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Boombox update for Tesla will scare passers-with the sounds of goat bleating

Boombox update for Tesla will scare passers-with the sounds of goat bleating 1

Fans of the Tesla brand have received a long-awaited gift – the Boombox update, which expands the functions of the on-board information system. 

It has been expected since September 2019, when the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demanded that electric cars stop being silent and start making sounds. This was justified by pedestrian safety requirements, but Tesla thought – why not use a speaker for entertainment?

The most important option in Boombox is the ability to announce the surroundings with any sound of the owner’s choice. This is not a joke, the collection of sounds includes, for example, goat bleating, applause and ringing fanfare. 

Moreover, Tesla received an “Emissions Testing Mode” – this is how the company disguised the sound of intestinal gases escaping, which can now also be broadcast to external speakers, frightening passers-by.

Among other functions, it is possible to set different sounds that will be played when the car is moving under the control of a person or autopilot. You can also replace the standard beep with something more fun, for which the user can upload any five sound recordings.


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