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“Black” star Nemesis – a neutron star from dark matter could be adjusting current pandemic plans

"Black" star Nemesis - a neutron star from dark matter could be adjusting current pandemic plans 1

On the evening of November 10, 2021, the Japanese were faced with another natural wonder of the new times – a green meteorite, which has recently become somehow unexpectedly large. 

Since there are many such meteorites, there is no need to focus on this, however:

This particular meteorite is some very strange, one might even say a two-in-one meteorite. At first, the sky was illuminated with a beautifully green color, but then suddenly the sky turned red. And although the whole scenery was a visual feast, it does not usually happen that way. 

"Black" star Nemesis - a neutron star from dark matter could be adjusting current pandemic plans 2

Traditionally, meteors always burn in the same color, depending on the composition. If the composition of the breed is mixed, then the color is also obtained inhomogeneous – each breed burns with its own lights. 

It doesn’t look like a star, nor does it look like Mars. But what is it?

As the author of the photo, suggests, this is either Nibiru or one of its moons. It can be seen badly because something is being sprayed into the atmosphere, but what?

Logically, there is some kind of finely dispersed mixture that does not allow the red light to pass through. And if such a mixture is heated to a very high temperature, then it will glow red. Obviously, this is exactly what the meteorite did when it descended to the height of spraying chemtrails. There, either the aerosol heated up, or the fog worked like a lens, transforming the green light from the meteorite into red, which illuminated the clouds. 

If the theory is correct, then the case in Japan is not an isolated one, and soon there will be quite a lot of such two-in-one meteors. So, according to, a couple of days ago, the asteroid 2021 VC7 with a diameter of up to 14 meters flew past the Earth at a distance of 0.48 LD. 

It is the 127th asteroid that has flown past Earth within 1 lunar distance since the beginning of the year. Before that, on November 11, we were visited by the asteroid 2021 VY7 with a diameter of 10 meters, it passed at a distance of 0.8 LD. And on November 10, 2021, VU4 visited us, which passed at a distance of 0.28 LD and also had a diameter of up to 14 meters.  

Three asteroids in a row, and quite large ones, is somehow a bit too much and very dense. Last year there were 111 of them, and here until the end of the year there is still a month and a half, but already 127.

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The main thing is that the increase in the density of asteroids in near-Earth space and the increase in the frequency of reports of observations of some strange objects near the Sun in a strange way coincided in time with the pandemic. 

The fight against the pandemic is equally strange

Globalists control the world, as we now see, rather tightly. They have everything in order, all developments with the great supreme leaders are carried out under the hood. Therefore, if globalists set a planned task to treat the world’s population from covid, they could do it quietly and calmly, without extremities and fuss, which would take about five years. But they don’t.

This allows one to think that the globalists are in a hurry – something about the arrival of which they miscalculated the time frame. 

As a consequence, the treatment campaign had to be accelerated dramatically and it continues to accelerate with tremendous force. Therefore, apparently, Nibiru also began to move somehow faster. 

The vision of a shaman about the appearance of a “black” star near the Earth

Quite recently, a shaman revealed visions he received under meditations, so realistic as if on a TV screen.

Someone or something showed him a terrible cataclysm that will happen on Earth, perhaps in the near future. These visions shocked him so much that he recorded them.

Object РХ7 ("Red Dragon") in the solar system.  Snapshot of Brazilian astronomers from 21.02.  2021 in the infrared range e.  waves.
РХ7 (“Red Dragon”) in the solar system. Snapshot of Brazilian astronomers from 21.02. 2021 in the infrared wave range.

“A rapidly rotating celestial object of black and red color appeared in the starry sky. It looks like a star (dot in a circle) enveloped in a dark cloud of gas and dust. Behind her is a long, winding train. This object is rapidly approaching the Earth. Earthquakes and tsunamis begin on our planet. Volcanic eruptions began with the release of volcanic ash and gases. At the closest approach to the Earth, its atmosphere became like a donut, which is stretched towards the star, and then our planet spun around its axis, it turned over, and then returned to its previous position, but with a shift in its axis of rotation. At the same time, a pillar, captured by its gravity, of the earth’s atmosphere, water and soil, stretched to the star. Against the background of this pillar, numerous luminous silhouettes of people appeared. Huge tidal waves hundreds of meters high hit the continents, sweeping away everything in their path. A tidal wave has arisen in all bodies of water: seas, lakes and rivers. Then the Earth was covered with some kind of dark fog.“

The earth and the footprints of people leading into the dragon's mouth (the symbolic designation of Nibiru).  Drawing from the Aztec codex "Borgia".
The earth and the footprints of people leading into the dragon’s mouth (the symbolic designation of Nibiru). 
Drawing from the Aztec codex “Borgia”.

Showed a map of the Earth after this cataclysm. South America consists of several large islands. Along the western coast, where the mountain range is – Andes (continuous lava flows). North America is almost completely covered with water. Only the east coast remains. A large island appeared in the Atlantic Ocean. England is gone. There is a sea in the central part of Africa. All of Western Europe is flooded. Only individual islands and part of Scandinavia are visible. There is no Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. The territory of Russia was not flooded, but large lakes formed up to the Urals. In the place of Japan, only individual islands are visible.

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The passage of the Jews through the Red Sea.
The passage of the Jews through the Red Sea.

Then the title lines appeared: “This will happen in 1103 …”.

After these lines, the image of three monkeys appeared. Obviously, it means that people do not want to hear, see and talk about this disaster and they will be absolutely unprepared.

About the possible date; This is probably the number of days, months or years before the future cataclysm.


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