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Britain – forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 11

Last week in the UK, the possibility of introducing compulsory ten-day isolation in special centers was vigorously discussed, where everyone arriving in the country would be sent by bus directly from the airports.

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 12

“British holidaymakers returning home, will not escape and so the ban on quarantine airport hotel – it is a sign of death for a summer vacation. Ministers are finalizing plans to force travelers into isolation for ten days once they enter the UK.
This scheme will mean that people living in the UK will have to pay extra, in addition to travel costs , for their stay in a quarantine hotel patrolled by security guards. Any new restrictions will further hit the travel industry and could wreak havoc on airports that are already struggling with new arrivals.”.

Earlier, the measure was successfully tested in Australia and New Zealand. The role of isolation wards will be performed by hotels, and the arrivals themselves must pay for their ‘imprisonment’, which can result in an amount from 600 to 1,500 pounds sterling per head. 

You cannot choose a hotel for the departure of quarantine, whether it is a three-star, a five-star or a simple bed and breakfast. 

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 13

The centers will be strictly guarded. It is not specified whether the guards will be armed, and how they will react to the dodging figure of the fleeing guests. However, the possibility of escape is minimized. The doors are locked, the windows are sealed. It is forbidden to go outside. No outdoor exercise. The food will be delivered by a dedicated service. The menu is standard. 

There is a knock on the door three times a day, and a tray of prison stew of food appears on the floor in front of the cell number. During detention, ‘torture’ tests for coronavirus will be performed. If the test is positive (even without symptoms), the stay at the center will last for another week.

So far, it has been decided to limit the scheme to a list of 30 countries – South Africa, all of South America, Portugal and a number of others, but there is pressure to extend this measure to everyone who comes to the country, even to their own citizens who return, for example, from vacation.

If new strains of the virus spread to other parts of the world, the list will expand.

What does this mean in practice? If a person goes to England on a short business trip, they may spend the entire visit in isolation. From the airport to quarantine, and then back to the airport and home. It turns out a little counter-productive.

If a family of 4 – mom, dad and two children – returns from a standard weekly budget vacation, it will cost them £ 5,000 more. Not only everyone can afford such an expensive bathing in the warm sea. The poor will no longer rest from the word altogether, but the middle class will choke on such an amount. Moreover, hardly anyone can miss work for 10 days!

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If a person handed over pets to kennels during his absence abroad, he will have to pay for their stay there for 10 days longer, and the stress for animals will last the same amount. Such establishments are expensive in a human way.

There is practically nothing to do during compulsory detention. TV and possibly Wi-Fi – that’s all for entertainment. It’s time to master the art of meditation.

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 14
At the same time, if you are unfamiliar with fasting, perhaps this is the right time to do it. English food is famous for being plain, poor and ‘bad’. If you are used to salads and fruits, if you have dietary restrictions, for example, gluten intolerance, then there is a problem, because sandwiches made of ‘plastic’ bread are central to English nutrition.

What to do with bored children who will be in a confined space with you for 10 days without the opportunity to run and play? That’s a great question.

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 15

What to do if someone needs an emergency dentist? If there is an exacerbation of a chronic disease? If there is an emergency with your parents? If you are attending a funeral or wedding? If there is a childbirth? There can be a thousand and one problems. Who will be responsible, who will reimburse the losses?

The British authorities do not understand which pandora’s box they are opening. “Prisoners” will be deprived of their rights in all categories for 10 days. Even a standard stick-in-nose test cannot be dodged, although it can harm you.

Britain - forced quarantine in isolation centers for travelers from 30 countries 16

it is clear that all tourism to Britain will be freeze, business travel will stop, British would stop vacationing abroad. No tours of theaters and ballets and rock stars, no concerts or cultural exchanges.

It is clear that the list of “high risk” 30 countries is only the first step. The next step is the complete and total isolation of the entire island of free movement from the outside world. It is also clear that this pilot project will serve as a matrix for the rest of the countries; If the clever Englishmen have introduced such a thing, then we also need it.

If someone does not understand, this is a well without a bottom, in which you can endlessly fall.

“Relax,” said the night man,

“We are programmed to receive.

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