the fetus, is concurrent with the internal wall of the uterus, so that the fetus is connected to the mother’s circulatory system by the placenta and umbilical cord, thus receiving directly in the blood, the necessary substances for development. Images of the umbilical cord placenta are found, as an archetype, in various cultures of the world, from different places and times. It is, therefore, a well-established picture in the collective mind, is expressed in different forms, in art, mythology, religion …
  • Passing through the tunnel, the subjects arrive in a wide, luminous space – sometimes with dazzling lights – where they are surrounded by several humanoid-looking beings and subjected to body examinations; many describe invasive procedures through the navel or at least a feeling of pain or tension in the navel.
  • Alvin Lawson identifies here an obvious correspondence with the stage where the newborn comes out of the mother’s body, coming into the brightly lit birthplace, where members of medical staff manipulate and examine it; Finally, the oblique cord is trapped and cut – perhaps an unpleasant experience, both physically and mentally, even if we do not remember it.

A number of interviewees recall metal sounds – most likely in a birthplace, where most of the children come to the world in Western countries.

Otherwise, not the elements common to most of the stories, but rather those specific to a particular story, testify to the truthfulness of an interpretation from the point of view of the trauma of birth: thus, a subject mentions that he felt tightly grasped by a kind of pliers that twisted it, provoking – Back pain – Details suggesting the use of forceps during delivery.

Another person mentions how he straightened his shoulders and twisted his body “in an attempt to sneak through the tunnel” – or, just as it happens during natural birth: there is a fingering motion of the fetus, for to pass through the narrowest part of the basin.

Influencing psychic

In conclusion, “abduction by aliens” is regarded by Professor Lawson as a subjective experience with deep roots in psychology and culture.

The so-called extraterrestrials are unconsciously using elements of the birth process as a matrix for an imaginary abduction experience.

The many influences from films, books, stories of others, photographs, newspaper articles that relate to big-to-earth such events, presenting them as real, are added to the original matrix and are also used unconsciously to complement the complex fabric of stories with details.

Not accidentally, probably after the much-publicized Roswell case, most of the “rapists” began to describe (and even draw) the extraterrestrial authors of the kidnappings as small, stunning humanoids with large heads and huge black eyes – perfectly suited to the pictures and drawings that circulated through countless publications and which depicted “Roswell aliens”.

The mystery – which is so called by the author of the theory – is that it is unknown the cause that causes this reversal of the birth trauma in the form of a kidnapping by aliens.

It is also not known how these images – from intrauterine life and birth – are formed in the fetus’s brain and how they are brought back to life during hypnosis, under the action of substances or during spontaneous awakening from sleep.

It was expected that such a theory would arise vehemently. But Alvin Lawson (who died recently in September 2010 at the age of 80) maintained his claims, claiming, moreover, that uphology can not dispense with the help of psychology.

In the ending of the article he published his Theory (Alien Rebirth and Birth Trauma), published for the first time in 1982, he launches a bold conclusion, which is also a challenge for UFO researchers: “Until the psychology of these the subjects will not become the main target of investigations in third-degree meetings, research into alien abductions will not – and will not deserve – a serious and serious attention from scientists. ”


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Share Me with Your Leader: Dennis McKenna Analyzes the Experiment at La Chorrera Through an Alien Encounter Lens

Dennis McKenna was abducted by aliens.

His brother, the late Terence McKenna, became the appointed ambassador of the aliens –following in the footsteps of the UFO Contactees of the 1950’s and 60’s– in charge of laying the ground for their arrival.

Both of them were subjected to profound mental and biological changes which effectively transformed them into human-alien hybrids.

That could be one interpretation extracted from the two famous brothers’ surreal experiences during their little expedition at the Amazonian rain forest in 1971, popularly known as the La Chorrera Experiment. It could easily have been the conclusion reached by UFO investigators if they had ever bothered to interview them after their return from South America; that is, if the McKennas had decided to omit the tiny little detail that their whole purpose of traveling to Colombia was to look for an orally active version of DMT, the most potent psychedelic substance known to man –oh, and that failing to discover it, they were all-too happy to settle with the abundant clumps of pan-tropical psilocybin mushrooms they serendipitously found all around the tiny jungle village they settled into.

