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Off the wall scenarios about the sudden cause of the crimson sky over Munich at midnight 5

Bizzare & Odd

According to the German resource, on the night of January 6, 2023, at 00:20, the sky over Munich suddenly turned crimson red. The photo...

Project Human Farms: Scientists have created a uterus for clones with birth chambers for up to 30,000 babies a year 6

Bizzare & Odd

Last Friday, a leading German molecular biology consortium unveiled a new concept for the world’s first industrial artificial womb, EctoLife, which can produce up...

The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 7 The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 8

Bizzare & Odd

Cults are eerie and carry weird practices which are not welcomed in the day to day routine of the average human being who lives...

Child frozen in time... 9 Child frozen in time... 10

Bizzare & Odd

This little girl, Brooke, hasn’t grown an inch for nearly 15 years, she is now 16 years old but still looks like she is...