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Blue-blooded Reptilians. How, Where, Why and what they like to drink

Blue-blooded Reptilians. How, Where, Why and what they like to drink 1

From ancient times, through the memory of millions of ancestors, vague legends about people with snake heads, priests of the Snake God, the first in the chain of worship of the Forces of Darkness, reach us. Serpent, Set, Satan, Devil – the names of this ancient God abound, and his priests were known as: Those Who Come at Night, Serpent Men, Stygian (ancestors of the Egyptian) priests of Set, People of the Black Circle, devil worshipers, Satanists.

in those insanely distant times, when the mountains of Atlantis were only islands in the Western Ocean, when the continents on our planet looked different, when representatives of other races roamed the Earth along with people, then, at the dawn of prehistoric times, people expelled all those who were different from them. 

After centuries, the exiled returned, bringing in a new religion, the cult of the enemy of humanity – the Serpent God.

Lemuria, Atlantis, Valusia, Mu, Acheron, Stygia, Hyrcania – the countries of that time, the time when the priests of the Serpent God ruled instead of ordinary mortal rulers. The rulers were born people, they ruled, too, like people, but when they died on the battlefields, instead of faces, they had snake muzzles. How? The answer was simple: the real rulers were killed and replaced with a serpent priest.

In those days, people united in the fight against snake people, taking as symbols a winged dragon with three blood-red horns on its head – the eternal enemy of snakes and a cry that came through time, the words of which can only be pronounced by real people …

Those days are irrevocably gone. Continents changed shape, whole countries were wiped off the face of the earth, countless people appeared and disappeared but the cult of the Snake God walked through time, like its priests, who perfectly learned to pretend to be ordinary people.

Blue-blooded Reptilians. How, Where, Why and what they like to drink 2

There are 9400 known species of reptiles in the world. They lived 70 million years ago and dominated our planet. No resemblance of a human existed then: our Earth belonged to them.

Reptiles have experienced many disasters on a planetary scale: the ice age, the displacement of continents and the emergence of mankind. In those days, when people were just learning to write, build, forge metal, reptiles were part of our mythology, our fairy tales, our legends and our nightmares.

But reptiles should not be considered stupid, wordless creatures. It is believed that they have been running us for a long time. Moreover, there are indications that reptiles and people interbred many times and could be werewolves, that is, take the form of both a man and a snake. So, maybe they are among us now? The outer skin of reptiles, as a result of thickening and keratinization, forms scales or scutes. Few know that this happens to be seen on human skin. This is a genetic disease but where did we get this gene?

Perhaps you were once visited by thoughts, where did the stable connection of the Serpent specifically with wisdom and knowledge come from in myths? There are absolutely no prerequisites for this. And there are plenty of better candidates for this role in the fauna …

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However, the amazing and for some reason little-mentioned Vinca culture, which occupied the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia, Moldova, Bulgaria and present-day Southern Ukraine, and despite its outstanding antiquity in relation to other European Neolithic cultures of that time, was so advanced and civilized that it can be attributed to the culture of the “Bronze Age”. The population, unlike its European neighbors, was not engaged in gathering and hunting, but had agriculture, weaved clothes, grew crops and grapes, and kept domestic animals.

Archaeological data and “myths” which those ancient people told about themselves – they say, the “gods” themselves established norms and rules of life among people, testify to a kind of “sudden” (which does not find any “natural” explanation) emergence of a number of developed ancient civilizations, laws and orders of joint sedentary existence.

At the same time, the Sumerians on their cuneiform tablets do not mention any humanistic aspirations of the “gods” – the gods thereby only shifted their labor onto people, using them as slaves. The Anunna (Anunnaki) reptilians were forced to descend from heaven not only and not so much by desire but by a much needed intervention in human life. 

Such researchers of this issue such as Sitchin, Denniken, Collins and many others, have different explanations for such close participation of “gods” in the affairs of earthly civilization. Those who descended to Earth were material, had physical bodies, and, therefore, had to replenish energy and feed, because they had to stay on Earth for a long time. To do this, we had to adapt to local conditions, accordingly adapting them to our own needs.

There are several races of reptilians, one of which is well known to us from the conspiracy yellow press about UFOs, and from Hollywood films about fictional aliens. This is miminu, (grays, gray).

Do you know what unites them all? The solor of the skin. Krishnu is gray-blue according to the descriptions. Quetzelcoatl is blue-gray and grays – they are grays,  the gray ones.

Let’s remember that the title of these creatures in many languages ​​was – Sir, as they were called from ancient times. And what kind of blood flows in the veins of noble beings? Blue.

