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Bombshell dropped by ‘The BMJ’ – Pfizer’s vaccine trials failed with multiple flaws

Bombshell dropped by 'The BMJ' - Pfizer's vaccine trials failed with multiple flaws 1

Clinical trials of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine have been multifaceted, the medical science journal The BMJ reported on November 2.

According to the material published by the publication, during the clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine, the data obtained were falsified, the identities of the volunteers were revealed and the negative side effects were hidden.

“A regional executive at Ventavia Research Group, which was involved in clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine, told BMJ that the company had falsified data, disclosed patient identities, had insufficient training for vaccine staff, and was slow to report side effects that occurred during the third phase of testing,” the magazine reports.

It is noted that the BMJ’s investigation began after the report of the former regional head of Ventavia Research Group, Brooke Jackson, who was fired in September 2020 from the company after her repeated appeals to the head office about fixing numerous violations in the vaccine tests.

Jackson gave the magazine staff documents, photographs, audio materials, emails confirming a large number of violations committed during the vaccine trial. The magazine staff double-checked the information and received additional confirmation of the violations committed.

The following falsifications in vaccine trials were identified: violation of vaccine storage rules, access to information about the identities of participants, which contradicts the anonymity of the study, errors in the collected data and ignorance of side effects from the vaccine.

Fears of the management of the Ventavia Research Group about inspections by the FDA led to regular falsification of the research results, and the hiding of some information. However, Pfizer continues to use the services of the Ventavia Research Group.

Dr. Peter Doshi, BMJ editor-in-chief of: CDC changed the definition of vaccines

P. Doshi spoke on November 2 in a discussion hosted by Johnson and “knocked down” the vaccination narrative, as he said that we do not have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, while rejecting the claims that vaccines are highly effective. 

Among other things, it was said:

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“Hello, this is Dr Peter Doshi. I am a faculty member at the University of Maryland and an author at BMJ.

“Let me start with a few examples that everyone knows. I’m not sure we should be so sure.

Everyone says it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. But in the UK, most hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are among those vaccinated,” Sen. Jonhson. said.”

Is it true that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

Those who claimed that vaccine trials were extremely effective in saving lives were wrong. Tests have not proven this!”

“I’m one of the academics who argues that these mRNA products, which everyone calls vaccines, are qualitatively different from traditional vaccines, so I was fascinated to learn that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary changed the definition of vaccine at the beginning of this year.”

“The mRNA products did not meet the definition of the vaccine that has been in force for 15 years at Merriam-Webster, but the definition has been extended so that mRNA products are now vaccines.”


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