The members of the 'experiment' at La Chorrera (1974)

The members of the ‘experiment’ at La Chorrera (1974)

Terence knew all too well that when it comes to the mere mention of mind-altering substances involved before or after an exchange with non-human intelligences, UFO buffs are just as puritans as the arch-skeptics who love to invoke the stereotypical ‘pink elephants’ meme, in order to explain anomalous sightings as a result of “one-drink too many at the pub”. He made a point to mention this during his presentation (“Shamanic Approaches to the UFO”) at the Angels, Aliens & Archetypes conference in San Francisco, in November of 1987, where Whitley Strieber and Jacques Vallee were also speakers, turning him into a heretic among heretics:

“(…)Had (Whitley) prefaced his story with the comment that before it all happened he took five grams of mushrooms, I doubt he could have sold it to his mother. Because in a world where mushrooms and other psychedelic plants are imbibed, such stories are commonplace. It’s no big deal!”

3 decades have passed since Terence, who departed this planet in April 3rd of 2000 –4-3-2(000) for those who like to check on numerological stuff– made this point of contention to the UFO research community, and yet barely anyone bothered to hear him amid all the shouting between those defending the legitimacy of the MJ-12 papers, and those who decried them as hoaxes. “Don’t talk to us about taking drugs in order to meet the aliens, you hairy hippie! We wanna know where the government is hiding all the crashed saucers!”

In the absence of something tangible, like a piece of a flying disc or a pickled alien body, UFOlogists had to settle themselves with the tangibility… of photocopied documents.

And yet, what both true believers AND materialists skeptics have failed to grasp, is that the uncanny nature of the UFO seems especifically designed into coaxing us to disregard such simplistic distinctions –is it either ‘real’ or ‘imaginary’? ‘psychological’ or ‘physical’? ‘objective’ or ‘subjective’? etc– and to open our minds into broader (and weirder) possibilities. Possibilities into which “Both/And” tends to yield better results than “Either/Or”.

During the Breaking Convention at the University of Greenwich in 2017, Dennis McKenna decided to take these ‘ür-heretical‘ ideas where his brother had left them, and to keep pushing further into exploring the commonalities between alien encounters and their Amazonian experiences in the 1970s. The title of his presentation: “The ‘Experiment’ At La Chorrera – Psychosis, Shamanic Initiation or Alien Encounter.”

Dennis numbers 9 basic parallels between the experiment at La Chorrera (E@LC) and ‘standard’ alien encounters –understanding the term as an umbrella encompassing any alleged interaction with non-human entities, in which angelic encounters and religious apparitions could also be included. These commonalities are listed below, along with my personal commentary on them:

