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Big Ben came to a halt in London as the Horses of the Apocalypse charged through the city 5

Bizzare & Odd

Big Ben’s clock halted on Wednesday morning with the hands frozen at 9 a.m., and an incorrect number of bongs rang out. Subsequently, two...

Dutch Nostradamus Hoogerbeets' prediction of an earthquake in New York on April 5 came true with astonishing accuracy 6

Bizzare & Odd

On April 5, an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred in the vicinity of New York. The epicenter of the disaster was located 28 miles...

Ghost Detecting Gadget on sale 29 Ghost Detecting Gadget on sale 30

Bizzare & Odd

Online stores began to offer a “magic crystal”, which serves as a ghost detector. According to sellers, the gadget is able not only to recognize...