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'This is what a headache sounds like': a frightening rumble ruins the lives of Brooklyn residents 5

Bizzare & Odd

Residents of the western part of Brooklyn say that for several months now, periodically, at different times of the day, they hear a mysterious...

Silent red alert: US nuclear deterrence emergency action messages are constantly being added 6

Bizzare & Odd

On November 7, 2022, radio amateurs around the world began receiving an almost continuous stream of EAM – emergency action messages. They are formalized...

Visions Of True Hell 33 Visions Of True Hell 34

Bizzare & Odd

The fear of our sins doesn’t come from our high moralities but from inevitable punishment that expect us in the afterlife. Here you will...

The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 41 The Worlds Most Bizarre Cults 42

Bizzare & Odd

Cults are eerie and carry weird practices which are not welcomed in the day to day routine of the average human being who lives...

Child frozen in time... 43 Child frozen in time... 44

Bizzare & Odd

This little girl, Brooke, hasn’t grown an inch for nearly 15 years, she is now 16 years old but still looks like she is...