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British explorers went to Burma’s jungle to be surprised to see monks floating in the air

British explorers went to Burma's jungle to be surprised to see monks floating in the air 1

Speaking of human levitation, this is a peculiar phenomenon that cannot be explained by the current scientific level. The suspended person slowly floats by trying to untie the human body to get rid of the theory of gravity. In India, the human levitation technique has reached a state of obsession, and it has long been recorded in the ancient Indian book “The Buddhist Scriptures”.

British explorers went to Burma's jungle to be surprised to see monks floating in the air 2
The monk sits and floats. Photo: Pixabay

As early as 2,000 years ago, Buddhist monks could fly to the sky effortlessly. Scenes with them levitating were captured into a giant painting. Although scientists have always regarded the records in the ancient Indian Buddhist scriptures as myths, when they witnessed the humans floating in the air, they had to admit that the records in the ancient scriptures were all facts.

Buddhism has been followed by many believers in many countries since ancient times. The reason why there are so many believers is that there are many cultural foundations, especially the ‘propaganda’ of supernatural power, which makes more people cling to it. 

In 1910, the famous British explorer Peter Yabar went to the jungle in northern Myanmar and met an old monk in a monastery in a remote mountainous area. The monk, every morning would sit for ten minutes in front of the temple, and then sit cross-legged while his body would slowly lift off, floating in a circle over the jungle mountains and then slowly fall to the ground. Yabar was stunned by this magical scene. He used his camera to take shots of the monk levitating in the air from different angles.

After returning to China, he published the photos he took together with the scene of the monk ascending into the sky in the British newspaper “The Guardian”. At that time, some British scientists didn’t believe it, thinking that what Yabar saw was an illusion, and he had been tricked by some religious wizards. However, Yabar firmly believed that he was sober-minded at the time, and the scene he witnessed was real. The old monk was floating high in the sky fully on his will, and there was no such thing as vision issued or blindness on his behalf.

There must have been many readers who didn’t believe this story thinking that this explorer was writing a fairy tale like “A Fantastic Night”. In fact, many military scientists have long noticed that this kind of human body floating technique does exist, and are envisioning it to be used in military operations. 

However, some scientists believe that such a vision is difficult to realize because the current science still does not understand how the human body levitates. In addition to the four forces known to the world today, namely: gravity, electromagnetic force, and two nuclear forces, how does the force generated by the human body push it into the air is still a mystery. If the human body floating technique does exist, the principles of physics today will be completely overthrown.

Of course, the current level of science cannot explain all the peculiar phenomena in nature. In particular, the transcendence of yoga is more difficult to explain with scientific principles. 

Do scientists have to admit that the Buddhist scriptures are not myths?

In the remote mountainous village of Namoror in northern India, there is an old man in his 60s named Baya. He was practicing yoga 40 years, said that his body fitness over the floating mountains, as immortal.

The American physicist Professor Kalemance had been in various parts of India for many years, and he decided to visit this “superman”. He was accompanied by the famous Indian biologist Singh. Professor Mibal, Dr. Rehman, a scholar of human body shape and function, and a reporter from the US magazine “Science and Life”. Namoror Village is located in a remote mountainous area, and the roads are difficult and dangerous. People have to ride horses and walk for more than ten days to reach it. It’s almost isolated from the world.

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After Professor Kalemance and his party arrived, they paid a visit to Baya. The old man has thick and long silver hair, a beard, and sharp eyes under his thick eyebrows, just like a philosopher. He can speak fluent English. When Professor Kalemance asked Baya if he could have a display of his “super- human” functions, when floating on the sky, the old man immediately agreed: “Yes” and invited the crowd when the sun rises the next morning, in front of his hut living alone watch.

Early the next morning, Professor Kalemance and others gathered in front of the hut and set up a video recorder and various detectors. Baya sat cross-legged on a thin blanket in front of the door, closing his eyes to rest. People’s eyes, video camera lenses, and various detectors are all focused on him. After about 2–3 minutes, they saw his body gently rising, rose to about 10 meters high, he changed the cross-legged posture, stretched out his arms, like the wings of birds, flying starts to rotate. He was floating in the air, seemed to enter a state of total selflessness.