  1. A familiar ‘back story’ often related to childhood events, or family trauma. In his book ‘The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss’ (which I highly recommend) Dennis narrated the family tensions he and his brother experienced while growing up in a seemingly typical middle-class household with a war veteran suffering from PTSD, plus the loss of their mother when they were fairly young –and Terence was at the time a fugitive of the law. As per alien encounters, abduction researchers have made the point that the phenomenon starts at a very early age, and it even seems to occur across several generations of the same family.
  2. A ‘siren song’ – something that inexorably pulls the ‘contactee’ into the encounter despite its terrifying nature. How many times have we heard experiencers being unable to explain why they decided to make a wrong turn during a road trip, or wake up in the middle of the night to have a nightly rendezvous with The Other? It is as inexplicable as what impulsed the McKennas and their group to leave everything behind to answer ‘the call of DMT’ into the inhospitable heart of the jungle. There’s also the ‘sense of mission’ Mike Clelland often talks about, with regards to the ‘urgency’ felt by many who claim the alien encounter experience into sharing their story online.
  3. The alien “teacher,” a non-human intelligence not always seen, but always sensed, with a message or information to share. For the McKennas the ‘teacher’ was the spirit residing within (or channeled through) the mushrooms they were ingesting on a daily basis(!) which they interpreted as something external from their own mind. ‘Channeling’ is in fact another umbrella term that is present in both the UFOlogical literature, as well as in spiritualist accounts of previous centuries –leading one to suspect the entities reaching both to UFO ‘Contactees’ and mediums were one and the same.
  4. Lost time – the encounters seem to occur in a timeless realm; contactees report returning to ‘reality’ hours, days, sometimes weeks, after their encounters. Often with little or no memory or confused recollections of what has occurred. ‘Missing time’ is by now an archetypical element of the UFO narrative thanks to the work of the late Budd Hopkins. During Dennis’s ‘abduction’ from consensual reality as a direct result of the experiment at La Chorrera, what might have been perceived as a full psychotic breakdown by an external observer, was perceived by him as being ‘smeared into all Time’; whereas Terence seemed to remain stuck into a ‘time-less now’ until they both gradually managed to return to a ‘normal’ perception of Time flow. Here Dennis’s exposition would have benefited from mentioning near death experiences (NDEs) and how the people who claim to have visited other realms while being clinically dead also report a sense of being ‘unglued’ from Time, and entering into a sort of Hyperreality.
  5. Transformative, psychic or physical modifications. Probes inserted into the brain or anus; objects implanted into the body (similar phenomena also seen in shamanic initiations). The alleged anomalous nature of so-called ‘alien implants’ remains a highly controversial subject, and yet I for one have been vocal in some podcast interviews by suggesting that these objects found inside the bodies of self-proclaimed abductees might have more in common  with religious stigmata than with extraterrestrial technology –i.e. they may be a form of apport. Among aboriginal Australians on the other hand, it is part of their shamanic tradition the belief that after dismembering the body of the shaman, the spirits will put it back together but leave inside a ‘magic stone’ which will become a talisman for the new shaman, who is no longer a mere mortal but something different –a ‘mutant’ or ‘hybrid’ if you will. A similar form of ‘hybridization’ was sought out by the McKennas when they became convinced they could combine the psychoactive molecules of psilocybin with their own DNA using the right tone or sound frequency; and metaphysical discussions re. the importance of ‘vibrations’ has become such a hallmark aspect of the New Age narrative it is by now a cliché.
  6. Secret or esoteric knowledge is transmitted. The Contactee is shown books, or golden tablets, or technical manuals, or computer-like machines. These are often instructions for doing something or building something. Classic examples of this ‘higher knowledge’ can be found in the famous Hill case, in which Betty was not only shown a ‘star map’ by the leader of their captors, but was even promised a ‘book’ she could bring back to be shown as solid proof of her ordeal. The book was never produced, giving way to the notion often supported by Terence McKenna that the only thing you can bring back from Fairyland, Magonia, the Underworld or whatever label we wish to put to that ‘other side’ in which communion with non-human entities take place, are IDEAS. Whether these new ideas prove to be pure malarkey –like the instructions to build a flying saucer using electromagnetic principles as was instructed by the Space Brothers (which presumably destroyed many a barn in the 50’s), the secret history of the lost tribes of Israel decoded by John Smith, or the Timewave Zero theory concocted by Terence McKenna himself (which proved to be drastically wrong when predicting the Eschaton of History on December 21st 2012, in accordance to the Mayan calendar)– or are eventually shown to be accurate information which can lead to tangible progress –like Descartes’s ‘angelic visitations’ or Kekule’s dream which lead him to the discovery of benzene– is a trickier proposition than we would be led out to believe; and that is because often in paranormal experiences sometimes the subject will receive at first bits of information he or she can easily confirm to be factual, but this seems to be ‘bait’ in order to lower the skeptical barriers of the person so they get convinced of the ultimate grandiose secret –Doomsday prophecies or promises of ET arrival that are never fulfilled.
