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British expert says aliens are not making contact with Earth because of Putin’s military threats

British expert says aliens are not making contact with Earth because of Putin's military threats 1

Back home, they are closely watching the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, says Nick Pope, a former UFO expert at the UK Ministry of Defense. His words are quoted by The Daily Star.

Vladimir Putin’s saber-rattling over Ukraine is nullifying our chances of making contact with aliens, the UFO expert has warned.

According to Pope, an invitation to the Galactic Federation does not threaten Earth in the near future, since the situation in Ukraine is regarded by alien intelligence as “primitive behavior.”

“Highly advanced aliens probably see war as something only primitive civilizations do, so the situation in Ukraine means we’re unlikely to get an invitation to join the Galactic Federation at this point,” he stated.

However, he believes that the desire of the UK to join any fight against intimidation from Russia is different, the aliens will no doubt understand everything.

“Aliens may marvel at the wisdom of the UK going against Russia, but they will probably understand that being part of a coalition helps [deter Russia],” Nick Pope said.

The reasoning behind these posts

Major media and politicians have repeatedly accused Russia of preparing an attack on Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss accused Vladimir Putin of wanting to recreate the Soviet Union. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did the same.

The Russian authorities refute such rumors but Western allies are developing new sanctions against Russia almost on a daily basis. It got to the point that some threatened President Vladimir Putin personally.

The appearance of Nick Pope’s unusual publication caused a strong reaction on the Web.

“An urgent message from Agent Mulder and Agent Scully: “Putin’s military threats are the reason why aliens have not yet made first contact with humans,” they joked.

Twitter users also laughed at the absurdity of the publication.

“So Putin is literally delaying alien invasion, thank you Putin, I guess?”

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