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Can a hoverboard cross the English Channel ?

Can a hoverboard cross the English Channel ? 1

Image Credit: YouTube / Zapata

The Flyboard Air needs to be constantly refuelled. 

A record-breaking attempt to traverse 34km of open water on the futuristic invention didn’t go quite to plan.

Franky Zapata, inventor of the jet-powered hoverboard ‘Flyboard Air’, attempted the seemingly impossible this week when he attempted to use his contraption to cross the English Channel.

Setting off from a staging area near Calais yesterday, Zapata had hoped to reach St Margaret’s Bay on the coast of England – a distance of 34 kilometers – within a mere 20 minutes.

The Flyboard Air is powered by five mini turbo engines that can propel it at speeds of up to 118mph.

The caveat however is that the board has a very low fuel capacity and is notoriously difficult to get the hang of – it takes 50 to 100 hours of practice just to be able to stand up on it.

While the crossing attempt started off promisingly enough, Zapata ending up falling in to the water when he tried to land on the refuelling platform around half way through the flight.

Undeterred, he has since pledged to attempt the crossing again at some point in the near future.

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Source: The Verge


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