On Earth there are a lot of creatures with blue, not red blood. The main function of blood is transport, i.e. transfer of oxygen to tissues and removal of carbon dioxide from them. For this, respiratory pigments are used, which contain metal ions in their molecule, which are capable of binding oxygen molecules. In human blood, it is hemoglobin, which contains iron. 

Human blood is also not red – it turns red as it is saturated with oxygen. Oxygen transfer in living beings can be carried out by pigments based on ions of other metals. In particular, it is copper. In the blood of cephalopods, molluscs, octopuses, cuttlefish, the pigment hemocyanin, based on copper, works, which makes the blood of these creatures blue. And the main color of the skin in this case is from gray-blue to green, or other gray-cold shades.

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This is probably due to the habitat, although it has been noticed that closely related creatures such as mollusks can have red, blue and even greenish blood. No matter how sophisticated nature is in choosing options, most earthly creatures have red blood. This is most likely due to the fact that there is a lot of iron on Earth – the second most abundant metal, and respiratory pigments based on iron, in our atmosphere, are more effective than those based on other elements. By the way, the human need for iron far exceeds the actual physiological need for it, i.e. – his body does not have “a lot”, because it is difficult to assimilate.

Blue-blooded Reptilians. How, Where, Why and what they like to drink 3

It’s abundant on Earth but imagine – on another, distant, planet there was less iron, and much more copper. Naturally, for creatures like humans, “evolution” will use copper to transport gases and nutrients, which means the blood will be blue or even green, like that reptilian who was shown to us in the movie “Predator”.

On Earth, iron is everywhere – it is contained in almost all foods consumed by humans, more or less. But especially a lot of it is found in legumes, vegetables, herbs, berries and least of all in cereals. On the other hand, there is a lot of copper in cereals and bread products. 

The human body needs much less iron, the deficiency of which is constantly felt. Cereals contain substances that form sparingly soluble salts with iron, which are deposited in the body and reduce its absorption. A rather strange choice was made by the ancestors, giving preference to troublesome and super-labor-intensive grain crops, and even chose the most difficult way of processing the crop. 

The grain is cleaned, ground, and products are prepared from the resulting flour. Although it is much easier and more useful to cook, for example, porridge from unrefined grain.

Why is it more useful? Because peeled grain contains a lot of copper, but much less vitamins and minerals than unrefined grain. 

And one more thing, teeth, for example. Most of the found Egyptian skulls of that time, had no longer teeth by the age of thirty, or they were worn down to the roots. The reason is abrasive – microparticles from pebbles grinding grain into flour. Our ancestors who used millstones did not shine with porcelain Hollywood smiles for the same reason.

The Anunnas found themselves on a planet deficient in copper and excess iron. We must somehow adapt to these conditions since you need to continuously replenish the body with copper, which goes to hematopoiesis. In addition, iron is chemically more reactive than copper. When getting into the blood of the “gods”, it displaces copper from its compounds, that is, an excess of iron is harmful to them, and they should have avoided this excess.

What could the reptilians do in this case? Either make constant injections of medicinal products – or follow a diet, consuming foods high in copper and low in iron. So it turns out – that the blue blood of the “gods” explains the sudden “grain choice” of people.

There is one more factor in favor of this version. You can, after all, not make constant injections, but consume copper through the skin, in order to surround yourself with copper objects, consume liquids from copper vessels, for example. Copper also has antibacterial properties. It is a curious coincidence that the Bronze Age, or rather copper, coincides with the beginning of the cultivation of cereals. Iron appears in humans much later – only in the 2nd millennium BC.

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Blood based on copper ions has serious disadvantages in terrestrial atmospheric conditions and above all, when it comes to the transport of not oxygen, but carbon dioxide by blood. With an excess of carbon dioxide, its acidity increases, the acid-base balance changes. Viscosity increases, blood vessels are clogged. There is one good remedy for neutralizing the acidity of the blood. Spiritus vini. 

What is the easiest and cheapest way to get С2Н5ОН? From grain and grapes. Grapes are also a culture that requires colossal daily labor. The “gods”, judging by the myths, were very fond of wine and beer, constantly demanding sacrificial libations. They loved to “swell” in order to improve their health, chemically “squeezing out” harmful carbon dioxide from the blood by this action.

So – carbon dioxide, for reptilians with blue blood based on copper, is much more poisonous than for people with red blood. Probably because the carbon dioxide content on the home planet of these “gods” is less than that of the earth, due to the fact that it is older and volcanic activity was lower. Perhaps because the atmospheric pressure there was lower than on Earth, and being in an increased pressure is accompanied precisely by an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide.

In general, at all times miminu, reptilian “gods” were, are and will visit our fantasies, stimulate the imagination and somehow influence our pitiful little souls. Only now, do not be surprised that reptilians are hungry for alcohol!


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