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“By the command of Human God”: The ghost of death circles the planet

"By the command of Human God": The ghost of death circles the planet 1

The specter of death clearly looms on the horizon of even the wealthiest countries. According to research, in the world every year about 5 million people die from climatic anomalies. The planet is warming up, but it is quite possible that it is not only nature and human economic activity that is to blame for this, but most likely the experiments on creating climate weapons.

A number of inventions on artificial weather and climate change have been patented in the USA for a long time

The invention US3564253 “Artificial irradiation of planetary surfaces” was registered in the United States back in 1971. It was made by an employee of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. 

Prior to that, in 1966, a method of artificially influencing the weather was patented in the same country.

In 1998, patent US5762298 was officially issued for the use of satellites to increase or decrease the illumination of the Earth’s surface. The author of the publication notes that there are many closed patents in the field of weathering. They are considered military secrets. The work continues. Closed studies of the HAARP corporation were partially resumed in 1997.

"By the command of Human God": The ghost of death circles the planet 2

It is possible that it is with the new experiments of this forge of new US weapons that the information regularly leaking into the press about a decrease in the heating of the planet due to the dispersion of special aerosols in the upper atmosphere is connected. 

Another “brilliant” idea arose: simultaneously with the eruption of some volcano and volcanic ash falling into the stratosphere afterwards, to spray sulfates there. According to the idea of ​​recklessly brave minds, this will lead to a decrease in the average annual temperature on the planet, since the solar energy will not be able to fully reach the surface of our celestial body.

In addition, a completely insane project is on the horizon: to hang millions of mini-mirrors into open space to reflect solar energy.

Is it possible that all these surveys affect the weather?

In the same Singapore, in the Pearl River Delta, in a production requiring a closed cycle of workshops, as well as due to lack of funds, workers suffer from an overwhelmingly high temperature – they are given a maximum of half an hour of rest during an eight-hour working day.

But the climate, as you know, is a delicate thing: by influencing one country, you can simultaneously break wood at home, across the ocean. For example, in the United States for several years in a row in the summer months, 31 million people suffer from extreme temperatures bordering on the risk of heatstroke.

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These data became public thanks to the investigation of the publishing house “The Guardian”, as well as the French “Le Point”. The information is based, in particular, on research carried out in the state of Oregon (USA). Oregon Governor Keith Brown has already said that she considers the summer heat only a harbinger of what her state, and our entire planet, will face in the coming years.

The merciless struggle for water and habitation in more or less acceptable climatic conditions comes to lawsuits and grandiose scandals. In Spain, the public is outraged, and the case may go to court: the country’s second largest electricity producer, Iberdrola, flushed water in the Zamora and Cáceres storage tanks in order to speed up the operation of the turbines and reduce the production cost per kW. At the same time, the selling prices for the population remained at a high level.

Meanwhile, this year in Cordoba (Andalusia) the thermometer rose on August 14 to a record 47.2 degrees. Celsius. This is no longer Europe – this is the Sahara!

In France, to combat the spread of fire associated with high summer temperatures, firefighters themselves burn the undergrowth around cities. France fears a tragedy on the scale of California, where millions of hectares of forests have been burned: in 2016, a riding forest fire spread across the Cote d’Azur at such a speed that it reached the suburbs of Marseille.

An incomprehensible catastrophic warming has also affected the ice edges. In the north of Greenland, a frightening anomaly occurred: it rained for the first time in many millennia in the highlands. Such a weather phenomenon, that is, liquid precipitation at positive temperatures in Celsius, caused a terrible alarm among meteorologists and glaciologists.

This year, the temperature in Greenland is 10 degrees above the maximum permissible norm for the ice island. This has never happened and, by definition, should not be in the area of ​​the largest glacier after Antarctica. And nevertheless, in the northeast of this land at the end of July 2021, near the airport Nerlerit Inaat (commune Sermerssook), quite summer weather was registered: more than 22 degrees Celsius.

On August 14, the National Snow and Ice Data Center Summit weather station recorded continuous rain at an altitude of 3000 meters. Moreover, for 9 days in a row, the thermometer did not fall below zero. The ice was actively melting over an area of ​​about 900 thousand square kilometers.

All these natural anomalies confirm the known information: the Arctic is melting 3 times faster than the entire planet is warming up. And it is possible that this warming is the fruit of purposeful activity.

It is worth noting that the topic of the climatic flight of migrants from North Africa and Central Asia has been discussed in the press for a long time. Say, wars and other social cataclysms are just a pretext: the true and formidable reason for the migration of peoples is the inevitably advancing desert and the drying up of water resources. Which, in turn, leads to the loss of crops and hunger. However, such a scenario for the destruction of the population living in the southern hemisphere may well fit into the plans of the “deep state”, which, it seems, rules the world.

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