  7. Gifts are given. The Contactee often receives a gift, that imparts knowledge or power. In the case of alien encounters, the examples of food exchanges between non-human entities and witnesses could fill a whole book –and it fact it already did, thanks to my good friend Joshua Cutchin— and in the case of La Chorrera we also find examples of consumables that seemed to alter the perception of the consumer in significant ways; only that the McKennas had the unique opportunity of bringing back their ‘space pancakes’ in the form of mushroom spores, which were effectively disseminated on a vast scale thanks to the growing guide they (anonymously) published, not unlike all the books which were self-published by UFO Contactees in the heyday of the modern flying saucer era.
  8. The Absurd. Often there are funny or ridiculous aspects to encounter; if seen, the ‘aliens’ are little green or blue gnomes, or dwarves, or clown-like, or sometimes the scarier ‘greys’. Sometimes the ‘saucers’ are straight out of comic books or debunked UFO reports. As if the ‘aliens’ want to make clear that it’s kind of a practical joke, all in good fun. By “debunked UFO reports” Dennis is making a clear reference to the alleged ‘flying saucer’ encounter his brother Terence had right after their attempt to create the ‘transcendental object at the end of Time’ –a metaphysical UFO, a biochemical ‘Philosopher’s stone’– which was both wondrous and farcical since the object looked just like the oft-debunked ‘Venusian’ flying saucers photographed by the George Adamski in the 50’s and 60’s. The ‘absurdity by design’ quality of the phenomenon is something I’ve addressed more than once, and the self-negating nature of not only paranormal events but also profound religious experience, is something most academicians have yet to grasp. For example, although I have no doubt Adamski faked 99% of his material and the Venusian higher teachings was a rehash of Teosophical philosophy, the film taken by him in 1965 while staying at Madeline Rodeffer’s home still gives me pause; and the ‘distortions’ exhibited by  the object may not be the result of a ‘gravitational distortion’ as speculated by those who studied the footage, but a sign that it was a sort of ‘thought projection’ or tulpa. Furthermore, it just occurred to me as I was writing this piece that, in a way, Terence McKenna became a sort of Adamski-like spokesperson for alien entities once he attained world-wide popularity; not because he was a charlatan mind you, but because both Terence and George were charismatic individuals with a ‘gift for gab’ and they clearly enjoyed being the center of attention –and also, because both of them suffered from untimely deaths…
  9. Post-encounter confabulations. Obsessive efforts to explain what happened. Loss of credibility in the eyes of friends and colleagues. A vague persistent sense of unreality; “things are not what they seem.” Dennis explains both in the aforementioned presentation and his “Screaming Abyss…” book how Terence became totally shocked and dismayed after what happened to them at La Chorrera, to the point that after returning to Berkeley he decided to return by himself to Colombia, yet it was all for naught because the mushrooms that had serendipitously appeared during their previous visit proved to be as transitory as the ‘fairy rings’ occasionally found by farmers in the Irish landscape. One could say Terence McKenna –that is the person he used to be prior to the experiment at La Chorrera– never did come back from his initial pilgrimage into the jungle, unable to find his way into Kansas after being whisked away into the land of Oz, just like many men and women who’ve had brief or persistent brushes with unexplained phenomena (be that a close encounter, a cryptid sighting or an NDE) and see their lives forever transformed by these chaotic catalysts –sometimes not for the better…

“Yes, there are unknown dimensions out there; beautiful, dangerous, and utterly alien,” concludes Dennis. These realms are accessible to those brave (or foolish enough) to seek passage via a chemical key, but other times the Invisible Landscape and their denizens come barging in uninvited, and disrupting the existence of countless people who try their best to make sense of this liminal glimpse through the looking glass. Some of those hapless individuals have been burned at their stake or committed into insane asylums, whereas others have been anointed as saints, or recognized as medicine men or high priestesses by their people –biological bridges between this world, and the Great Beyond.

And now thanks to the disruption of the Internet and other forms of modern communication —technologies who owe no small debt to psychedelics— the shamans, alchemists and prophets of this age can further spread the tendrils of the alien meme-cylea to every corner of the world, completely unbound by the constraints of space and time —sounds familiar?

Psychosis, shamanic initiation or alien encounter. How about neither…

Or all of the above, my fellow Magonians?

Young Dennis & Terence McKenna

“Is that a flying saucer?!” Young Dennis and Terence McKenna, before their appointment with Destiny


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