The scene was truly jaw-dropping. After floating in the air for about 30 minutes, Baya’s body began to shake, and then slowly descended horizontally. The VCR captured him at every angle in the air. After he landed, several scientists found that his body became very soft, like cotton. As Baya slowly lifted into the air, the detector detected a current of air squirting from him to lift him up. An 80 kg human needs considerable energy to lift off, where does this airflow and energy came from? Scientists can’t help but wonder.

British explorers went to Burma's jungle to be surprised to see monks floating in the air 3

Smith, a reporter for the American “Science and Life” magazine, was extremely excited after witnessing the real “superman” in real life, just like Columbus discovered the new world. Smith proposed to pay a lot of money to Baya and tried to persuade him to come to the United States to perform.

Baya politely turned down the heavily-paid offer. He said:

“I am a devout Hindu and have practiced yoga for 40 years. Living quietly in this deep mountain and jungle, I have long been indifferent to money, fame and fortune…”

When several scientists asked him how he practiced this wonderful kung fu, Baya replied earnestly:

“This skill must be learned through rigorous mental training, and the physical training is even more difficult.” Only with a high degree of spiritual concentration, in order for the human body to liberate its hidden huge ‘magic’…”

These words, can not lift the scientists’ hearts of the doubt, the human body, hidden “magic” what are they? How to break through the laws of universal gravity in physics?

Regarding the human body floating in the air, Professor Kalemance and several Indian scientists found that there is a long record in the ancient Indian book – “The Buddhist Scriptures”: As early as 2,000 years ago, Buddhist monks could fly effortlessly. Towards the sky, they painted the scenery they saw in the sky into giant paintings. 

Indian archaeologists have discovered a huge stone sculpture, which depicts the Mandal Plain in the Ganges River Valley in India 2,000 years ago. It was drawn entirely from a bird’s-eye view from above. There was no helicopter at that time, how did people draw it from high altitude? 

In 1912, the French explorer Owen Rojani explored the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet. He hired a Tibetan lama as a guide. As the Tibetan lama walked, he had no feet on the ground and seemed to float forward. The Himalayas are snowy, and every step of the way, Rojani’s feet were trapped in the snow, making it hard to trek forward. The Tibetan lama walked without snow on his feet, was very relaxed, and was always pulling him forward. When there was a gust of wind, the lama’s body, like leaves, floated up and moved with the wind.

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Owen was amazed by the sight of the lama taking him through the canyon. The gorge is about 200 meters deep and more than a hundred meters wide. If you climb the mountain to cross it, it takes most of the day, and it is very dangerous, because there is no available road, you may fall into the canyon at any time.

While Rojani was worried about the need to venture through the canyon, the lama bent down and carried him on his back, asking him not to be afraid and close his eyes. Rojani suddenly felt his body float up and opened his eyes to look at him. He was stunned. The Lama was flying through the sky with clouds on his back, crossing the canyon in just a few minutes. He couldn’t believe that in this desolate snow-capped mountain area, there should be such an amazing person.

Upon his return to France, Owen wrote an article about the Tibetan lama floating in the wind and his adventures in the Paris Times. Many readers did not believe the explorer, thinking he was writing another myth of “heaven and earth”.

British explorers went to Burma's jungle to be surprised to see monks floating in the air 4

Indian physicist Dr. Vajba has obeserved and researched body levitating techniques for many years, he has come across a few people having this ‘ability’. What makes the whole story strange is that these people live in seclusion in the mountains, never want to show themselves, and live a life of isolation.

Their behavior and logical thinking are incompatible with modern society, and it will be even more difficult for them to explain how to practice this skill. Dr. Vajba has used several modern physical detection instruments to detect the subtleties of it, but no results have been achieved.

The more you study, the more you feel that this is a wonderful myth, which is incomprehensible. It will take a long time for this mystery to be revealed. Only when human technology can truly discover the potential special functions in the human body can the mystery be completely unravelled.


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