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Busy simply surviving: Predictions of Ra Uru Hu for February 15, 2027 and the transition to a new era

Busy simply surviving: Predictions of Ra Uru Hu for February 15, 2027 and the transition to a new era 1

It just so happens that we live in an era of change. Some cycles end and others begin. And most of these new cycles begin around the same time, which only adds to the significance of our time.

In February 2027, our world enters a new four-hundred-year era, which will bring us a lot of new things. A person who received this knowledge from above spoke about this in detail at the end of the last century.

Who is Ra Uru Hu?

Robert Alan Krakover, better known to the world as Ra Uru Hu, founded the Human Design system. In 1987, a voice appeared in his head, and for eight days, Ra Uru Hu wrote down what was dictated to him.

After communicating with the Voice of Ra, he received the title Uru Hu – where Uru is the white light (literally) and Hu is the one who closes the doors.

The “Voice” told Ra that although humans would always inhabit the planet, the time for their development had come to an end. The “doors” of knowledge are closing. The moment the mutation occurs, the Program will no longer care about humans because it will care about the Raves.

Ra Uru Hu died on March 12, 2011, at 05:40 am, on the island of Ibiza.

Human Design is universal knowledge, a genetic matrix that gives people information about themselves.

It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-2

This is science, and its logic is impeccable:

“Human Design is the most spiritual Knowledge that has ever existed on this planet. It gives every human being the opportunity to accept life as it is and to realize the perfection of all things. So this is special Knowledge. It helps you become yourself,” explained Ra Uru Hu.

A new era will begin in 2027

The years 2024, 2025 and 2027 will be very tense and turbulent. This is especially true in 2027, when dramatic changes will occur on the planet. And this will happen in absolutely all areas of life. For example, the importance of religion in a person’s life will greatly decrease, religious egregors will weaken.

Active transformation began back in 2020, humanity entered a seven-year cycle of the transition period.

It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-3

The world, the economy, and relationships between countries are being reformatted. The world is polarizing into the conventional East and West. And it is not surprising that countries cannot agree – some confrontations are and will continue to become heated.

By analogy with Ukraine, military conflicts will take place on the territories of states that will simply become a battlefield between East and West. At the moment, Taiwan and Africa are at risk – these are the two main sites where several major world powers will sort out their relations.

2027 is the period when humanity moves into a new era. The 400-year era aimed at collective industrial development will end.

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400 years ago, society changed from feudal to capitalist, and now capitalism is approaching its logical conclusion. The “owners of factories, newspapers, and ships” themselves understand this very well.

It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-4

In 2027, completely different energies will come to Earth, because previously we were under the influence of some planets, now we will be under the influence of completely different celestial bodies. Other energies will begin to influence us.

This doesn’t happen overnight. The era is 400 years old, so it will take time for the world to finally change.

But our world is already changing. What the prediction of Ra Uru Hu describes is already happening. The first thing that needs to happen is the collapse of social institutions.

We have been observing the collapse of the institution of marriage for decades. This does not mean that everyone will now live in same-sex marriages or not bind themselves to any obligations, just that for many people the need for a collective economy disappears.

Only a third will remain on Earth

Ru Uru Hu predicted that, for various reasons, only a third of humanity would remain on Earth in just 100 years. And for quite some time now, globalists have been promoting the theory of the Golden Billion, when there should be a minimum of people left on Earth.

It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-5

The lion’s share of population growth is now coming from Africa, where the birth rate is highest. India is in second place. There is a significant decline in China. There is no talk about other countries – the fertility index is below par.

The more benefits of civilization a person receives, the less desire he has to be fruitful and multiply. Africa is the most fertile territory on the planet because it has the poorest population.

A sharp decline in the world’s population could easily come at the expense of Africa. For those who strive for the Golden Billion, it is enough to simply create a shortage of food and water there.

There is no need to even arrange natural disasters, which, by the way, are mostly the work of man. This forecast could easily come true at any moment, and there is no need to invent any apocalyptic scenarios.


It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-6

The Raves population will increase after 2027. This part of the ‘prophecy’ is the most obscure, esoteric and incomprehensible. Judging by the descriptions of Ra Uru Hu, these are autistic children, of whom more and more are being born now. Only Ra Uru Hu said that they would form groups and use their empathic abilities.

Raves have hypersensitive skin, they are vegetarians, they are not interested in communicating with people, they do not use verbal communication – they use mental communication. In principle, this is not difficult to believe now.

Many people, when they see an autistic child, believe that it is abnormal. But for that child, the opposite is true – it is surrounded mostly by abnormal people, because we grimace, lie to ourselves and others, we are constantly in a state of neuroses and emotional outbursts.

And Raves are Zen masters, that is, people who do not express strong emotions, are very reserved, but at the same time emotionally sensitive. The smallest emotion is enough for them to show, for example, a large amount of happiness.

It just so happens that we live in an era of change.  Some cycles end and others begin.-7

And now, according to the auspication of Ra Uru Hu, there will be more and more such children. They are born to healthy parents, but have these interesting features. By the way, Raves will not be able to reproduce.


For thousands of years, people have relied on milk and animal meat. Ra Uru Hu claims that humans’ contract with animals is ending. And in 20 years, half of humanity will give up meat.

Vegetarianism will become widespread. New generations are increasingly inclined to abandon animal foods.

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The world is already changing

It will not happen that on February 15, 2027 we will wake up in another world – all this will happen gradually, but quite rapidly. In 2020, we saw a different situation, full of restrictions? How did everything change after February 2022? The world has changed again.

In 2024, we will face new global transformations due to a severe economic crisis. Likewise, February 15, 2027 is only a formal transition to a new era. Everything goes gradually, step by step, but quite noticeably. The world is already changing.

We have just over five years left to answer all the questions about the nature of things that concern us. And starting in 2027, we will all be busy simply surviving, preserving our lives and the lives of our children. But this will be the natural course of events, our time has simply ended and the time has come to pass the baton to the Raves.


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