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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Black Goo: The Mysterious Living Substance

Black Goo: The Mysterious Living Substance 1

It’s bizarre, demonic, and it’s a living intelligent substance…
Black goo substance was also found in rain water of Germany.

Black goo seems to be living.
You see that it’s alive, because of the ways somehow moving.

When you have two boxes with Black Goo in the same room, they seems to feel the presence of each other, and they strive to reach each other.

If they can’t reach each other they start shaking the box trying to come close to each other.
Black goo is liquic crystal, and seem to have inteligence.

Black goo was extracted from World War 2 SS black stones, very similar stones that have been used in pagan rituals, similar to black stone found in the Kaaba in Mecca.

This liquid crystal comes on Earth from outer space.

It contain monoatomic gold and monoatomic iradium.
These precious metals can make their vector possition in the spaces between the DNS spiral of the humans.

In that way it may affect hummans in a positive, beneficial way… or in a destructive way.
The ancient priests used to eat monoatomic gold, which would bring them into an M state matter, to be able to keep their youth, were able to live up to 800-900 years of age.

The monoatomic gold is mentionet also in the Bible.

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Reading Genesis 2 , verse 12, it says:

“The gold of that land is exceptionally pure, arromatic, resin, and the onyx stones are there”.

And it gves refference of where to go for it:

“Between the rivers Pishon and Ghihon, in the land of cush”.

Here’s the mind-blower.
The biggest deposit of Black Goo is in Paraguay.
The Bush Family so happens to own property right near a deposit of this alien / demonic intelligent black goo substance that is a living crystal.

Even stranger, so does Angela Merkel bought a property near this deposit of black goo.

Very strage, I know !



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