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Has the Baltimore bridge collapse been predicted by Bill Gates' Quantum Break? 5

Bizzare & Odd

The collapse of the bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, after the Dali container ship crashed into it, turned out to be an extraordinary event for...

Possession by unclean entities or mental illness? Scientists have described what a man sees when he perceives people as demons 6

Bizzare & Odd

Some people see disturbing, distorted demons in the faces of others, all because of a strange disease. This condition is called prosopometamorphopsia (PMO) and it causes...

Visions Of True Hell 35 Visions Of True Hell 36

Bizzare & Odd

The fear of our sins doesn’t come from our high moralities but from inevitable punishment that expect us in the afterlife. Here you will...

The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 43 The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 44

Bizzare & Odd

Cults are eerie and carry weird practices which are not welcomed in the day to day routine of the average human being who lives...

Child frozen in time... 45 Child frozen in time... 46

Bizzare & Odd

This little girl, Brooke, hasn’t grown an inch for nearly 15 years, she is now 16 years old but still looks like she is...