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“Blood Moon Magic”: The most dangerous astrological corridor since 2014 has closed

"Blood Moon Magic": The most dangerous astrological corridor since 2014 has closed 1

On November 8, we left the most dangerous “astrotunnel” for humanity over the past two decades – the second eclipsing corridor this year, opened by a solar eclipse on October 25th. As for this time period, even the usually controversial Western and Eastern schools of astrology were in solidarity, calling the autumn corridor of eclipses-2022 “a test of the strength of all humans.”

Everything committed in the interval from 25.10 to 8.11, according to astrologers, bears a special seal of the universe and cannot be changed. Many esotericists consider the eclipse corridor to be a kind of critical time when tension is literally in the air.

In recent history, similarly dangerous corridors in their ability to change the world for the worse, opened up in 2005 and 2014. But this time, as claimed, everything was even worse, because the eclipse corridor was complicated by the dominant Mars – the planet of war. But on October 27, the aggressive planet began to slow down, preparing to turn into a retrograde movement, on October 30 it froze and remained stationary until November 4, after which it began to move back, gradually weakening its heat of hostility transmitted to people.

This year’s eclipse corridors, and there are usually two of them, closed on November 8 with a lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. This is an eclipse on the so-called blood moon – a powerful full moon, which is also called fatal and even magical. On this day, the Earth is positioned so that it gives a shadow to the full moon, coloring it in the color of blood. The effect of this eclipse lasts at least a month, but more often even longer.

We have now left the difficult and dangerous test corridor. If we draw an analogy with earthly life, then imagine that since October 25 you have been crawling in a narrow, dark and stuffy tunnel to the touch, not understanding what lies ahead for you and not being able to soberly assess what you are leaving behind you. 

In what mood will you get out of this tunnel? Of course, with relief that you were saved and saw the light. But not in cheerfulness and joy, because you spent a lot of energy, and for many, the physical and moral resources are completely running out.

Should we be afraid of eclipses?

There is nothing “demonic” in the very fact of the eclipse. After all, this is a regular astronomical phenomenon, and eclipse corridors happen twice a year.

Therefore, you should not be too afraid of them, and consider this time as some kind of fatal too. After all, even if we analyze the dates of not the most unpleasant events in the history of mankind, they were not necessarily “attached” to eclipses, but happened throughout the year.

And about the effect in people’s personal lives – eclipses are not a sign that “everything will collapse.”

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To say that the eclipse does not affect anything is also wrong

Eclipses do not affect us because the moon briefly covered the sun, or the shadow from our planet covered the moon. It’s much more complicated.

As far as we understand, our visible three-dimensional world resembles the tip of an iceberg or a picture on a monitor screen. And those processes that are the primary cause of everything that happens to us are much deeper and hidden from our eyes. Like the very underwater part of the iceberg, which we do not see.

It can also be said that the universe that we see (and of which our planet is a part) is a certain well-coordinated mechanism, the “gears” of which are outside our measurement.

When observing purely external effects, for example, the movement of the planets, we can assume that they essentially reflect certain cycles of this very hidden mechanism.

Roughly speaking, when the time comes for a “splash” of energies of a certain type, the “external picture” with the stars and planets is built in a special way. This, perhaps, can be compared with the clock face, which shows a certain time.

That is why any combination of stars and planets can be considered as an indicator that the energy picture of the world has changed in a certain direction.

What kind of energies the eclipse has

Each time a unique combination of planets line up, this is an indication that slightly different energies dominate.

However, there could be a certain common denominator – during eclipses, the overall energy flow becomes more powerful. If we compare this with tap water, then it is slightly opened a little more, and the pressure increases.

However, interestingly, this flow power does not mean that people become more energetic, cheerful and optimistic. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually the case. 

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Why is this happening? Perhaps a surge of energy during an eclipse can be compared to a powerful jet that lifts from the bottom of a reservoir everything that has been quietly lying there for a long time: sand, silt, and so on.

We can say that the flow of energy during the eclipse passes “at low frequencies” or close to that very bottom. That is why, both in society and in private life, problems that have not been resolved in the past can be remembered and cause inconvenience.

What to be aware of?

The eclipse corridors should not be treated as a misfortune that appeared out of nowhere to spoil people’s lives. Rather, on the contrary, they should be perceived as periods when life actively shows people what to pay attention to and in which direction to move, a period suitable for cleansing internal processes. 

We all know that the course of some diseases often goes through an acute phase, after which it becomes much easier. The same applies with the cleansing energies of the eclipse periods: they can “reveal” some old problems.

However, the key point is that it is not worth exacerbating these problems even more, but it is necessary to take a course towards their solution. And quite strong energies of this period can just help in this: and with their help it will be easier to lay the foundation for positive changes.

In the next month after the eclipse, there may be accidents on the roads, problems with modern technology, satellites, communications, the Internet. People suffering from addictions can fall into them, while others can develop them against the background of apathy and lack of confidence in themselves and in the future. 

In general, the next month is capacious in terms of our desires: by and large, what we want to achieve and what we fight for will be with us.


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