British MP calls for Gates and other ‘Covid Cabal members’ to be executed over ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

A senior British MP has called for Gates and other members of the elite “Covid cabal” to be tried and executed for “crimes against humanity”

Rep. Andrew Bridgen called for the death penalty for Gates and the elite “Covid cabal” for their role in promoting mRNA vaccines, lockdowns, muzzles and other restrictions during the “pandemic.”

Bridgen referred to a “Covid conspiracy” that includes Gates, the WEF, the UN, the WHO, Big Pharma executives, globalist government officials and the business elite. Bridgen claims that child slaver Epstein’s close friend, Gates and the Covid Cabal have committed “crimes against humanity” that “amount to treason against society.”

He called on his colleagues to work to ensure that those responsible for these crimes are punished with the death penalty. During his statement, Penny Mordaunt, Speaker of the House of Commons and long time member of the WEF, tried to argue with him, but Bridgen continued saying: “Government leaders around the world and others have committed what can only be described as a betrayal of society.”

“I have always been against the death penalty because it is wrong to take a person’s life, so it cannot be right for the state to take a person’s life in retaliation,” he told the House, “But events have forced me to reconsider my position.“

So can we have a debate about crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those who commit, collaborate and cover up all these atrocities, cruelties and crimes that are so serious that capital punishment may be required?”

Mordaunt, the British liberals and the corporate media reacted by calling Bridgen a “conspiracy theorist”, a term coined by the CIA after the Kennedy assassination to brand anyone who came close to the truth about his murder.

“It is fitting that the finale of this meeting, which was dominated by conspiracy theories, was given to the noble gentleman,” she said, accusing Bridgen of being a “threat to democracy.”

Bridgen said he had already contacted Metropolitan Police Chief Mark Rowley to comment on the allegations. The MP plans to meet with experts and whistleblowers to raise questions about this crime and the impact of the Covid Cabal’s activities on society. He said he would present evidence of the criminal activities of Gates, the WEF, the UN and some senior members of the British government and state services during the quasi-pandemic.

Bridgen also said that one of the high-ranking cabinet ministers revealed to him the top secret details of the plan to depopulate the world, which Gates, Schwab and others spoke about brazenly and without any hesitation.

He said the whistleblower had evidence of a conspiracy to massively reduce the world’s population. According to Bridgen, the conversation took place in the Parliament tea room in Westminster.

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An unnamed minister told Bridgen he would “soon die of cancer” because he had been tricked into getting an mRNA Covid jab. Turbo cancer is one of the common side effects of mRNA injections, when a person burns out in a matter of days.

“You can say whatever you want,” the minister told Bridgen, “It doesn’t matter. You’re vaccinated. And you’ll soon die of cancer.”

Bridgen called on the British government to “immediately stop the mRNA vaccination program and launch a full public inquiry that will examine not only the harm caused by the vaccine, but also why all authorities and institutions acting to protect the public interest have failed so dismally in fulfilling their duties.

One can only hope that Bridgen will not “commit suicide,” as it happens with people who have gone so far, and will see the matter through to the end, or at least slow down the implementation of any other plans.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama adds fuel to the fire and blurts out:

“We have now essentially conducted clinical trials of the vaccine on billions of people around the world.”

That is, Obama confirms that all of Humanity were guinea pigs for Big Pharma/WEF in the largest human experiment in History, in which people were repeatedly injected with experimental mRNA gene therapy technology, all to treat a mild pathogen with a survival rate of more than 99%.

Let’s recall that the research base of the “vaccines” from “omicron” (BA.4/5) Pfizer and Moderna consisted of 8 (EIGHT) mice. Immediately after the mice, tests began on humans, forcing people to give consent under the threat of dismissal, prohibition of walks, travel, etc. Moreover, the test on 8 mice failed.

One mouse had a titer of 300, 2 others had 700, 2 others had 1500, 1 had 3,000, 1 had 7,000, and the last had 22,000!

Those who refused, lost their jobs or were excluded from that very “public life” – the well known “can’t buy, can’t sell” Mark of the Beast dogma.

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