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Bloom of otherworldly manifestations: new purple moon appears as global tensions grow

Bloom of otherworldly manifestations: new purple moon appears as global tensions grow 1

The Apocalypse is taking place, and in our time there are more and more phenomena that people have not observed before. According to a conspiracy prediction made years ago and against the background of the appearance of a new planet in the sky, a global war will rage in the world, but people will not pay any serious attention to this astronomical event as everyone will be busy with something else. 

People around the world are witnessing two suns at sunset as well as numerous types and configurations of the so-called UFOs. Nevertheless, while nuclear warheads have not yet flown, many are eagerly keep looking into the sky:

It was hard to say what it was; a special moon coloration, maybe some new planet really breaking through due to chemtrails, or even a UFO – akin to the one filmed on September 26 in Wisconsin:

In the video below, college students in Wentzville, Missouri, recorded a multi-colored luminous object in the sky on September the 23th, which quickly disappears. It doesn’t even look like some kind of object, but as if someone shone a flashlight from above and then sharply held it to the side. Is it possible that Blue Beam project is being tested?

Another brand new video, supposedly made in Central America. The camera captured two sunsets, 180 degrees apart. At the same time, the “sun”, which enters the frame first, is much less bright and there is clearly something near it:

Another impressive video, the exact location of which is unknown:

Thus, all sorts of strange, incomprehensible heavenly signs grow with an amazing speed. At the same time, it somehow coincided that, in parallel with atmospheric phenomena, tensions in global politics are also growing.

It is possible that these processes are interrelated, it is even possible that one is a consequence of the other and if this is so, then with the approach of the new planet, the geopolitical problems in the world will only intensify.  

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