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British UFO Sightings Exposed – London is the favorite place of aliens

British UFO Sightings Exposed - London is the favorite place of aliens 1

In the late 1950s, the British aviation authorities created a special task force for aliens. She watched the sky and recorded information about suspicious objects. Secret observations of alleged UFOs in Britain have been made public recently.

The Royal Air Force’s specially created UFO department was closed after 50 years. The basis was the conclusion that there was no evidence of potential threats emanating from space. Recently published records, show the UK’s main hot spots.

British UFO Sightings Exposed - London is the favorite place of aliens 2

These are more than 56 places throughout England, as well as areas of Scotland, Wales and even the Channel Islands. From 1959 to 2009, unidentified flying objects were registered here. When compiling a report, in order to display all cases of the appearance of unidentified objects, witness messages were also made.

According to documents, London took first place in the number of observations of unexplained outbreaks. The files contain detailed descriptions of alleged evidence of alien activity. For example, someone in London witnessed an object with white and alternating red lights.

They looked like fireballs, but made no sound. In the early 1950s, when interest in aliens increased, UFOs even attracted the attention of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who in 1952 sent a memo to his Minister of Aviation. In it, he asked about the credibility of a UFO. In a poll conducted in 2020, 1 in 5 Britons acknowledges that aliens probably live among people on Earth, 65% say that this is unlikely, and 15% have not decided.


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