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Black UFO flew near the moon (VIDEO)

Black UFO flew near the moon (VIDEO) 1

Ufologist Scott Waring draws the attention of netizens to an unusual video in which a black alien ship cruises near the moon.

The video was obtained by an amateur astronomer on December 1, 2020 while observing a satellite of the Earth through a telescope. An unidentified flying object captured in the video crosses the moon, and while moving, it is noticeable how the object rotates. With each revolution there is movement. The ufologist draws attention to the fact that many UFOs observed by ufologists rotate in the process of movement.

Black UFO flew near the moon (VIDEO) 2

If it were a satellite, it would have visible solar panels and antennas, Waring continues. This object does not have either one or the other. Based on this, the researcher concludes that this mysterious object belongs to extraterrestrial civilizations. It also supports the theory that the Moon may be home to alien bases that have settled there since ancient times.


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