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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Black moon rising, in a blood red sky, its time to realize we are heading for the three days of darkness?

Black moon rising, in a blood red sky, its time to realize we are heading for the three days of darkness? 1
Photo: “Dark” - Netflix

To date, hundreds of prophetic warnings are known about the appearance of several moons or suns in the sky, about three days of darkness and the signs and phenomena accompanying this phenomenon. One of them should be some kind of loud, penetrating rumble, on the eve of which, according to clairvoyants, blood-red skies will be observed.

Considering that Nibiru approaches as if “from below” the solar system relative to the European observer and the first infrared telescopes began to be built in South America and Antarctica, it seems very likely that Nibiru, the under development third world war and red sunrises/sunsets are somehow connected. In this case, they should soon be repeated not only in Australia, after which there will be a loud underground rumble and three days of darkness will come.

According to the MrMBB333 channel, citing a subscriber from South Wales in Australia, an amazing natural phenomenon has been observed there for several days – red sunrises and sunsets:

A similar atmospheric miracle is observed in other areas:

Darkness descends on the world and the Nuclear threat

Intelligence sources say Vladimir Putin is suffering from a brain disorder caused by dementia, Parkinson’s disease or “steroid rage” resulting from steroid treatment for cancer.

Citing sources close to the Kremlin, senior figures in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, believe there is a physiological explanation for the Russian president’s controversial decision to invade Ukraine.

The latest version, which British intelligence considers credible, is that the deterioration in mental state is the result of the so-called “steroid rage” caused by long-term use of steroids.

Recently, the Russian president has seen a marked increase in facial and neck swelling, which may be a side effect of steroids, along with “changes in mood and behavior.”

If Vladimir Putin is ill, will he be considering the option of launching a nuclear strike?

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Dissatisfaction with the total impoverishment of the Russian population can be stopped for some time by repressions and bans, but this will only delay the end and will inevitably lead to the destruction of the system and the collapse of the Russian Federation. This option does not inspire Putin very much, if only because the refusal of the initial plans for complete control over Ukraine will be perceived by his environment as a weakness and a threat to his power will arise when the environment, having decided to get rid of the burden of sanctions, decides to save itself and, if possible, the country, simply remove him from decision making. 

Putin understands this perfectly. He could increase the number of troops and weapons and implement his plans. But even here there are costs, first of all, a huge number of victims on both sides, including among the civilian population of Ukraine. 

For the full implementation of this option, it is necessary to declare martial law and mobilization. “Victory” is eventually possible, but the cost will be hundreds of thousands of lives, and in this option, of course, he will not stop at Ukraine. 

But there is a third option – this is the use of nuclear weapons, when it will no longer be possible to turn back to the economy, and the victory will either be total and undeniable, or everyone will die.

These options could be considered by Russian President Vladimir Putin during meetings with the leadership of the military and power blocs and during his consultations and conversations with people from his inner circle.

Second Act of WW3 in Middle East

As both regional and global media now report, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, March 13, the Iraqi city of Erbil was fired with ballistic missiles:

Rockets fell near the US Embassy and the airport of the city:

A U.S. State Department spokesman called it an “outrageous attack,” Reuters reported, but no Americans were hurt and no damage was done to U.S. government facilities in Erbil.

About 5-10 missiles were fired and they launched from the Iranian city of Tabriz:

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It is assumed that the attack was the Iranian response to the elimination by Israel of two famous leaders of the IRGC, who were preparing a missile attack on Israel:

Black moon rising, in a blood red sky, its time to realize we are heading for the three days of darkness? 2

The day before, on Friday, March 11, it was reported that negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program were abruptly interrupted, although the parties were almost ready to sign the documents. And now we see missiles launched from the territory of Iran, which indicates a new sharp aggravation of the situation. 

Perhaps we are now just observing the beginning of the second act of a global conflict, which will result in the upcoming three days of darkness and all the interconnected prophesized celestial events? 


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